Best Casino Affiliate Programs 2024 – Reviews & Ratings

What Are Online Casino Affiliate Programs?

Affiliate programs, or associate programs, are special marketing schemes where affiliate partners earn profits by promoting a particular online casino site to drive traffic and advertise the website on different channels.

This detailed guide on casino affiliate programs will cover everything from how being a casino affiliate marketer works, its benefits and how to choose the best casino affiliate programs. We have researched a list of casino affiliate programs based on certain factors and put together the best business options for you.

CommissionKings 9.5/10
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BitStarz 9.5/10
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22bet Partners 9.5/10
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PlayAmo Partners 9.4/10
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Casumo Affiliates 9.4/10
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Alpha Affiliates 9.4/10
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Mostbet 9.4/10
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Paripesa Partners 9.4/10
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MyStake 9.3/10
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Leo Vegas Affiliates 9.3/10
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10bet Affiliate 9.3/10
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7starspartners 9.3/10
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7bit Partners 9.2/10
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Comeon 9.2/10
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Infinity Stars 9.2/10
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Jim Partners 9.2/10
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Ultra Partners 9.1/10
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Rewards Affiliates 9.1/10
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Lucky Star Affiliates 9.1/10
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Branders Partners 9.0/10
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Gambling Craft 9.0/10
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Haz Casino 8.9/10
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Cyberbet 8.9/10
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1xslots Partners 8.8/10
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Rocketpot Affiliates 8.8/10
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Campeon Gaming Partners 8.7/10
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Conquestador Affiliates 8.7/10
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StakePartners 8.6/10
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Megapari Partners 8.6/10
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Melbet Affiliates 8.5/10
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Different perks are offered to top affiliates of the best casinos, such as a dedicated affiliate manager, secure gaming environment, weekly payout system, CPA deals, marketing materials, negative balance carryover, a wide selection of usual games, such as video poker, blackjack, live casino action, and all the tools that offer a win-win situation for both the casino operators as well as the affiliates.

Top 5 Casino Affiliate Programs of 2023

    • Commission Kings Affiliates – Best Affiliate Management Team

    • 22Bet Partners – Most Trusted Affiliate Program

    • Playamo Partners – Leading Performance Affiliate Network

    • Mbit Partners – Highest Commissions For Affiliates

    • Casumo Affiliates – Great CPA Deals & Revenue Share

How Do We Select the Best Casino Affiliate Program?

Before getting onto the list of the best casino affiliate networks, it is important to find a program that is well suited for you. We have thoroughly tested multiple casino brands that offer a casino affiliate network to ensure that all the angles of a successful partnership are covered without any complications. We have carefully studied the affiliate deals according to different criteria.

Keeping that in mind, we are going to look at a few factors that are important to be considered while selecting the best casino affiliate program –

Commission Rates

Commission rates depend on a certain agreement, but the basic method is through a commission system. There are many ways to calculate the commission rates, such as rev share, cost per action, and mixed models.

Revenue share plan – An affiliate program covering the revenue share model allows an affiliate partner to receive a percentage of the net revenue generated by the casino players. This is the most favored model as it translates into higher returns in the long term.

Cost per action – Affiliate programs based on the cost-per-action model imply that the operators of online casinos are offering fixed-rate to every player. The best deal may include rewards for the first deposit, fulfilling wagering requirements, consequent deposits, and registration.

Mixed models – Most operators will have their team negotiate the casino affiliate program. The casinos will do everything to ensure they can entice the operators into providing the best affiliate deal possible.


The entire system of a casino affiliate program works on trust while making both the affiliates and the operators happy. Affiliates offer a useful service by informing others about exciting casino games like the usual online slots games, live casino games, sports betting, usual virtual casino games, virtual slots, online poker games, classic slots, and other online games and live games, to promote online casinos that all can enjoy. This requires trust from both parties, especially the affiliates recommending them.


Before promoting a particular online gambling affiliate program, the experts need to browse the available payment methods, rates of commission, speed of transactions, and the required frequency of payments since they tend to vary a lot in the gambling market.

We have paid close attention to the varied conditions of the revenue-share model period and verified whether the conditions are satisfactory for the parties involved.

How Do Best Affiliate Programs at Online Casinos Work?

Cookie Duration

Cookies can affect an active affiliate program by keeping track of which visitor came from which website via a particular cookie stored on the visitor’s computer that tracks the referrals.

Unfortunately, the cookie lifespan has an expiry limit of about 30 days. If an affiliate sends a player to a particular website who makes the first deposit within 30 days, the affiliate will get a commission for the referral.

The affiliate manager can alter the cookie lifespan, but they can never set the cookie duration to an indefinite time for any affiliate account.

Lifetime Deals

Apart from cookie lifespan, lifetime deals are another aspect of the online gambling niche. When visitors click on the referral link of a new casino affiliate and make a subsequent deposit, the identity of the visitors gets instantly connected to the affiliates.

When the same visitors return to the website, the linked affiliates earn the credit and commissions. This system ensures that a visitor can connect to only one affiliate. It also ensures the affiliates get a lifetime deal with their customers and earn commission from this relationship.


Commissions are calculated in various ways – revenue-share model, cost per action model, and mixed models.

Revenue-share – This model is one of the most preferred commission plans as it benefits the operators and the affiliates. Various affiliate networks based on revenue share help partners attract potential players who again help generate constant revenue for the gambling website.

The revenue percentage received by the affiliates varies, but the rev share rates typically range between 5% to 50%. The commission increases if the affiliates are loyal and manage to bring quality traffic to the gambling website who spend money and play.

CPA Commissions (Cost Per Action) – CPA deals involve a fixed-rate commission plan that may include rewards, such as registration, first deposits, wagering requirements, second deposits, etc. The commission percentage in the case of CPA depends on the agreements negotiated by the individual and the gambling company.

Mixed models – This type of commission includes all the other revenue plans in a more customized manner. The affiliate team negotiates with the new players and makes sure that the casinos offer the best deals. In reality, this is the most popular commission system as it combines revenue share and CPA models, guaranteeing that both the affiliates and the gambling operators are satisfied with the affiliate network.

What is Negative Carryover in Casino Affiliate Programs?

Most casino affiliate programs offer monthly payments based on the visitors’ volume of leads or clicks. The numbers are calculated, and the payments are issued at the end of every month.

Now, let’s take an example when an affiliate brings a player to the platform who happens to win a slot game, they will receive winnings in their casino account. Still, an equivalent amount will be marked as losses on the affiliate’s account.

Most casino affiliate programs deduct such winnings from the commissions the established brand owes to the affiliate, known as the Negative Carryover.

For instance, during a month, a casino owes $1000 in commission to its affiliate, and one of the players referred by the affiliate wins $2000.

With the Negative Carryover feature, the affiliate’s account will become -$1000, which means they will not be paid anything until the balance becomes positive again.

Effectiveness of Casino Affiliate

Payment Based on Achievements

It is convenient to make payments based on achievements rather than investments without any guarantee of the outcomes. The affiliate market is focused mainly on performance, ensuring a very high ROI or return on investment.

Note that even though the commissions paid to the affiliates are high, the revenue earned by the casino is much higher. Relevant traffic is converted into real sales, which is some good money earned by the super affiliates.

Calculable Progress

When we talk about calculable progress, the amount of money invested and earned from a brand’s affiliate network can be evaluated, compared, and calculated up to the last penny. Because of this reason, it is easier for the affiliates and the new players to get an accurate picture of their returns.

Simple Tracking

A company that uses an affiliate network, enabling easy management of the casino affiliate programs, will allow its affiliates to evaluate their product’s performance. This data is utilized to analyze what banners or advertisements could perform better and adapt the affiliate network correspondingly.

Online Presence

A prosperous affiliate network in this market is quite popular in the iGaming sphere. Some brands advertise the program on their websites, adding to their credibility and fame. It also helps them enhance their brands and make long-term impressions on the people in the target market.

What Is Sub-Affiliation in Affiliate Program?

Sub-affiliation or a sub-affiliate network is a company that offers support and services to both affiliates and brands, including bloggers, content creators, influencers, or website owners. It helps them monetize their brand on CPA or cost-per-action basis.

Sub-affiliation helps affiliates simplify the monetizing process by acting as an affiliate within the best affiliate networks of the brands and offering tracking link building, reporting, fast payments, and communications to the sub-affiliates on the site.

A sub-affiliate network involves joining a company’s affiliate program. Once approved, the affiliates receive promotional materials, perks, messaging, and innovative features like marketing material, play online games, in-house live casino games like poker, earn commissions, etc.

The casino network also offers resources to the affiliates to have the necessary marketing tools and information required to promote the business.

Traffic Sources for Casino Affiliate Marketing

There are a plethora of traffic sources available for affiliate marketing, but the best ones have been mentioned below –

Mobile Traffic

Mobile traffic is a fast-growing traffic source in this industry. Many nations admire smartphones as revenue earned from mobile traffic is skyrocketing. For instance, shares on Facebook have been displaying a record high value, and the increase in revenue can be linked to video advertising done mostly from mobile phones.

Users can opt for redirects, push notifications, pounders, opened-as, and banner displays. It is important to remember that many web traffic resources have mobile and desktop traffic, and it is important to separate them as they tend to convert differently.

Push Notifications

Push notification is a new kind of ad format that has been creating major waves worldwide, especially for advertisers. Initially, it started as an instrument for receiving instant email notifications on various devices. However, push notifications have expanded into a great ad format. The effects of push advertisements are –

  • Push notifications contain real users who receive notifications and provide consistent and superior traffic.
  • It can target millions of users around the world at the same time across geological boundaries.
  • It can operate in any vertical.
  • The ads are highly customizable with logos, titles, images, emojis, and descriptions, ideal for grabbing users’ attention.

Adult Traffic

Adult websites receive higher traffic than Amazon, Twitter, and Netflix. Additionally, approximately 30% of all online information is linked to adults, including the gambling niche. The adult traffic is exceedingly profitable, and a massive benefit of promoting such websites is the fewer restrictions imposed on affiliate needs.

PPV Traffic

PPV or pay-per-view traffic, sometimes called CPV or cost-per-view traffic, essentially implies that users pay the network every time a particular ad or platform is shown to them. These advertising networks install toolbars on their users’ computers, and when they reach the site, they are shown a profitable ad. This kind of traffic offers the chance for keyword targeting as well.

Casino Affiliate Program Payment Arrangements

CPA: Cost Per Action

CPA is the most commonly used model in the world of online gambling. CPA or cost per action is a unique payment model where affiliates earn higher commissions based on the actions that they encourage their referrals to make.

The actions can include anything that deems fit to the online casinos – watching a particular video, playing an online casino game, placing a bet, or even making deposits.

CPL: Cost Per Lead

CPL or cost per lead includes affiliates getting money for simply a sign-up at the platform. This is considered a profitable model for the affiliates but is rarely used in online affiliate marketing.

CPC: Cost Per Click

CPC or cost per click is another profitable scheme for casino affiliates, including earning commissions based on the number of clicks generated by their referral text links.

CPM: Cost Per Mile

CPM or cost per mile is a unique payment model used by many casino affiliate programs that pay based on a thousand impressions per page.

How Do Casino Affiliates Pay?

The most popular way for casinos to pay their affiliate partners is via revenue share. Every affiliate receives commissions based on the volume of profits their referrals bring to a platform every month, and the commissions usually vary from 5% to 50%.

There are other ways of making payments to affiliates, such as CPA or hybrid deals involving revenue share and CPA. For those who sign up as an affiliate partner, it is important to go through the terms and conditions to know exactly what to expect from these casino affiliate programs. (Try to speak to your account manager when you sign up)

Become a Successful Casino Affiliate

Working as an affiliate can be extremely profitable, and it involves a sophisticated task that needs extensive industry knowledge and tremendous effort. One of the first things one might think of is building a professional website for a gambling affiliate program.

Anyone can be an affiliate and build an affiliate website with a relatively modern interface without requiring any programming knowledge or skills.

Pros & Cons Of Casino Affiliate

Pros Cons
The revenue share model allows for an ever-increasing return on investment. Administration fees may be applied that can hurt total earnings.
Net revenue increases positively with revenue share deals ranging from 5 to 50%. The industry may change rapidly, and new affiliates may fail to adapt to new potential regulations.
Commissions are generally consistent and high paying in the long term.
Players often tend to be extremely engaged and make substantial stakes to generate more for the affiliates.
Many affiliates can make massive amounts with hard work in less than a year.

Finding Right Casino Affiliate Programs

Commission Structure

While finding the best casino affiliate programs, partners can focus on Microgaming casinos for those searching for Microgaming games and skill-based online tournaments.

Some partners manage one of the world’s largest families of top Microgaming casino websites. All in all, affiliates in online casinos earn around 20% to 35% commissions, typically with a cookie lifespan of 3 months.

Another amazing niche one can consider while finding the right casino program is the mobile-friendliness of the online casino site. A mobile-friendly casino website offers over 200 casino games to US players on fully-optimized mobile apps. In this case, affiliates can earn up to 45% just for promoting the website.

Another excellent niche is the Bitcoin casinos, allowing affiliates to earn commissions as high as 50% or $250 CPA.

Your Commission

Finding an affiliate business that offers a high commission can be challenging but not impossible. Most casino sites will not allow affiliates to earn commissions on their account.

If they sign up or register for a new affiliate account through the affiliate program as a referral of themselves, they will instantly remove the account from the referral portfolio.

Make sure to find out the percentage of commissions one can earn from the money spent on deposits and wagers. It is also important to check how often the affiliate programs pay out in a month.

Commissions are usually paid out at the end of the month while they are processed by the 15th of every month. They are paid to the customer’s name used at the time of sign-up by the chosen payment method(bank transfer, credit card payments, cryptocurrencies, e-wallets, etc.) on the sign-up form.


Trust is what holds the relationship between an affiliate and the program. Any casino chosen by an affiliate should have a valid license from a leading Gambling Commission.

Licensed casinos are generally regulated by GCBs or gaming control boards that issue investigations and licenses and enforce rules and regulations.

If an affiliate network does not have a strong license in a particular jurisdiction, that should be a red signal, and the affiliates must be careful about partnering with them.

A valid license indicates that the operators are legitimate and are compliant with the board.

Finance & Payments

Concerning finance and payments, there are three choices – CPL, CPA, and revenue-share. CPL is the payment made after new customers complete their registration, and the affiliate is paid only once.

With CPA plans, the affiliate partners are paid out every time a customer visits a particular online casino.

Lastly, the revenue share model pays out a percentage of the customer’s losses to the affiliates.

The most common payment method used by casino affiliate programs is the revenue sharing method which is fair for both parties.

However, ensure that the casino affiliate programs clear the negative balance every month as revenue sharing allows partners to earn huge money only when players lose big.

Verdict: Casino Affiliate Programs

To sum up, online casino affiliate programs are used by businesses to promote their brands worldwide. The success of a gambling site greatly depends on the gambling affiliate program and the traffic the affiliates can bring to the platform.

Some affiliate partners choose casinos that are solely based on projected profits. Nevertheless, many of them use the casinos’ historical background to determine the establishment’s trustworthiness.

Those looking to join casino affiliate programs can browse through the list of programs available and get set to accept several new loyal and dedicated casino fans.


Is Casino Affiliate Marketing Easy?

Some studies show that affiliate marketing is not easy as the partners must strive to foster strong relationships, focus on key affiliates, pay attention to the niche, and develop a system that generates excellent performance for both the advertisers and the affiliates.

How Do I Become an Online Casino Affiliate?

To become an affiliate, one first must find a suitable casino affiliate program available in their jurisdiction and find out the benefits of joining the program in an online casino.

Can I Join More Than One Affiliate Program?

Yes, affiliates can join as many casino affiliate programs as possible to generate maximum revenue. Note that it is all about quality, not quantity, as it is the only way to make more money. Moreover, more players tend to prefer the casino that offers slots more than any other game to place a bet.

What’s an Inactivity Clause in Casino Affiliate Programs?

An inactivity clause may apply to inactive affiliate accounts. Depending on the platform, inactive accounts may get suspended or moved to a lower commission slab.

How Much Does It Cost to Start Casino Affiliate Marketing?

There is no fixed amount of money that affiliates must spend to become successful affiliates. On average, they can spend from $1500 for traffic and $500 on marketing tools to become a successful affiliate in the market.

What Percentage of Revenue Share Would I Earn? 

The percentage of revenue share earned by customers depends on the gambling sites. Some use a flat rate that allows a customer to earn a uniform commission irrespective of the traffic one can bring to the platform, while others offer performance-based incentives.

What Does No Carryover in Casino Affiliate Programs Mean?

Negative carryover means losses on players from a month that continue to affect the affiliates after the month is over. No carryover means every month is considered separately; hence, one bad month does not affect the customers in the following months.

Can I Do Casino Affiliate Marketing Without a Website?

Yes, there is no need to have a site to perform affiliate marketing, and all that is required is a good target audience or traffic on any channel such as Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook.

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