Best Betting Sites 2022 : Top Sports Betting Sites

Introduction To Online Betting

Betting is the practice of wagering money on the outcome of a game or sport. Online or web-based betting refers to betting or gambling action done on the web. The gambling industry gives customers multiple options to place bets; sports betting is one of the most popular categories in the betting world. Bettors no longer have to go to a club based in countries with gambling legalizations.

Since 1990, there has been a sharp rise in the growth of online betting sites. Since then, there has also been a sudden spike in the popularity of online betting. It is more difficult to set up an offline betting club due to economical and geographical limitations.

On the other hand, the internet has simplified setting up a virtual or online betting site. It is also straightforward for the customers to use, whether an individual or a micro organization.

Online betting is a game based on luck or chance, where the players risk their money by wagering it on fixed outcomes of a game in the hope of getting a monetary reward far more valuable than their stake.

What Makes An Ideal Betting Experience?


To have the ideal online betting experience, we recommend users check the level of transparency maintained by legal online sports betting site. After all, the gambling industry is full of risks and misadventures. The first question that new customers must ask themselves is whether sports betting is legal in their country according to the sports betting laws. They must only go with the legally established online casinos to ensure their safety while betting online.

Before players wager money on a bet to win on random online sports betting sites, they should check whether it offers legalized sports betting. The best sports betting sites in terms of transparency are those which have all of the following features:

  • License
  • Sports betting legislation
  • Responsible gaming
  • Provably Fair system
  • Safety algorithms to protect personal data
  • Ethical betting markets

Customer Support

While joining the best sports betting sites, the one factor that most players underestimate is the customer support section of the betting site. It is one of the fundamental aspects of a trustworthy betting site.

Bettors realize the importance of customer support when they face hurdles navigating the site. A professional customer service team is needed to tackle the issue at a time like this.

Therefore, if one wants to have an ideal online betting experience, one must look for betting sites with dedicated and talented customer support executives and various methods to contact them.

The best online sports betting sites provide 24/7 service via different contact methods like live chat function, email support, phone number, etc. Some sites may offer a comprehensive FAQs section for general queries of customers. The most common customer support option is the live chat function.

The availability of such factors shows that the online sportsbook has given a thought to customer satisfaction. It assures customers and builds their faith in the website to play gambling games easily.

Casino And Poker Options

One of the other exciting things about betting is that players can go through their legal sports betting options and try something new by checking out online sites’ casinos and poker offerings.

Many of the best sports betting sites have their variety of slot games, live poker games, and table games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, etc. Some best online sportsbooks also offer the function of poker rooms for casino gambling veterans. They can play any casino game and place a bet on its outcome after making the deposit using any of the available payment options.

Moreover, if the players use the same online sportsbook for their gambling needs, they can do both sports and casino gambling simultaneously and easily switch back and forth between them. It provides the users an option to place their bets on soccer and the hands of poker at the same time.

Which Factors Do We Consider While Choosing The Best Betting Sites?

Safety – What To Look For?

While looking for top sports betting sites, a new user should first look for the security and safety procedures undertaken by the sports betting website.

It is the most crucial factor to look for in the best online sports betting sites because the betting world is full of fraud sites that can dupe the players by running off with their money.

Therefore, it is necessary that punters first check the site’s license, auditing, and certification procedures. They must always choose betting sites with genuine licenses for online betting.

Country Restrictions – Find Out How Crucial They Are!

Betting is an activity that is popular among players worldwide; therefore, legal online sports betting sites try to provide their services in as many countries as possible. However, some betting sites don’t allow players to enter a particular market (like the United States).

Before choosing the top sports betting sites to start betting online at the online casino, one should check the country restrictions section of the website to avoid doing anything illegal in their country.

Legality, Licensed And Regulated – What Does It Mean?

Another critical aspect of top betting sites is whether the site is genuinely licensed and regulated by appropriate gambling authorities or is online sports betting legal.

Numerous countries have banned gambling and betting activities; to be on the safe side of the law, one should be especially careful about this factor. The players must trust only the licensed, legal, and regulated websites before placing bets on sports online.

Range Of Sports To Bet On

Numerous gaming options are another essential feature of the best online betting sites. There must be multiple options, and the most important one is a football betting option in the sports betting section of the sites.

Other significant sports preferred by players from European countries are college sports like soccer, basketball, and ice hockey.

Besides college sports, many legal sports betting websites also support animal games like horse racing and dog shows. Moreover, if the site covers the sports of the country it is established in, it will be more authentic than those based in some other countries.

Variety Of Markets Available – Here’s Why They Are Important

In the sports betting world, there are multiple markets for each sport. Thus, before joining any particular sportsbook, one should check the market availability of different games on the site.

Markets are important because the betting options of the players will be limited in case of low availability.

Some of the top markets to look for in sports betting sites are Player Props, Game Props, Spreads, Totals, etc. Therefore, choose a site with a good selection of sports betting markets.

Sign-Up Offers

In the sports betting industry, players should use signup bonus offers like welcome bonuses to increase the size of the wager on a new bet. Top online betting sites offer lucrative signup bonus offers when punters register to play on the website.

Some of the standard sign-up offers to look for in the best betting sites are:

  • Risk-Free Bets
  • Free Bets
  • No-Deposit Bonus
  • Deposit-Match Bonus

User Friendliness

Another prominent feature of a legal sports betting site is the ease of navigation on the site. Moreover, punters should also look for the simplicity of the sign-up offers as it may become a major issue for them if the conditions set for the sign-up offers are too tough to meet.

The site must be convenient enough to support betting actions on a vast range of markets. Bettors must be able to bet from the comfort of their homes by using their mobile phones. If players face hassles during the sign-up process or with the website’s loading speed, they must look for one without such issues.

User experience is an essential factor in improving the reputation of a sportsbook. Therefore, while selecting the best sportsbooks online that offer legal sports betting online, customers should go with the one with simple UI and easy-to-use sign-up offers.

Live Betting Section

Another vital feature of excellent sports betting sites is the live betting options on the platform. Live betting is also known as in-play betting. Under this section, the players can open bets while the live game continues.

The odds change very fast in in-play markets; thus, punters must be on their toes to grab the best deals in the live betting section.

Most of the best online sports betting sites offer the players multiple sports betting markets in the live betting category to choose the best one per their betting portfolios.

The live betting section of the sites must be clutter-free and easy to navigate so that players do not feel harassed by unwanted options.

Available For Mobile Betting Options

Online betting sites should allow users to bet from the comfort of their homes by using their mobile phones.

The sites must have a smooth and exciting mobile-based platform that can be accessed anytime.

Most top sportsbooks have quick and easy-to-use mobile betting and mobile sports betting options that allow punters to wager money in their chosen sports betting market. Since the last decade, there has been a massive increase in mobile phone usage worldwide.

Hence the players should go with the site that has a mobile app available on IOS as well Android phones. The desktop site must also be optimized as per the requirement of major mobile-based web browsers.

The Current Popularity Of Sports Betting

Wagering money on the fixed outcome of a sporting event is known as sports betting. Various kinds of events are considered for sports betting. Nowadays, punters can place bets on traditional sports like horse racing and dog racing and modern sports like soccer, basketball, etc. The most popular sport in the gambling industry is football.

The bettors require a bookmaker to place their bets on the games. These bookmakers are also known as sportsbooks. A sportsbook can operate in a physical state like that of a casino or betting establishment or in an online environment like that of an online casino or sportsbook.

The bettors require a bookmaker to place their bets on the games. These bookmakers are also known as sportsbooks. A sportsbook can operate physically like a casino or betting establishment or in an online environment like an online casino or sportsbook.

The amount of money put at stake by a gambler is termed as “Handle”; the money made by the sportsbook after initiating the payments of punters is known as “Revenue”.

Some of the main factors behind the popularity of sports betting are as follows:

  • Chance to make extra money
  • A new perspective on watching games
  • A new type of lifestyle
  • Ease of use

In the past few years, there has been an enormous increment in the popularity of sports betting. Some time ago, betting was considered illegal in many parts of the world. But now, with the advent of the internet, the boost in its popularity is tremendous. It is majorly popular in western countries.

As per betting industry experts, the expected growth of the online sports betting market is predicted to be around $218 billion by 2023. The primary reason behind its popularity is the constant innovation in this industry.

Since the rise in the number of global marketplaces in sports betting, gaming software developers from all over the world have been given access to a new customer base and technological aggrandizements like the latest stats and in-play betting options.

These factors have made the betting industry so popular among players looking to have fun and make money.

Best Online Sportsbooks Criteria For An Ideal Site

Trustworthiness, Safety, And Security – What Do I Look For?

While looking for an ideal site, the players must ask themselves, are the online sportsbooks safe? To answer this question, the fundamental criteria that players must look for is the trustworthiness maintained by the platform. Before bettors place their first bet, they must verify the safety and security algorithms used by the sportsbook. Some of the factors that prove the trustworthiness of an online sportsbook are as follows:

  • High-speed payouts
  • Safety and security of punters’ funds
  • A dedicated and professional customer service team
  • Availability of honor wagers
  • Appealing promotional offers and generous bonuses

Betting Odds

Another prominent feature of an ideal sportsbook is that it must allow users to switch between various types of betting odds. The selected best online betting site must allow users to toggle back and forth between multiple types of betting odds like Fractional odds and Decimal odds, American odds (also known as the Vegas Odds), etc. Moreover, the online betting site must also have the availability of implied odds.

One should keep their eyes open to check how early the betting lines are released. Due to the confusion created by many online sports betting sites in the betting markets, it is not easy to choose the one that offers the most active betting odds. Therefore, one must research properly before choosing to settle with the one that fulfills their betting demands.

Deposit/Withdrawal Methods

Another important feature of a website that punters must go through is the number of deposit options accepted by the betting website. The best betting sites offer their customers multiple deposit options to make the process of making a deposit or a withdrawal hassle-free. Different deposit options provide different levels of security. Out of all the deposit options, the most preferred are Visa, credit cards, etc. The deposit speed of all deposit options differs from each other.

Moreover, punters should also check whether the available methods are adequately secured by encryption technology.

Bonuses, Promotions, And Rewards – How Important Are They?

It is also crucial for new sports bettors to check the bonus and promotion page of the sportsbook. They should review the availability of the welcome page and the amount of reward money they may get on signing up. Free bets, free spins, and first deposit bonuses are standard rewards given to new players, and these bonuses play an important role in increasing the betting stake of a player. Bonus offers like the welcome bonus should be used appropriately to increase the gambling stake to win substantial monetary prizes.


The best online sportsbook is the one that is quick in response and doesn’t take much time to load. The best sportsbook must be easily navigable and compatible with all web browsers.

It must also be designed to run smoothly on any device, whether a laptop, phone, or tablet.

Deposits, Withdrawals, And Payouts

We have already discussed that top online sportsbooks must offer sports bettors multiple payment methods. These days, top online sportsbooks are offering a new and faster way of making payments in the form of cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrencies are accepted on the best sports betting sites to increase the security and speed of transactions initiated by sports bettors.

Punters must also check whether their preferred top sportsbook gives payouts on time. Many sportsbooks have restrictive terms like minimum withdrawal limits to stop the punters from making easy and quick money.

Customer Service Availability – Does It Help?

In finding the best online sportsbooks, bettors must also check whether the top online sportsbook offers prompt and professional customer service. It is a crucial feature to look for in the best sportsbook. To check its availability in the right online sportsbook, the players can leave a mail, call them or chat with the team on the online helpdesk. The response time must be noted, and the top online sportsbooks with the fastest revert back time must be chosen.

Currencies And Languages – Here’s What To Consider!

The best sites to place sports bets are the ones that accept multiple currencies and allow website accessibility navigation in various different languages. English is used as a primary language in popular online sportsbooks. However, it is helpful for the best online sportsbooks to support other lingual options like French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Additional Features

After placing sports bets on major sports leagues online on the best sportsbooks for a long time, the players might feel a need for some change. So, they can choose high-rated sportsbooks that also offer the option of casino gambling. The top sportsbooks allowing users to bet on famous events and other sports should be given first preference to play.

The punters must look for the sportsbooks that offer the option to bet on casino games and sporting events. Moreover, some daily fantasy sports sites offer punters a chance to gamble in all three forms of online betting.

Helpful Customer Support

A devoted and professional customer service team is the main feature of top-rated sportsbooks. The customer support executives must be polite and friendly with customers. The best sportsbooks have a customer support team that operates 24/7 throughout the year.

Different sportsbooks use different methods to take care of their customer base. For example, some most popular sports betting sites offer a comprehensive FAQ section for their users where they can tackle primary hurdles that may come in the navigation of the sportsbook.

How To Choose The Best Online Betting Sites

Reputation – What Makes Sports Betting Legal?

The first thing a punter must verify in the best online betting sites is their reputation and customer satisfaction index. When a bettor is not paid after a win, the sportsbook is untrustworthy, and its reputation goes down the hill.

One must also check whether the sportsbook has a genuine license issued by renowned authorities like Costa Rica, Curacao, and Panama. The top sportsbooks based in the US must have the state and a standard license issued by the competent authorities. Otherwise, US sports betting players may face legal issues.

US bettors should go with the online betting sites with licenses issued by the state authorities. For example, US bettors based in New Jersey should look for a license registered with the Division of Gaming Enforcement.

The license information must be verified because it is a good indicator of the reputation of the sports betting sites. A genuine online sports betting site must have a page dedicated to the information regarding legal factors and terms and conditions.

Bettors can also visit Reddit or similar review sites for more information on the reputation of a particular online betting site. It can be helpful for new bettors as they get the information from someone who has already used the website.

Do Your Research

Research is crucial for bettors who are new entrants in the field of regulated sports betting. Everyone knows the value of good research and analysis. It is an excellent strategy to get all the information before one starts using real money on online sports betting sites. It is one of the ways to become a successful bettor. A bettor should go through sportsbook reviews to get in-depth info about their preferred sportsbook. The sportsbook reviews offer an accurate outlook of the particular gambling platform.

Deposit Options

An essential feature of a good sportsbook is the availability of multiple deposit methods on the online betting platform. It is one of the factors that can make the betting experience memorable and worthwhile. Some important aspects to check in this section are security, anonymity, depositing time, customer support, etc. A deposit match and loyalty programs are rewarded to players who wager enormous amounts of money on bets. The deposit match can induce a player’s winnings by a huge margin.

Withdrawal Options

Different sportsbooks have different criteria to withdraw funds, making this step a little complicated. Therefore, while choosing the best sportsbooks to place a bet, gamblers should go with the ones that have minor withdrawal terms and conditions. The withdrawal payment method must be smooth and hassle-free for bettors to bet online and make money for a long time.

Read The Bonus Terms And Conditions

A good sports betting site offers new players lucrative bonuses and promotional offers. It is an excellent way for newcomers to start their sports betting action. The bonus offer could include a welcome bonus of huge monetary value. The sites may also offer betting options like free bets and giveaways.

To be safe, we advise that players research correctly in this section to get all information regarding the terms and conditions that need to be fulfilled before players can get full advantage of what best sportsbooks offer. Out of all the bonuses and promotions, the signup bonus or the welcome bonus is the most lucrative one that a sportsbook offers for new users to start betting on sports.

Check The Payout Options And Speed

Another vital factor to look for is the payout options and the time taken by those to settle in the users’ bank accounts. After winning, it is the most important step as some sites may put some withdrawal restrictions like the minimum withdrawal limit to prevent players from making withdrawals. Moreover, one should also check for cryptocurrency as a method of payment as it offers the fastest settlement speed out of all banking methods. Research deeply about this section before placing any bet on the sportsbook online.

Sportsbook Promotions Available For Betting

Risk-Free Bets – What’s The Hype About?

The risk-free bet is a bonus run by an online sportsbook for punters. By using the risk-free bet bonus, bettors can bet risk-free. As the name suggests, it is a free bet bonus where the players don’t have to use their funds. The bonus bets come with a type of bet insurance, where the players receive bet credits if they lose money while wagering on popular sports.

However, like most bonuses and promotions, there is a catch in the risk-free bet. The catch is that players must use their total bankroll at least five times before making any withdrawals of the risk-free bet winnings.

Signup Bonuses – What You Really Get

It is another one of the bonuses and promotions where the new joiners get a bonus on signing up with the sportsbook. Sign-up bonuses are the most common promotional offer that one may come across. To avail of its benefits, all one needs to do is create an account on the sportsbook and make a deposit.

Some restrictive conditions are also in place to stop players from abusing the offer. It is slightly different from the free bet one, and the terms and conditions are also different.

Cashback Bets – Find Out What It Means!

Cashback bets are also known as “Rakeback Promotion” sometimes. Unlike the risk-free bet bonus, where the players get to place risk-free bets, here, the top sportsbooks place a limit on the losses incurred by the punters during the betting session.

As its name suggests, a small section of the wagering amount of players is returned to them if they face losses. There are some terms and conditions that players must fulfill first to avail the benefits of this offer. Some of those factors are to use a specific mode of payment. In most cases, it is cryptocurrency.

Crypto Bonuses – How You Can Get Benefit?

To enhance the gambling experience, punters must use this promotional offer as it is one of the best. With the rise in the value of cryptocurrency, online sports betting sites have also increased the use of cryptocurrency.

Various bonuses are offered to the players if they make deposits in the form of any crypto. It is done to increase crypto usage. The punters need to make deposits by using the available cryptocurrencies, and the site will increase the betting stake size by some percentage. The sportsbook bonus is offered to punters in the form of deposit match and loyalty programs to reward them for their commitment.

Legal Vs. Offshore Betting – Which One To Choose?

The best possible options for US bettors in online gambling are online betting sites that have acquired genuine licenses from competent authorities. In the US sports betting system, getting a permit for online gambling establishments is not easy.

The operators have to invest heavily to get approved. Still, there are many offshore sites where punters can do sports betting but only on the black market, as government authorities do not approve these sites.

Some of the main benefits of using legal websites for online betting are as follows:

  • The players do not have any guarantee of the same returns of their funds on the offshore betting sites as these sites do not follow any rules or regulations established by the law.
  • On the other hand, the legal betting sites have to abide by the rules established by the authorities; otherwise, they may face legal actions.
  • Legal sports betting sites have to give punters all information regarding their terms and conditions like house rules, funding criteria, customer support options, bonus requirements, etc.
  • In the case of offshore betting sites, there are no clear rules that one may follow to get guaranteed payments. Whether the punters will get their funds after winning depends on the site.

Some common problems that players may face on using the offshore sports betting sites are as follows:

  • The disappearance of bankroll funds
  • Highly complicated bonus offers
  • Irregular payouts
  • Operators may vanish without any pre-notice
  • Winners may lose all their money after winning

Sports Betting Apps: We Answer All Your Queries!

Are Sports Betting Apps Safe?

Online sports betting is more prevalent these days. It is mainly due to its convenience and efficiency. One can get the best odds from renowned bookmakers by using their phones. It has been made possible only because of various top-rated online sportsbooks launched by sports betting app.

The players can use these sports betting apps to get information on competitive odds and compare various betting markets to get the best odds. One question that comes to mind after using the sports betting app is whether these are safe to use or not.

So, the answer is yes. The best sports betting apps are highly safe and secure if punters use betting establishments with a genuine license and work under regulations. Most sports betting app use SSL Encryption technology to make the deposits and withdrawals safe and secure.

The sports betting app protects users’ data and works under the same jurisdiction as the parent website. One can download these apps safely from the iOS and Google PlayStore.

Betting From Your Phone: Mobile Betting

In the world of rapid innovation, mobile betting, or we can address it as mobile sports betting, has become the most convenient and fastest way of online sports betting. Almost all best sports betting sites offer a mobile version of their website created especially to meet the needs of punters who want to bet from the comfort of their homes using their mobile phones or tablets. Mobile betting is also safe and secure because all the security procedures that desktop websites use are applied here too. Sometimes, the user interface of a mobile betting site is far better than the main version. It is also easy to navigate through the mobile site as the UI here is clutter-free. The icons come in a smaller size which reduces the confusion of new players.

How To Create A Betting Account?

Step 1: Pick An Online Sports Betting Site

Before selecting the best online sports betting sites, one should go through the list of all top sports betting sites. All the top betting sites have their advantages and disadvantages that punters address first. The players must select an online sports betting site that meets all their requirements as per their betting necessities.

Step 2: Sign Up

The next step would be to sign-up on the selected betting site. Fill in the required basic information on the sign-up page. The player’s name, address, email, phone number, etc., will be asked in this process. If the players want to do crypto sports betting, they must have their wallets ready for the transactions.

Step 3: Make A Deposit

Once the sign-up process is over, the players are ready to make their first deposit and wager money to bet on sports. The process must be completed to place the first bet. One can use any available deposit methods to fund their betting accounts.

Step 4: Place A Bet

Now, this is the time to place your bets. There are multiple types of bets in the sports betting arena for the players. Some of the most common sports bet types are prop bets, parlay bet, and straight bets. One needs to choose the sporting event, fill in the amount, and submit their bet ticket. The prop bets are a little different than conventional forms of online bets. Here the wager is not put on the final outcome of the game.

Top Betting Tips To Help You Win!

Soak Up Tips

Before punters bet on sports, they must follow the tips of veteran bettors to wager money on a successful bet. Some of the basic tips are to choose the right bookmaker and check the payment methods. The new sports bettors should soak up all the betting tips available on various websites.

Keep Records

Once the bettors start betting, they must maintain complete records of their investment and its returns. Only then can one differentiate between the profits and losses in their online betting journey.

Always Budget

We advise sports bettors to be a little spendthrift while practicing betting on online sites. It will help them stay longer in the game while giving them enough time to enjoy the betting experience. New customers must follow these free sports betting picks to gain strategic knowledge.

Don’t Overstretch Yourself

If players find themselves in a tight spot, they need to relax a bit and don’t overstretch in the heat of the moment. It is one of the common mistakes that newcomers make while betting. When they start losing, they lose patience and start taking unnecessary risks to cover up their previous losses. It leads to a downtrodden path where they ultimately lose all their betting funds.

Follow Your Head, Not Your Heart

The head is always more calculative and rational than the heart. It is why punters are advised to listen to their heads, not their hearts. It will save the players from unwanted losses.

Our Verdict

Similar to another mode of entertainment, looking for the best online sports betting site best suited for the punters’ requirements depends on the amount of research and analysis done.

Some previous betting experience also comes in handy at such times. We have already discussed the factors that one should find in their preferred sportsbook. Some of those are an exemplary user interface, multiple methods of payments, generous sportsbook bonuses and other bonuses and promotions, etc. To win and make a huge amount of money by placing a bet, the players should use bonus offers like a welcome bonus to enhance the size of their gambling stake.

Before starting, players must give themselves a moment to think about their personal needs and motivation to bet on various sporting events. Some sportsbooks are for those looking for the highest value only; others cater specifically to veteran bettors, while some may only provide an exciting and easy-to-use betting platform.

Hence, before indulging, punters should take a step back and explore everything about the betting platform they will use to win monetary rewards. Numerous betting review sites can help them determine whether the site fits their requirement.


Why Do Odds Vary Between Online Sports Betting Sites?

All online betting sites have their way of calculating when it comes to formulating odds. It is the reason behind the difference in odds between various sportsbooks. This difference is kept to lure the new customers their way as one online site tries to outsmart another.

Are There Any Online Sports Betting Sites Without Age Verification?

Every online sports betting site requires age verification as it is a legal demand as per the rules established by the gambling authorities. It is done to ensure that young people do not indulge in this addictive activity. The punters must not sign-up if they are underage because some sites won’t return their funds if the age criteria are not met, even when they win.

What Is A Risk-Free Bet?

A risk-free bet is a type of bet that lets one wager with their actual money with a 100% money-back insurance in case of a loss. The winnings are treated as usual, but the lost stake is credited back to the betting account in case of losses.

Where Can I Find The Right Online Sports Betting Site For Me?

One can refer to multiple review sites on the web to choose the best among the many online sportsbooks available in the betting world.

How Much Of A Cut Does The Sportsbook Take?

The sportsbook makes money by charging fees on the bets placed by the bettors. Mostly, the betting platform charges 10% of the wagering amount. However, some sportsbooks might change the fees as per the condition of the game.

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