Best Esports Betting Apps in 2024: Android & iOS Esports Apps

Esports betting platform is swiftly gaining popularity as a bookmaker alternative because it provides a speedy and intensely competitive betting atmosphere appealing to bettors. The top online esports betting apps will offer a solid range of eSports futures for popular eSports games like FIFA, Fortnite, League of Legends, Dota 2, and many others.

While not all online sportsbooks offer eSports games to bet on, the following article will provide you with all the information you require regarding the top eSports betting apps with in-play betting options.

Top 5 Esports Betting Apps For 2024

The most well-known online gambling organizations typically create the best esports betting apps since they have the most funds to invest in their businesses. Using any reliable esports gambling apps and websites we suggest will result in a secure and enjoyable experience.


Bet365 app is one of the oldest bookmakers in the esports betting markets, doesn’t skimp on making its goods sparkle, and accepts new sign-ups from over 200 nations. As per the Bet365 review, its mobile app offers a plethora of features, including in-game reports, in-game features, and live streaming, all of which are constantly updated.


1xbet mobile app allows more than a hundred payment options and offers minimal deposit and withdrawal thresholds. According to one of the reviews of 1xBet, it has an in-depth coverage of esports events and huge bonuses.


The competitive odds are nothing new to Betway’s mobile eSports betting app. Betway app offers an in-play option. This eSports betting app supports all of the administrative capabilities available on the desktop version, including transactions, deposits, and withdrawals, as mentioned in the Betway review.


BetOnline has been servicing online gamblers for more than two decades, the website was among the first to see the potential of esports, and now this app offers a diverse range of games. The app is suitable for betting, casino games, and live dealer games. As per the BetOnline review, bets can be placed in two modes – live and pre-match.


BetUs is a full-service esports betting app with sports betting and casino gaming options. For US players, real money wagering is available. Additionally, the mobile app has a great feature of same-day approvals on payouts and an excellent user interface as stated in the BetUS review. It offers the most competitive odds to players on esports betting.

How to Find the Best Esports Betting Apps?

When it comes to choosing the best online sportsbooks, it’s all narrowed down to your own choices. Since there are so many different esports betting apps out there, we have categorized a few key factors to consider that will help you to make the right choice.

User Interface

The user interface is essential for the best eSports betting app because usability determines how good it is. The transition between sections should be logical and be done in several taps.

License of eSports Bookmaker

Being trustworthy may seem rather obvious to users experienced with online sports betting applications, but if you’re new to this, make sure the sportsbook you’re joining up with is reliable and secure.

Esports Betting Markets

A reputable online mobile app should offer esports bettors a wide range of betting markets and features. After selecting a specific game or tournament, you need to ensure you have a wide choice of eSports bets you can place through the app.

Payment Options

Extensive payment methods is also one of important features you should pay attention to along with license and user interface. The more payment methods players can use, the higher credibility of the app.

Plethora of Esports Leagues to Choose From

Esports betting apps that provide more leagues to pick from are preferable to those that offer fewer.

Customer Service

This is yet another important element that impacts how trustworthy an esports betting app is. The top esports betting app features a strong customer service department to guarantee that your concerns are resolved immediately, even before pre-match.

What Esports Can You Bet on From Your Mobile Phone?

Mobile devices will undoubtedly change to reflect the most recent changes in the eSports betting industry as they are a crucial component of the scene. Whatever eSports mobile device betting may be, it relies solely on the shoulders of these popular eSports titles because all eSports bookmakers aim to offer eSports odds on some of the most well-known esports games in the world.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

One of the most popular games in the eSports industry is Global Offensive, which has a cult-like following. In this Valve Corporation’s 1st shooter game for multiplayer, our objective as counter-terrorists is to plant bombs and defend them from anyone attempting to foil our plot and defuse the device. With this esport, live betting is especially common, and every action-packed scene keeps us on the tip of our seats.

League of Legends

LoL, or League of Legends is a video game developed by Riot Games. Regarding esports, the LoL World Championships is among the most exciting events to place wagers on during the year. Presently, League of Legends is quite famous, and tournament prize money can reach several million dollars.

Overwatch League

One of the best examples of a cooperative, competitive first-person shooter is Overwatch. Although Overwatch league is one of the newer and different games than the other two listed, it boasts some of the most eSports enthusiasts in the industry.

Rocket League

Rocket League is one of the most popular video games being streamed on live streaming services with eSports coverage. Despite being lower in scale than the other esports listed, the Rocket League betting community is dedicated to the game and welcomes newcomers.

Dota 2

The most well-known MOBA game produced by Valve Corporation is arguably Dota 2. The game’s goal is for the other team to be defeated, along with the important building known as the Ancient, by collecting points and special objects during the play. This game is accessible on practically any esports betting app, just like CS:GO.

Esports Betting Apps: How to Get Started

  1. Choose the Esports Betting App
  2. Installation of an esports Betting App
  3. Open a New Account and Fill in the Required Details
  4. Deposit and Start Playing Esports

Best Bonuses & Promotions Offered by Esports Betting Apps

Welcome Bonus: To entice users to create their betting app account and place bets immediately, esports betting apps frequently provide welcome bonuses for sports bettors. The top esports app’s welcome bonus offer frequently has high amounts and minimal wagering requirements.

Free Bets: Free Bets are paid as Bet Credits and made usable upon settlement of bets up to the value of the qualifying deposit. Depending on the eSports betting sites customers want to use, the stake of the minimum and maximum bet credits will change.

Bettors can benefit from fantastic welcome bonus offers, reload bonuses, and weekly cashback deals from the best betting app.

What Bets Can You Place on Esports Betting Apps?

Many games offer eSports leagues and tournaments, but only the biggest eSports leagues and events will have enough fans available to bet online. Like any other sport, eSports offers wagers on practically every possible development during a match. Below are different types of bets that are available on esports betting apps.

  1. Moneyline Bets
  2. Prop Bets
  3. Live Bets
  4. Futures Bets

Favorite Esports Betting Apps Tips

Here are some of the best tips to help fans before signing up for esports online bookies with real money.

Determine the Budget in Advance

When gambling on esports, you may get carried away and spend more cash than you intended. One can prevent overpaying by setting up a budget and designating those cash specifically for wagering applications. Ensure that your esports betting budget is in line with your income.

Bonuses are Valuable Opportunities

Players who have never taken advantage of welcome bonuses at real money esports betting apps are undoubtedly losing out. The welcome bonus offer might add money to your bankroll or even give free bets to make you profitable.

Your Favorite Esports Team Won’t Always Win

Even while we want our beloved team and athletes to succeed, it doesn’t always work out that way. Because of this, you must avoid basing your decision only on who or which team you believe to be the best.

Avoid Placing Excessive Bets

Overbetting is among the main errors that novice esports bettors make most frequently. They stake bets at every opportunity & they don’t wait for chances that offer genuine value. This won’t make them lucrative in the long run and will cause their cash to be depleted.

Before Betting, Compare the Odds

Certain esports betting apps offer better odds than others. That’s critical since it could significantly affect how much money you win and receive if you are interested in a certain esport or competition; research odds on various betting sites.

Conclusion: Esports Betting Apps

One of the most well-liked sporting events in the world today is esports. We think it’s worthwhile to sign up for real-money esports betting apps straight away. Some esports news applications offer features almost as entertaining as betting on esports, which will help players place successful bets. Each platform we have listed tries to make its product as competitive as possible and adds unique features in terms of payment methods, welcome bonuses, eSports odds, user interface, and more which will work wonders for your gambling style and requirements.


Are There Legal Esports Betting Apps?

Yes, eSports betting apps are legal & are authorized by official gambling committees.

What Esports Events Can I Wager on Using the Mobile Betting App?

The esports games users can bet on the mobile betting app are League of Legends; CS: GO; Dota 2; Starcraft 2; Fortnite; Call of Duty; PUBG; Hearthstone; Rainbow Six.

Are There Odds Available for Other Sports on Esports Betting Apps?

Absolutely, they do! Here is a list of more popular sports available on esports betting apps: Baseball; Basketball; Cricket; Football; Hockey; Horse Racing.

Do Esports Betting Apps Cost Anything to Download?

The top esports betting apps can be downloaded and used without cost.

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