Best UFC Betting Apps in 2024: Real Money Apps to Bet on UFC

Since the beginning of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in 1993, bets have been placed on the league’s results. Currently, most operators accept bets on every match, mainly through their UFC betting apps. It is challenging for MMA fans to decide which app is best for UFC betting. In this guide, we cover the 5 best UFC betting apps, ranking and reviewing them to help you find your ultimate app. We also look at the betting lines and promos they offer.

Top 5 UFC Betting Apps for 2024

Only a few platforms offer competitive odds, exotic betting markets, and generous promotions. So, to help you find those that do, we have listed below some of the best UFC betting apps.


The main objective of bettors who wager on UFC fights and other MMA events is to locate value in the betting markets. With the promotions that are currently running at BetUS, bettors can find great value while placing wagers on forthcoming MMA events, as per BetUs review.

  • Fast payout within 48 hours
  • Horse racing and esports betting


BetNow is one of the best UFC betting sites in the sports betting world. It provides a wide range of UFC betting options, including risk-free bets, exciting deposit bonuses, betting advice, UFC prop bets, Moneyline betting, and round betting on the victory futures bets. Here is a quick review of BetNow!

  • Multiple bet types
  • Huge range of sports & markets

MyBookie is the place for you if you enjoy mixed martial arts and the enormous variety of betting options that the modern UFC offers. You’ll enjoy betting on UFC whether you support some of the biggest names in the sport right now, or you frequently back value-packed underdogs.

  • Huge variety of betting options
  • Unique live betting feature
You’ll have an unmatched UFC wagering experience with MyBookie, from quick payouts to customer care, which is the best in the business as per latest MyBookie review.


A superb online casino with real money games is offered by Bovada. You’ll always have various games to choose from, including casino games, sports betting options, and more, because they accept many different payment methods, as stated in various Bovada reviews.

  • Horses, sports, poker, & live games
  • Extra bonuses for bitcoin users


If you’re looking for UFC odds, XBet offers the top betting action on the UFC with the most recent odds and lines. So remember that XBet provides mixed martial arts betting odds and predictions for the biggest UFC fights throughout the year if you want to win big in UFC online betting.

  • Biggest MMA betting odds
  • 24/7 Customer service
Take a look at a detailed XBet review to know more in detail.

How to Find the Best UFC Betting Apps?

Even though the sport is expanding globally, finding the top UFC betting sites and sports betting apps might be challenging because it isn’t as popular as football, basketball, or baseball.

Top MMA betting apps offer competitive UFC betting odds, welcome bonuses, UFC betting promotions, UFC betting alternatives, and MMA markets.

Security of UFC Betting Apps

The UFC betting apps provider must develop secure code, encrypt all data thoroughly, and assemble specialised teams of security specialists. The best UFC betting app operators have perfect security records so you can bet confidently.

UFC Betting Options

Online bookmakers have increased the stakes regarding UFC betting coverage and the types of UFC bets offered due to the sport’s increasing popularity. Most applications include the most popular UFC bet kinds, including props, futures, Moneylines, etc.

UFC Betting Bonuses & Promotions

Choose the betting app platform, which has increasingly rewarded users with generous bonus offers, free bets, and other promotions in exchange for installing the software.

Customer Support

The best customer support staff in the business is available at the best betting apps. Although most companies take great care to ensure their real money UFC betting apps function without a hitch, you might occasionally encounter a problem.

Payment Options 

The top UFC betting app will allow various payment options, including bank transfers, prepaid cards, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and e-wallets like PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller. Deposits and withdrawals must be quick, easy, safe, and cost-effective.

Getting Started With the Best UFC Betting Apps

  1. Select the real-money UFC betting app
  2. Download Your UFC Betting App
  3. Sign Up and Create Your Account
  4. Make a Deposit and Collect Your Bonus
  5. Shop for UFC Betting Lines
  6. Bet Real Money on the UFC

Advantages of Using Best UFC Betting Apps

  • Best Online Lines and UFC Odds – The recommended apps are vigilant about updating their odds to reflect betting trends and other elements that can cause the lines to change.
  • User Friendly– The finest UFC betting apps keep their platforms operating efficiently by utilising contemporary graphics and cutting-edge software. UFC apps are easy to use.
  • Bonuses & Promotions- The UFC and MMA betting app provides alluring bonuses and promotions to attract new clients. Some online betting sites offer 100% matched deposits.

Exclusive Bonuses & Promotions Offered by UFC Betting Apps

Anyone who engages in online sports betting adores a sizable bonus. One benefit of using a mobile betting app with UFC betting odds over traditional in-person betting is that apps continuously boost odds and provide great bonus offers to attract your business.

Welcome Bonus – The 100% matched deposit bonus is the most well-liked introductory offer among UFC betting sites. This is a terrific bonus because it lets you increase your bankroll immediately.

Free Bets – Most mobile online sportsbooks give free bets for big UFC fights and frequently run incredible promotional deals; in some cases, you may need to enter a sportsbook promo code to access the deals.

Cryptocurrency Bonus – This bonus is offered to players about to place their first crypto deposit. These bonuses are usually small but are a great way to boost your bankroll.

Weekday Bonus – UFC betting apps will give out a weekday bonus to encourage players to place bets during the week. These types of bonuses can come in handy when you’re on a tight budget.

What Bets Can You Place on UFC Betting Apps?

Online UFC betting is just like betting on any other combat sport. The Moneyline is the most common wagering option for a single MMA battle, and the odds for significant UFC events are frequently made public months in advance. Thus, you have enough time to conduct any essential study before selecting the wager you wish to place.

Up to a week before the start of an event, additional betting choices, such as props on round winners and a fighter’s method of victory, may become accessible.

Moneyline Bets

The rank, skill level, and general health of each UFC fighter are considered when calculating Moneyline odds, which implies that UFC betting lines also depend on these factors. Since Moneyline bets are the most common type of wager in all sports betting, online UFC betting applications will always provide them.

Prop Bets

Prop bets are based on a certain occurrence during a UFC fight or other event. Prop bets are not available on all UFC betting websites or apps and can be hard to find at some online sportsbooks.

Round Betting

Although round betting only involves predicting which round a boxer will win, it is extremely similar to victory betting. These UFC wagers are for you if you have knowledge of a fighter’s tactics and believe they will triumph.

Method of Victory

A method of victory bets—a type of UFC betting on MMA fights on who will win and how they will win—are available on almost every UFC betting app. You must enlarge the fight’s details to find this MMA betting option worth its salt on any online betting site.

Live Bets

Thanks to UFC live betting, bettors may place real money wagers while the fight is happening inside the Octagon. As the action unfolds inside the Octagon, UFC and MMA betting apps continuously change their odds.

Futures Bets

When you predict the outcome of a fight or possible fight months or even years before it occurs, you are engaging in a UFC future bet.

Tips and Strategies For Mobile UFC Betting

We can’t promise that utilising the best UFC betting app for real money will be profitable, but we can say that applying the following UFC betting tips will improve your chances of success.

Diligently Research

It is advisable to investigate each combatant in detail. You may analyse their prior performances to determine their strong and weak points. To see how one fighter stacks up, compare their stats to their rival’s. You’ll be able to forecast the fight’s outcome more accurately, eventually improving your chances of winning.

Treat UFC Betting Like a Business Transaction

When we initially started betting on the best UFC betting app, we backed our favourite fighter to win, regardless of the fact that their opponents had a better chance of doing so.

Be Selective

Being selective is crucial because every betting chance differs from the next. Some are worthwhile purchases that provide good value. So, choose the wagering investments worth your time and money by taking your time.

Compare Odds Before Betting

You may find the best lines and UFC fight night odds by comparing UFC fights odds from the best UFC online betting providers.

Conclusion: UFC Betting Apps

Numerous bookmakers have improved their coverage of MMA, constantly keeping the UFC at the forefront. Most online sportsbooks offer their customers futures, head-to-head, over/under, props, and much more. In addition, a group of experts is always available to help you if something goes wrong at mobile betting apps. Many UFC betting apps frequently offer customer support around-the-clock, seven days a week.


Is It Legal to Bet on UFC With a Mobile Betting App?

Yes, certain territories now provide completely legal choices for mobile betting online. If it is legal in your country, you may legally bet at one of the best sports betting sites and start playing.

Do UFC Betting Apps Offer Odds on Other Sports?

Yes, the best UFC betting apps provide odds on numerous different sports, including the ones listed below: baseball, basketball, football, lacrosse, soccer, and esports.

How Do You Bet on UFC Betting Apps?

You can register for an account at a registered UFC betting site. You must make a deposit in the second stage in order to receive the betting site’s enticing welcome bonus. After registering, you can begin with a first bet.

What Types of UFC Bets Can I Place Online?

You can wager on the moneyline, the method of victory, and the over/under, for instance. Numerous more markets and bet kinds, including parlays, round betting, and many more, are also available on the best UFC and MMA betting apps.

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