Horse Racing Betting Apps in 2024 for Android and iOS Players

Horse Racing betting is one of the most popular sports in the betting world. Racing betting was itself popular, and horse racing is one of the oldest sports people used to bet on. With the modernization of everything, you can enjoy the whole experience with horse racing betting apps. The horse racing apps will show you every betting opportunity available, and you can bet on multiple horse races and participate in popular tournaments such as the Kentucky Derby, Belmont stakes, Preakness stakes, etc.

This article will give you an insight into the best horse racing apps for 2024. Enjoy horse racing online with the best horse racing apps.

Top 5 Horse Racing Betting Apps for 2024

When it comes to the best apps for horse racing, then this list will meet your expectations. Here we have listed the best apps for horse racing that you can try in 2024. They come with the latest features and facilities that will amaze you.


Bet365 is one of the most popular sports betting apps in the world. Horse racing enthusiasts will find the best horse racing betting opportunities here. Bet365 gives 360-degree sports betting exposure and can be your official betting partner for 2024. Enjoy betting on horse racing from one of the best platforms in the online betting market. Read our unbiased Bet365 review and know more about it.


Betway is a popular sports betting platform that also offers gambling opportunities. If you want the taste of betting markets and enjoy gambling, this is the best platform. From our expert Betway review, we found that, here you can enjoy horse betting with great bettors and betting opportunities.

One of the best platforms for sports betting. They have a super interesting user interface on their betting site and the app. According to MyBookie review, the platform offers betting opportunities on almost every sport available for betting. They also let you place bets on the most interesting horse racing events around the world.


As per our Bovada review, it is one of the oldest sports betting apps constantly serving the betting markets. Here you will get interesting horse race betting opportunities. You can also bet on multiple horses as well. This website is not only well-designed but also comes with a lot of features. Place bets on great clubs and horse races such as del mar thoroughbred club, Belmont park, Keeneland race, Churchill downs, york racing association, etc.


1Xbet is one such site that includes almost all sports that are available for betting. You can bet on the best-thoroughbred horses and the biggest horse races. While doing 1xBet review, we found that they offer betting opportunities on the best horse race in the world. They have taken the international racing game to another level.

How to Find the Best Horse Racing Betting Apps?

The best horse racing betting apps are listed above in the article, but if you want to do your own research, then the following points will help. Before registering for any horse racing betting app, you must do a background check and consider a few points that will be helpful for you in the future.

Like every other sport, horse races also have different points of risk and other factors you cannot dodge, but you can be sure about the horse race betting app by doing a thorough check before registering. Make sure to consider every point mentioned below before investing in any horse racing app.

Safety and Security

Everyone likes to play on a safe and secure platform. When it comes to a horse racing app that is new to you, then you should check about the security and safety measures they have taken. The developers and operators of the app should be given some facilities that will make the platform safe. The horse betting apps should have an authentic license which should be mentioned anywhere on their betting app or website.

Additionally, the privacy policy should be in favor of the player. There should be protection for the user’s data, which should be clearly mentioned on their betting site or app. The safety of the horse racing betting app is the first thing you must consider.

Easy-to-Use UI

With the UI comes accessibility. You will enjoy online horse racing with an app that has a good UI. The user interface decides whether or not the app will be easy to use. Check out the app as a guest and see if you will feel good while betting on online horse racing from the app. If the vibe check is met, you can proceed with the app. Don’t get driven by the amazing horse racing betting offers always. User experience is a big thing, so you need to know about the app’s UI.

Variety of Betting Options

You are using the horse racing betting app to enjoy different betting options. Choose the horse betting apps that give you enough options to bet on horse racing. If you compare it to 100 years ago, horse racing is not a common sport nowadays, but still, there is a huge crowd who love horse racing events and place bets on it. If you can enjoy the entire experience online without going to the horse racing field, you should be careful while choosing the horse race betting apps.


The horse betting app you choose to play at must be user-friendly. Horse racing betting apps with an easy user interface help bettors enjoy horse racing bets even more. A good UI will give better accessibility all over the horse betting app, which is what you want. Mobile apps with better UI make a difference.

Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and promotions are one such thing that is the point of attraction of new bettors. Bonuses always give something extra, be it more money in the wallet or free bets. It brings along some benefits, which is why people love it. Before registering for any horse racing betting app, you must check the available bonuses and promotions. It is not only because of the benefit you get but also how the app owners treat their users. Good bonuses signify that they care about their bettors and want to treat them the best.

High-Quality Customer Service

Customer service is another important factor you should consider before using any horse racing mobile app. You must check whether the apps always offer enough customer support or any one communication mode with 24/7 support. Additionally, if they offer email and call support for their customers, then that will be another benefit. Choose the apps that offer the most benefit so you don’t get stuck between horse race betting.

Range of Banking Options

Having easy payment options is a major factor. The process should be convenient when depositing and withdrawing funds from your horse racing app wallet. Though most good apps will offer payments via credit card and bank transfer, you should always look for better banking options. Any horse racing app that offers a good range of banking options will always be a better choice. Hence, always check out the payment options available at horse racing apps before creating a new account.

Payout Speeds

Nobody likes late payouts, so you should always check the time they take to release your payments. Check the time they take after you wager the amount and apply for withdrawal. Good horse racing apps will pay the money on time. The standard time to get the payments is 1-7 business days. Some of the payment methods take more time than this. Before enrolling in gambling apps, you should know about their payout speeds. If it suits your expectations, you can always play on that app.

How Horse Racing Betting Works

Horse race betting is pretty simple if you understand the bet types and play strategically. The process is simple and similar to other top sportsbooks. Usually, the horse race takes place between 2-20 horses at a time. You will have to place the bet according to the bet type, and if your bet wins, you can proceed to horse racing wagering.

There are differences between single-horse win wager and greyhound wagering, so make sure to know about the wagering services before placing wagers. Once everything is done correctly, you can withdraw your winnings easily. That is how simple horse race betting can be. You need to be conscious about the bets you place and make mindful decisions in between the bets.

Getting Started With the Best Horse Racing Betting Apps

Betting on horse racing is easy with an app; here is how you can start your betting journey.

Choose the Horse Racing Betting App

First of all, you must choose one or more horse racing betting apps to place horse race bets. You must create your betting account in one app at a time and explore the app. Understanding two new apps at once can be tricky for you.

Download the App from Your Play Store

Once you have finalized the betting app you want to use, then download the app from the Google play store or Apple app store. A good betting site will always have its app on the play store and app store because these are the two primary app downloading destinations that are used around the globe. Some apps may be available on the app store but not the play store or vice versa, so check the availability before downloading.

Create an Account or Sign-up 

After downloading the app now, you can create your betting account on the app. The registration process will need some of your personal details, such as your name, contact number, country of residence, the currency you will use, banking information, etc. After submitting all the information, your account will be verified. Once your account is verified, you can proceed to bet.

Start Betting On Horse Racing 

You need to deposit to start betting on horse racing from your preferred app. The platform decides the minimum deposit amount and your payment method. You can deposit money directly to the app wallet, which will be reflected instantly. After your first deposit, you can start betting on horse racing.

Advantages of Using Best Horse Racing Betting Apps

Using a betting app brings along a lot of advantages. If you choose apps over betting sites, here are some supportive points to strengthen your decision.

  1. The betting app comes with a better UI. Earlier in this article, we discussed the importance of a good user interface. Better UI gives more access to every feature available in the app. Using an app makes it easy to organize and track your progress.
  2. The mobile app does not ask for login details whenever you want to use it. Betting on a site will need login details whenever you want to use it.
  3. The app can be minimized while betting is in progress. In the case of the website, you cannot get updated about the bet you have placed, but the app will keep notifying you even if you have minimized it.
  4. Using the app makes the entire setup mobile. You can place bets and participate in some of the biggest horse race tournaments, such as the Kentucky Derby, Belmont stakes, triple crown races, breeders cup, new you racing association, and breeders cup classic, from your mobile. You can enjoy the experience of in-person betting from anywhere, anytime, with the help of a mobile device.

Exclusive Bonuses & Promotions by Horse Racing Betting Apps

Horse racing betting apps offer different types of bonuses and promotions. Everyone loves to get additional benefits, which is why these bonuses are one of the favorite things in betting apps. Usually, horse racing betting apps offer bonuses on deposits, weekly bonuses, and referrals. Here we have listed some common bonuses you will find in the horse race betting apps.

Welcome Bonus

The sign-up bonuses are only available for your initial deposit. The welcome bonus can be achieved in one go or may have layers, including interesting welcome offers. The welcome offer greatly impacts new players’ minds, which is why it is important. Some apps also offer special welcome bonuses on deposit currency such as cryptocurrency.

Reload Bonus

Some betting apps offer reload bonuses; deposit bonuses when you reload your wallet after using the previously deposited amount. Usually, such a bonus will greatly benefit you if you wish to deposit a good amount.

Referral Bonus

You can enjoy a referral bonus if you refer your friend to use the app from a special link. You will get a referral benefit when your friend downloads the app using your link, creates an account, and then starts betting. The bonus amount varies from app to app, but some interesting bonus is always available.

Weekly Bonus

The weekly bonus is a cashback plan you get on your lost amount. If you are a regular player, the app will automatically give you a cashback of a certain percentage of your losses in the previous week. This bonus is unavailable on all the apps, but most good apps provide such a bonus.

What Bets Can You Place on Horse Racing Betting Apps?

There are different types of bets that you can place on horse races. You must know about the three major and most common types of bets: straight bets, exotic bets, and prop bets. You can enjoy live streaming while placing these bets.

Straight Bets

Straight bets are ideal for new bettors, where you will bet on only one horse. The results have a difference for each winning. If the horse you bet on wins the first position, then the race card; if your horse completes the race in the first or second position, then it will show place, and if it completes the race in any of the top three positions, then it will name it show.

Exotic Bets

The common rule of the exotic bet is that you can bet on multiple horses before the race starts. There are different types of exotic bets as well. Remember that the more horses you place the bets on, the more difficult the game will be. Live streaming such bets is super exciting. Here you cannot expect a risk-free bet, but seeing your three horses competing with each other will be exciting.

Prop Bets

Prop bets are a little different from other bets on horses on race day. Here you can place bets on different parts of the game, such as the time of the first half mile, who the winning jockey will thank first, and how many spectators the event will have. All these things matter as well. It is not always about horses and races. That is why it is good to live stream the races when placing prop bets.

Tips and Strategies for Winning with Horse Racing Betting Apps

A horse race bet is easy if you know the tricks to place the right bets and choose the best odds. Here we have listed some proven tips that can help you win more bets or place the right bet at the right time. Sometimes your target is not to win the total prize money but to win small bets in between; these strategies will also help you.

Do Your Research

Do your research well if you want to bet on an online horse race. The market has a lot to offer you. International events include the breeder’s cup festival, Kentucky derby, grand national, pegasus world cup, Epsom derby, and annual event. You can bet in multiple ways and on multiple horses in such events. You will get to bet on back-to-back races in these events, which is why you should know about the upcoming events.

There are different types of bets, events, fields, and various facilities, and you should know it all. Doing your research about the game will help you place better bets. To gain the idea of betting, you can watch race replays and relate them with the bet that was placed. Do your research that will help to understand the game better.

Make Different Kinds of Bets

As you know by now, there are different types of bets. To increase the chances of winning, you must place different types of bets. Different races always occur; you should be playing with different bets. Sticking to the basic or a single form of the bet will not give you enough exposure and excitement. You should try different bets on different races. You can also place multiple bets on a single horse or two horses, but the type of bets will be different.

Place, Show and Across-the-Board Bets

There are different levels of placing bets. First, you place bets, then show. You should also be aware of the across-the-board bets. That will increase the chances of winning. Many apps help you to coordinate and understand the bet better. To elevate your mobile experience, you should always get the free app on your apple or android devices. The apps come with a lot of important features as well. When you are betting on popular events, you should be more careful about placing bets and other bets that take place.

Bet on More than One Race

You should bet on multiple races when you are aware of the upcoming races with the race alerts. It is time to change if you have been betting on one race in the previous races. Depending on the bet type, place your bet. If there are daily races, fill up the daily racing form and enjoy betting. Some betting apps offers live streaming features; you can use it and enjoy the bet while watching the races live.

Track Your Budget

Betting can be risky when you don’t play responsibly. Even the New York Racing Association suggests you all play responsibly. Set the budget before you begin to bet and keep track of it after every bet you place. Stay within your budget even if you see a great opportunity to bet. Winning the bet also depends on your luck; if that does not favor you, then risking your money will be a bad decision. That is why always bet within your budget and enjoy betting.

Conclusion: Horse Racing Betting Apps

The craze of horse races is huge. With the help of smartphones, both Android and Apple users can enjoy the races between horses and place bets on them. Now people compete on horses, not on the tracks but on android and iOS devices. You can also enjoy flat races, live stream your first bet, access some of the most important features, and take full advantage of these sportsbooks.

Online sportsbooks have been one of the most favorite apps in the industry. The online sports betting industry is getting more popular. This article has given you a deep insight into the online betting industry and the bets that take place here.


Is Online Horse Race Betting Legal and Safe?

Yes, online horse race betting is legal and safe if the betting site has a license and gives enough security to its users.

Are Horse Racing Mobile Apps Better Than Mobile Web Versions?

Horse racing mobile apps are any day better if you like to bet from anywhere and anytime.

Can I Bet on Other Sports Using Horse Betting Apps?

It depends on the app; good sports betting apps usually have multiple sports options.

Can I Claim Bonuses on the Best Horse Racing Betting App?

Yes, you can claim bonuses on the best horse racing betting app.

What Horse Racing Apps are Free to Download?

Most of the good horse racing apps are free to download and use. You have to deposit funds after creating an account to play.

What Kinds of Promotions are There on Mobile Betting Apps?

The promotions vary from app to app, but usually, there are referral bonuses, daily prize drops, and many more promos available on mobile betting apps.

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