Best Tennis Betting Apps 2024: Top Odds and Lines

Since the rise of online tennis betting is accelerating, more people are taking advantage of mobile betting apps for tennis. With so many players in the sports betting market, each with its own features, it’s hard for someone new to figure out where and how they need to get started. That’s why we’ve put together this page as an easy-to-browse resource to help you find which Tennis betting apps are best for your needs.

These sports betting apps include options for creating your own risk-free tennis bets and increasing your earnings. Before going any further, here are our top recommended tennis betting apps.

Top 5 Tennis Betting Apps For 2024

The tennis apps are designed to be easy to use, with a clean interface and the least hassle. Let us look at the top 5 best legal tennis betting apps that you should be checking out: Tennis Betting App with the Best Odds

  • offers many betting options, promotions, and a great user experience.
  • You can enjoy in-game features with live match stats, tennis odds, live betting recommendations, favorite players, and other live tennis betting features.
  • A review of states that the banking methods are very convenient to use. Extensive Betting Markets

  • BetOnline is the world’s leading online gaming destination and has excellent reputation with a complete range of online sports betting and casino games.
  • It also has a wide collection of betting options for horse racing, basketball, and football, along with many other sporting offerings.
  • betting app accepts many payment methods including cryptocurrencies. Best Tennis Betting App for Bonuses

  • MyBookie is one of the premier online sportsbook apps in the world and offers betting lines, along with props and futures.
  • As per the latest review, there are over a dozen features that range from live odds on NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL to casino games like Blackjack & Roulette.

Bovada: Betting App with Great Banking Options

  • Bovada is an online casino app that features over 6,000 games and is available in English and French.
  • With Bovada, you can play all your favorite casino gambling games, such as blackjack, roulette, craps, slot machines, and more, according to the Bovada review.
  • Bovada offers several other bonuses, including a Loyalty program with credits that never expire.

Xbet: Trusted Betting App with Fast Payouts

  • XBet is an online gambling company that offers its customers a vast array of tennis betting opportunities.
  • From poker and slots to sports betting, you can gamble on every sport, event, as stated in our Xbet review.
  • The betting app allows you to use your device as a mobile casino while giving it the specs necessary for an optimum gameplay experience.

How to Find the Best Tennis Betting Apps?

Here are some of the important factors new tennis bettors should specifically take into consideration when choosing an app to bet on tennis online:

Permits and License

It is always good for a bettor to choose a tennis wagering app having one or more active licenses and permits. You can easily find this information on the bookmaker’s homepage or the T&Cs page.

Features Offered

Generally, a good or ideal tennis app has a few key features, such as live streaming, live events, news, and match stats. That is why every time you look for a real money tennis betting app, ensure the app includes all the said features you need.

Bonuses and Promotions

A good tennis app certainly offers numerous bonuses and promotions, so always choose an app with this feature without fail.

Types of Markets

The array of markets for betting on tennis available on top mobile apps is generally broad or panoptic. It depends on the preferences of a bettor in which tennis betting markets they are interested.


To deliver a memorable experience, an app must be as user-friendly as possible. After all, if an app is not user-friendly, it will be hard for existing users to reach and explore its features.

Getting Started With the Best Tennis Betting Apps

Getting started with the best tennis betting apps is as easy as a cakewalk, and here is how:

  1. Search for Tennis Betting Apps in Your App Store
  2. Download Your Desired Tennis Betting App
  3. Create an Account
  4. Deposit Amount to Start Betting on Tennis

Advantages of Using Best Tennis Betting Apps

Below are the reasons why real-money tennis betting apps are advantageous:

  • They offer the ability to stake lesser amounts on each risk-free bet.
  • Tennis betting apps help players predict highly competitive odds rather than just gambling on random tennis events.
  • They provide betting advice and ensure users’ experience has as little risk as possible.
  • Many tennis betting apps are easy to use and have many options available.

Best Bonuses & Promotions Offered by Tennis Betting Apps

Tennis betting sites and apps have become very popular in recent years. They are the perfect way to place bets on your favorite gaming activity while watching it on TV or online. Here we will explain some of the most popular bonuses and promotions you can find on these online betting apps and what they are designed to do for you.

Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonus is an introductory offer for customers who register on an online betting app, sometimes offered at the start or after opening your account. These promotional offers reward new players for signing up and playing on the site.

Mid-Week Bonus

The term “Mid-Week Bonus” refers to the time stakes placed on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will pay out beyond the standard returns. These bonuses are generally not large in terms of amount, but certainly, they will enhance your bankroll bit-by-bit.

Weekend Bonus

A Weekend Bonus is a feature that gives you a random chance to win extra betting money in your tennis betting app. It’s typically offered between times when the playing volume is low.


Knowing different ways to get rewards is important to increase the enjoyment of your favorite sport. The rewards vary from bonus points on the game, free match play, risk-free bets, free training sessions, and much more.

What Type of Bets Can You Place on Tennis Betting Apps?

There are all kinds of exciting and successful bets to take, including with-the-crowd ones, some awesome tennis prop bets, and newer variants like betting on your team score, champion betting, and Moneyline odds, just like various online sportsbooks.

That being said, before you throw your hard-earned money at a bet that could potentially yield enormous returns, you may want to check out the following 4 different bets on tennis betting first.


A Moneyline bet refers to whether or not there is an assigned spread (a point value that makes it more appealing to bet on either player).


If you are a tennis enthusiast and want to bet on tennis matches, one of the main bets would be a parlay. A parlay is gambling on total games in one set or tournament with bigger stakes. When making a parlay, the main source of info is the tennis betting odds and line that the bookmaker has set up for the next tennis match.

Proposition Bets (Prop Bets)

Almost every tennis fan has heard of proposition bets on tennis matches. These are game bets where the outcome of an event is determined by the number of sets and games won or lost in total.

Futures Bets

Tennis futures betting lets you wager who will win major tennis tournaments before it happens. This type of bet is sometimes called a pre-bet since it isn’t about predicting the outcome of a single match but instead revolves around the entire course of an event.

Effective Tips and Strategies For Betting Tennis on Mobile

You must know about tennis betting strategy if you’re new to online tennis betting apps. Take a look at a few things that might be worth bearing in mind first.

Look for in-play betting

In-play or live tennis betting options allow you to bet on a sporting event currently underway. If you’re interested in placing an in-play bet for a live sporting event, finding a tennis betting app that offers this service is key.

Check out extra information and statistics

Betting on tennis is complicated, especially if you’re not an expert. The best way to get ahead in the world of tennis bets is to learn as much as possible about the activity and stay up-to-date on all the changes happening.

Take tipsters as a guide only

As the title states, it’s good to take tipsters as an example, but always ensure that you’re doing your own research and keeping track of their information. Making yourself conversant with comprehensive knowledge is your best bet when it involves putting your money into tennis.

Be selective

Choose the bets and place them wisely. Don’t just bet every chance you get. Being selective is one of the best ways to optimize your betting budget.

Don’t gamble under the influence

Most people gamble recreationally and don’t know they are risking their lives while drinking alcohol or taking drugs. However, when someone with a gambling addiction is also under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it can be deadly.

Conclusion: Tennis Betting Apps

If you consider keeping all above discussed points in mind, the odds are very high that you will discover a successful tennis app. It is extremely easy to download the apps onto your mobile device, whether Android or iOS. Our detailed information and comparisons give everything you need to begin with some tennis betting action.

Tennis Betting Apps FAQ

Are Tennis Betting Apps Safe? 

Yes, almost all the betting apps for tennis are safe. But make sure to choose a betting site that follows all the safety measures before getting started.

Can I Claim Bonuses on the Best Tennis Betting App?

Yes, bonuses can be claimed on the best tennis betting app. With a large number of options and some amazing bet bonuses that are sure to boost your bankroll on this sport.

Do Tennis Wagering Apps Offer Odds on Other Sports?

Yes, virtually all recommended tennis betting apps above offer a huge range of sports to bet on.

Can I Win Real Money By Betting on Tennis Using an App?

Yes, you can win real money on a tennis betting app.

Which Banking Option Should I Use?

The best banking option that you should use is Bitcoin or Litecoin. This is because these cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain and are therefore untraceable for privacy reasons.

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