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Arkansas casino appealing Racing Commission to authorize iGaming

The Saracen Casino Resort in Arkansas has recently submitted a plea to the Racing Commission.

The brick-and-mortar casino aims to amend the state gaming laws to legalize iGaming. With the move, Arkansas is becoming the frontrunner for online gambling in the area. Voters have already approved iGaming back in 2018 with four physical casinos.

However, the regulations and legal issues surrounding online betting seem uncertain. Since the current guidelines neither approve nor prohibit the activity, the vast majority are confused. If the proposed request is accepted, Arkansas will invite some of the best online casinos USA to the state. 

The Chief Market Officer for the casino, Carlton Saffa, is certain that there is a fix for the situation. According to Saffa, amending the ARC (Arkansas Racing Commission) can be a solution. The rule allows online poker, and the CMO believes it can be expanded to accompany other games like slots, etc.

Saffa believes that providing customers with convenient game access will benefit customers. At the same time, it would generate tax revenue for Arkansas. According to Saffa’s estimates, online gaming can generate 12 million dollars per year.

Despite its obvious appeal, the proposal has several hurdles to clear. The primary concern among regulators is the possibility that iGaming can eat up revenue from established casino venues. Sports betting lines are already raking in millions of dollars for the state.

For instance, the sports betting industry in the state accumulated 50.7 million dollars in January alone. However, Saffa argues that online gambling can help these casinos boost their revenue with new users.

The Arkansas Racing Commission has scheduled a meeting on May 6th to discuss the proposal. Saffa’s arguments will also be an important part of this meeting. The decision made after the meeting will determine the fate of iGaming in Arkansas and whether it will become the area’s online gaming hub.

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