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Fans pen retirement for LeBron James; champion has plans under consideration

LeBron James has not uttered a word on his retirement. As a matter of fact, he plans to play with his son, Bronny James, before leaving the basketball court forever. His fans, however, have begun penning his retirement party after the Lakers lost 111-113 against the Nuggets. Game 4 of the NBA Conference Finals also brought a 4-0 winning streak for the Nuggets against LeBron’s side. That is a story for later, so let’s get back to the retirement party of James if there is any at all.

The 4-time NBA champion interacted with the media to clarify that retirement is currently not on the table. He will instead use the postseason time to give it a thought. Meaning there could be retirement but surety for the same is not available right now. LeBron James still has one more year with the Lakers under the agreement worth $97 million.

Per his statement, he will see what happens going forward, as he has got a lot to think about.

What sparked the thought of his retirement among fans is the Lakers lagging behind the Nuggets 4-0. The previous NBA Conference Finals Game 4 was pretty much bang on for the Lakers till the first half. But the third quarter narrated a different story altogether.

James registered his best 40 points throughout the game, followed by Anthony Davis with 21 points to his name. Now, when a champion of stature as James retires, then it happens under such a situation when the team has suffered a horrible loss in the NBA series, or any other basketball game for that matter. Plus, the announcement about retirement comes out of the blue to surprise global fans.

Fans closer to him are hopeful that he gets to share the basketball court with his son. Assuming he retires in the coming days, James will have a huge legacy flashing in front of his eyes in the final moments of his career. LeBron James is the only basketball player to have scored 10,000 points, including rebounds, assists, BLK, and STL, in the NBA playoffs. 

Specifically, James has a total of 13,336 points to him. The NBA career spans from 2004 to 2023, having played for the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Miami Heat before joining the Los Angeles Lakers.

The average point score in 20 seasons (1419 games) comes to 27.2, 7.3 assists, and 7.5 rebounds. He has also surpassed Abdul-Jabbar’s all-time score record in the NBA this February. The cherry on the cake is 4-NBA MVP awards and 19-NBA All-Star titles.

LeBron James will consider how he wants to play basketball. Fans are beginning to throw him a retirement party already. NBA betting sites, on the other hand, have odds stacked in favor of the champion making a comeback for the 2023-2024 season.

There are almost +850 odds for that situation and a probability of 10.5% for his retirement.

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