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South African legislation does not allow online casinos to operate in the country, but that does not prohibit players from playing online casino games, and therefore, players have to rely on offshore apps and websites.

Another inconvenience that the South African players face is that the local banks do not allow players to carry on any transaction on any offshore apps and websites; players have to use other modes of payments like credit cards or digital wallets to transfer funds to their preferred SA online casinos.

However, despite operating an online gambling website being illegal in the nation, the South Africans take a keen interest in online gambling and are always in search of the best online casinos in the nation. In this ‘online casino South Africa’ review, some important aspects about the best online casinos used by South African gambling enthusiasts will be discussed.

Comparison of the Best Online Casinos in South Africa

Casino Welcome Bonus Payout Speed No. of slots Supported Currencies
22 Bet 100% Bonus Up To 300 EUR 1-2 days 3000+ EUR, USD
1xBit Get a Bonus up to 7 BTC! 1 Hour 3000+ Rand
FairSpin Get the Bonus of Up To 450% 1-2 days 4000+ EUR, USD 120% Bonus Up To $5,000 1-2 days 3000+ BTC, ETH, LTC, ADA, TRX, BNB, BCH
Stake Upto 2000 USD 2-3 days 1000+ USD, EUR, BTC, BCH, DOGE
FuturePlay Bonus Up To 4 BTC Instant 3000+ ADA
Coinplay 100% up to 5,000 USDT 1 Hour 3000+ USD, BTC, LTC ETH, BCH, USDT
Megaslot Up to €500 (5 BTC) + 200 Free Spins 24 Hours 2000+ AUD, BCH, BRL, BTC, CAD, DOGE, ETH, EUR, INR, JPY, LTC, NOK, NZD, USD, USDT
Bitsler 100% Bonus Instant 3000+ XBT, ETH, XRP, USDT, EOS, DASH, LTC, TRX, ZEC, DOGE, BCH
BC.Game Upto 180% Instant 9000+ BTC, ETH, BNB, SOL, USDT, BUSD, & USDC

Top 10 South African Online Casinos 2024

The best online casinos exploring the South African casino market are listed below:

  1. 22bet – All-in-all Best Online Casino in South Africa
  2. 1xbit – South African Online Casino for High Payouts
  3. FairSpin – Safe Online & Crypto-friendly Casino
  4. – Famous for Huge Banking Options
  5. Stake – Wide Range of Slots for South African Players
  6. FuturePlay – Offers 3000+ Online Casino Games
  7. Coinplay – SA Online Casino Accepting Wide Crypto Coins
  8. Bitsler – Offers Welcome Bonus of 500 Free Spins
  9. Megaslot – Appealing Bonuses and Promotions
  10. BC.Game – Alluring SA Online Casino Games

How do we Review and Rate the Best Online Casinos in South Africa?

As operating a South African online casino is illegal, South Africans have to depend heavily on offshore websites, which makes it mandatory to look at some important factors before they choose any offshore online casino websites. Some of the important considerations are as follows:

Payment Options

This is the most important factor that South African players should consider before choosing any offshore casino website, mainly because South African banks prohibit offshore casino transactions. Therefore, players have to depend on other payment options, like credit cards, digital wallets, etc., to transfer funds to these offshore casinos.

Whichever offshore casinos they choose should list the South African currency, Rand, as an available currency; otherwise, they will have to make conversion calculations which is again a hectic task to do.

Regulation and History

Players should check whether the casino they intend to register at holds the appropriate license from a recognized authority. A licensed online casino ensures that it offers fair gameplay, and betting is also random without any biases. Licensed online casinos also employ various encrypted technologies to keep the client’s data and transactions secure. Players’ identities are also verified before they are allowed to make any move at the casino site, thereby adding an extra layer of security to their data.

Variety of Games

Before registering on any offshore casino website, players should check the games list offered at the casino site. The best online casinos would allow players to browse through the various categories of games offered on the gambling platform. The terms and conditions for each category of games are clearly mentioned on the official website of most online casinos.

Cross-platform Support

Players should check whether the online casino that they have chosen offers cross-platform support, a dedicated mobile casino app that can be easily downloaded to devices like mobile phones or tablets.

Software Providers

For having the best gameplay experience in a live casino online in South Africa, it is vital to check the software providers that are developing games for that particular online casino website they intend to register at. It is always recommended that players choose the casino games provided by leading software providers for the best gaming graphics, security of funds, and a wholesome gambling experience to remember.

Payout Rates

A legit online casino will always advertise its expected RTP (Return to Player) percentages for each of the online games that it offers. The RTP percentages are not randomly generated payout percentages but are calculated by independent auditors after conducting regular checks to make sure that the payout rates offered by the casino sites are accurate. The RTP percentage helps players to get an idea about their expected winnings from online casino sites.

Responsive Customer Support

Players often encounter errors or issues while playing their favorite casino games online. In such cases, they can seek help from the customer support team either via email, live chat or any other mode of communication. The customer support services offered by legit South African online casinos should be prompt and able to answer any queries the players raise. Players should first do their own research and go through the various online reviews to know whether the online casino they have chosen has the proper customer support to help them.

Gambling Act for Top Online Casinos in South Africa – National Gambling Board

Each of the 9 provinces in South Africa now has a separate online gambling and racing board, and online casinos should hold a license under any of these boards for offering online betting bookies. Currently, the WCCGRB, or the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board, is the largest provider of online betting and bookmaker licenses, and the residents of South Africa are allowed to use any of these online betting sites legally.

However, there are some charges involved in it, such as betting in horse racing, a tax of 6% is deducted towards VAT (Value Added Tax). Since May 2012, no additional tax has been charged to recreational bettors for recreational online gambling winnings because as per the new laws, online gambling for recreation purposes only is not considered as income and thus is not subject to any income tax levied on them.

There are only 30 licensed South African online casinos for online sports betting in different provinces, and all of them are licensed and regulated under their respective provinces and under the National Gambling Board.

With the South African government repealing the blanket ban on land-based casinos, online South African players are also expecting a much lenient law when it comes to online casinos. Ministers and politicians have also started considering the potential for additional revenue if online gambling is legalized and regulated.

Responsible Gambling Tips

While compulsive gambling is invariably bad, gambling responsibly is a smart idea, as it helps you save your funds and avoid hectic disappointments that turn up due to frequent potential losses. By following these handy, responsible gambling tips, you can look forward to gaining fun and safe gambling experience with a limited potential budgetary deficit.

  • Protect your finances by gambling smartly, do not spend more than you can afford, and know when to walk away.
  • Set up a budget you are willing to lose with, create a win target, and set the time you will be betting.
  • The house always wins; therefore, expect losing streaks even in low house advantage games.
  • Do not make gambling your job or a way to win back what has been lost; this should only serve as entertainment for which anything won is considered a bonus.While playing at the best online casinos in South Africa, players must have fun while keeping their well-being at heart, as losing money is the greatest risk involved here.

Top Bonuses and Promotions at Online Casinos in South Africa

In a brick-and-mortar casino, only the highest rollers can expect big benefits like free spins or a few extra dollars of free play on signing up. On the other hand, most players share positive opinions in their reviews of any online casino South Africa that they do not discriminate among the players; there are lucrative bonuses, promotions, and free spins for all South African players irrespective of their wagering amounts. The bonuses offered by online casino South Africa are listed below:

Welcome Bonus or a No Deposit Bonus

As the name implies, Welcome bonuses (or a no deposit bonus) are for South African players when they register at an online casino site for the very first time. The no deposit bonus is also one of the most lucrative offers that players long for. A live casino online in South Africa gives out a no deposit bonus percentage on top of the amount deposited by the South African players.

Reload Bonus

Reload bonuses are meant for  South African players who already exist and have an account registered with the online gambling platform. Players planning for a new deposit are given out this reload bonus as a boost over their new deposits.

VIP Perks

VIP perks are rewards programs where the South African players are rewarded with lucrative offers like huge cashbacks, access to tournaments, exclusive bonuses, free spins, etc.; the more they gamble, the more VIP perks they are eligible for.

Free Spins

Free spins are offered to players to allow them to play their favorite games without putting their own money at stake. If players are lucky, they can even win real cash without staking anything.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The range of deposit and withdrawal options offered at the SA online casinos is very important, which also determines how easy and fast the payouts can be. As South African online casinos have always been under strict restrictions, it makes it necessary for players to try out offshore casinos.

It is also necessary to make sure that the casino they choose offers a variety of deposit and payout methods that are suitable to South African gamblers.

The deposit options include credit cards, instant banking, e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, etc. Some South African online casinos also accept pre-paid vouchers.

Popular Banking Options Available at Online Casino in South Africa

As such, players who register at offshore online casinos mostly use their credit cards or e-wallets to fund their casino accounts. Some players also prefer using prepaid cards such as EcoCard or EcoPayz. Even some offshore online casinos include the South African Rand in their list of supported currencies to capture the huge South African online casino market. This saves the players from the hassle of going through the complex currency conversion processes and also for getting a clear idea of how much cash they have in their casino account and also how much they can win from the site.

Some banking options offered to players for trying the various online casino games South Africa are discussed in detail below:

Credit Cards

Credit cards, both VISA and Mastercard, are the most convenient banking options preferred by players to fund their casino accounts. Credit cards offer direct payment methods and are one of the most widespread and safest banking options offered by almost all legit online casinos, both for depositing and withdrawing funds. Before using a credit card to fund the casino accounts, players should be aware of the fact that the credit card is linked with a bank that allows online gambling activities and that the preferred online casino offers this banking option in the region where the player belongs.


E-wallets like Neteller or Skrill are yet another set of alternative banking options offered by most South African online casinos. All e-wallets deposits are processed almost instantly, while the withdrawals might take around 1 to 3 working days (maximum of 78 hours) for the requests to be processed. It is often said that e-wallets are specially designed to help players fund their online casino accounts instantly and also to receive real-time instant payments.

The best part with e-wallet is that players do not need to expose their credit card information when they play at online casinos with these e-wallets. They can fund their e-wallets using their credit or debit cards, electronic funds transfer, bank transfer, etc.


Some online casinos also accept cryptocurrencies as their deposits and payment options. It offers security, speed, and convenience to players who find online banking transactions a bit difficult. As such, bitcoin gambling has been quite a popular trend among casino enthusiasts. Moreover, bitcoin transactions offer anonymity to players, which is an added advantage for those who value privacy.

How to Play Live Casinos Online in South Africa?

According to the National Gambling Amendment Act 2008, players can participate in any live casino online gambling in South Africa with a licensed South African bookmaker. The National Gambling Board has conferred 40 gambling licenses to various provinces of South Africa. It also offers detailed information on its website regarding the liabilities imposed on them.

Gambling in South Africa has always faced restrictions since the 1600s. However, with changing social conditions, reformers are focusing on opening up the South African casino market, which would bring in more revenues to the country. Although the country has banned the majority of different forms of online gambling in the nation, locals have access to a wide range of offshore online casinos that accept them.

Therefore, to play at any live games online, the players must first find legit online casino sites in South Africa. The online website should also feature the South African Rand as well as other currencies in their supported list of currencies apart from other banking options like e-wallets and credit cards.

Top-Rated Online Casino Games in South Africa

There are 3 general categories of games offered by SA online casinos such as gaming machines (slots), table games (craps or blackjack), and random number games (bingo or keno), and players have to decide what the best option for them is. Gaming machines are usually played by one punter at a time, whereas table games are played by one or more players competing against the house rather than competing against each other; table games are conducted by casino employees called the dealers or the croupiers. Random number casino games are developed by selecting some random numbers, either from gaming equipment at a South African casino or a computerized RNG (random number generator).

Random number casino games can be played at a table as well as through the purchase of cards or paper tickets; players have to decide on which is the best option for them from a wide range of games offered by some of the best online casino sites in South Africa.

Here are some of the best online casino games in South Africa listed below:


Slots are the most popular SA online games that are played on slot machines that create a game of chance for players in South Africa. A slot machine features a screen that displays 3 or more reels that start spinning as soon as the game is activated. However, modern slot machines are customized to include a skeuomorphic lever that triggers smooth play.

Also, the mechanics of the old slot machines have been superseded by random number generators, of which most are touchscreens.

Some slot machines also provide multiple currency detectors that validate the form of payment chosen by the players like cash, crypto as well as token or voucher, and the slot machine pays out according to symbols displayed when the slot reels stop “spinning.”


Roulette is a popular SA online casino game whose name is derived from a French word that means ‘a little wheel’. In a Roulette game, players are allowed to place bets for real money on either a single number or on various groups of numbers, whether the numbers are odd or even or high or low. Players can also bet on various colors like red or black.


Blackjack is the most popular online casino banking game in the world that uses decks of 52 playing cards. Much like in other table games, the Blackjack SA online gambling players also do not compete against each other, but they compete against the dealer.


Bingo is a random number casino game where each player matches the numbers that are printed in different arrangements on their cards with the numbers that the caller or the game host calls out randomly. As soon as the player can find the selected numbers arranged in their cards in a row, they call out “Bingo,” and the player whose card numbers are all called out will be declared the winner.


Keno is a gambling game involving lotteries. Keno players can wager by choosing numbers from 1 to 80. After all the players have made their wagers, 20 numbers are drawn at random, either with a ball machine or with a random number generator, and the players are paid on the basis of the following-how many numbers they had chosen, the number of matches out of those chosen numbers, and the wager they placed.

Video Poker

Video poker is a five-card draw casino game played on a computerized console that resembles a slot machine. After the players insert money into the console, the casino play begins as soon as the players place a bet of 1 or more credits and press the “deal” button. A total of 5 cards are given out to the players, who then have the opportunity to discard any 1 or more of those 5 cards in exchange for new ones that are drawn from the same deck. After the draw, the console machine pays out to the winning combinations.


Baccarat or Baccara is a comparing card casino game that is played between 2 hands, namely the banker and the player. There can be 3 possible outcomes for each round of the Baccarat casino game, namely the ‘Player,’ the ‘Banker,’ and the ‘Tie.’ In the Baccarat casino game, each card has a distinct point value (face value), starting from the numbers 2 to 9 cards. Number 10, Jack, King, and the Queen have no point value or have zero value; aces have 1 point, and the jokers are kept unused.


Craps are popular casino games based on dice where players bet on the outcomes of 1 pair of dice. Players can wager money against each other, or they can also wager money against a bank. Players often use slang terminology when shooting craps or while placing their bets.

Scratch Cards

Online scratch cards used in a casino are similar to their paper counterparts but with some extra benefits, like easy pickup and play. Scratch cards are instant win games, where players only need to scratch the card’s surface and unveil exciting prizes.

Mobile Casinos in SA

Most online casinos offer a dedicated mobile casino app that is compatible with any iOS or Android device and allows players to explore online games directly from their mobile devices or tablets. The mobile casinos offer the same features and functionalities as their desktop versions to give players the same experience level but with added convenience.

History of South Africa’s Online Gambling

South Africa Gambling Act 1965 restricted all forms of gambling in the nation except horse racing which existed as a sports activity, and thus the South African online casino industry has been facing legal restrictions for a very long time. It was only in 1996 when the government changed the land-based casinos that were legalized. At that time, betting on horse races was also proclaimed as a gambling activity and not a mere sports activity.

Still, after this, the South African online casinos were prohibited from operating in the nation, and as for online gambling, the National Gambling Board (that regulates all types of games in South Africa) instituted licensed casinos and a system of a single national lottery. According to the National Gambling Act 1996, national licenses were conferred to only 40 local casino service providers.

The National Gambling Act 1996 also described how these 40 gambling licenses were to be distributed among the different South African provinces. The Act also provided information on the various liabilities to be observed by these casinos. This change in the coun try’s legislation saw the establishment of many legal casinos in the nation and a system of national lottery where players can play online casino gameplays only through licensed and regulated bookmakers.

As for other instances, there have not been any cases of prosecution reported against players playing at offshore casino websites since then, though the new democratic government has not issued any declaration on the same.

Final Verdict: Best Online Casino Sites in South Africa

We have done comprehensive research and investigation to bring you the top online casinos in South Africa. These platforms are safe and fair and offer a range of games for players. Also, they come with numerous promotions and have reliable banking options. Moreover, such sites encourage responsible gambling while adhering to strict regulations in the industry. Whether you are an experienced bettor or just starting as one, these top-rated South African web casinos cater to everyone’s needs so that no unfair advantage is given against any player. Check our suggestions today and start your thrilling journey through online gambling!


Are Online Casinos Safe and Secure?

Most online casinos are safe to play at. They employ top-notch security mechanisms to keep the client’s data and money safe and secure. Moreover, all the transactions are encrypted to prevent hackers from intruding into the privacy of transactions carried on in an online casino in South Africa.

Can I Play Casino Games From My Mobile or Tablet?

Most online casino websites offer a dedicated mobile casino app that can be downloaded on any iOS or Android device, like mobiles and tablets. After downloading the app on their devices, players can play their favorite casino games while moving.

Are South Africa Online Casinos Legal?

Operating an online casino is not legal in South Africa, and anyone who is operating or gambling in any online casino in South Africa is clearly breaking the country’s laws that are subject to heavy penalties. However, at the moment, players are not prosecuted for accessing offshore online casino websites, and as such, the offshore market openly welcomes South African players.

Are there Free Casino Bonuses On Offer?

Yes, most online casinos offer free casino bonuses or free spins to players to give them an opportunity to win real money without staking anything. There is also a no-deposit bonus offered in some South African casinos, which is an excellent marketing strategy employed by online casinos to attract new punters.

How Can I Deposit Money at Online Casinos?

Online South African casinos offer multiple secure modes of payments to players, both for making deposits or for requesting withdrawals. These methods include credit cards- both VISA and Mastercard, e-wallets such as Neteller or Skrill, and even some online casinos also accept cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

Is My Money Safe In A Casino Online?

When players play for real money at an online casino they can rest assured that their money is absolutely safe; in fact, an online casino is safer to play at than any traditional land casino where the players are always at a risk of their cash being stolen. Online casinos employ secure technology to keep their clients’ funds safe and also employ detailed verification processes as regards the identity checks of the players before allowing them to play on the platform.

Can I Win Real Money at Online Casinos?

Players at an online casino can bet for real money and can also win real money. The best online casinos offer faster payouts if all the terms and conditions are met properly by the players. Huge jackpots and potential payouts are some of the lucrative offers provided to players when they play for real money at any South Africa online casino. However, the RTP percentage varies for the different online casinos, casino games, or game themes, like for online slots, the RTP percentage is different, and for table games, it is something else.

Are Online Casinos Rigged?

It is a common myth that online casinos are a huge scam programmed to prevent players from winning big, and the myth has surfaced because, unlike in land-based casinos, where players can watch all the actions, in online casinos, the computer performs almost all the actions that often raises eyebrows whether the online gambling sites are rigged. But the truth is that the online casino games are random and the online casinos are also not rigged.

What Are the Banking Methods at an Online Casino?

The banking methods offered by the online casinos depend on the country where they operate. Some of the common modes of payment are credit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers. Some online casinos even accept cryptocurrencies like bitcoin to fund the players’ casino accounts at the website.

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