Arkansas surpasses December estimations by $100k

Arkansas was earlier estimated to generate $3.7 million in gambling revenue for December. However, the numbers that have come to light go beyond that expectation by a margin of $100,000. The actual number is now $3.8 million. This is an increase of $25.8 million in terms of year-to-date. Moreover, it represents a rise of 7.5% when compared to December 2022.

The reported numbers are not precisely surprising. Arkansas was the ninth state to launch sports betting. The move was made in July 2019 after receiving approval from the Arkansas Racing Commission.

Interestingly, it was only in April 2022 that online sports betting was launched. This enabled residents to engage in the entertainment section over the internet. All they had to do was access Southland Casino Racing’s website. Alternatively, they could, and still can, access the mobile application on Android and iOS.

It was kicked off with the partnership between Gaming1 and Delaware North. Both parties joined hands, which led to the creation of

Following that, Kambi Group made a deal with Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort. The deal centered around the aspect of multi-channel sportsbooks, allowing Kambi to provide two different types of services to customers: online sportsbooks and on-property service.

The partnership that Oaklawn and Kambi formed has been mutually beneficial. Kambi is currently assisting Oaklawn in the launch of Oaklawn Sports by capitalizing on the brand’s status as the most reputable in Arkansas.

Wayne Smith, the general manager of Oaklawn, interacted with the media and expressed their excitement about the development. Wayne said that they were excited to offer another amenity to their loyal customers, adding that it was on top of the much-anticipated mobile wagering platform.

According to the gambling news, Kristian Nylen, the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Kambi, responded to that statement by saying that they were also excited about the association, adding that they are now looking forward to strengthening their relationship with Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort. Moving forward, they would take their partnership to the mobile space.

The partnership between the two has been defined as a combination of technology and reputation, poised to create new milestones with some of the most enticing sports betting propositions.

Arkansas has largely gained since the introduction of online sports betting. Estimates quote that Arkansas has seen revenue of $45 million for the first time. The figure was cemented in November last year, which is 2023.

Pocketing a revenue of $3.8 million is pretty impressive. Considering the earlier estimates were $3.7 million, surpassing that mark is a reflection of how well Arkansas can do in every situation. Arkansas hopes to move above every forecast that is written on paper.

The month of January could carry forward that momentum for the US state. One will have to wait till February 2024 to know if December 2023 was a fluke or the outcome of genuine efforts.

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