Gambling Commission Unleashes a three year corporate roadmap

Named ‘Gambling Regulation in a Digital Age’, the Gambling Commission has introduced a three-year game plan. This is by the white paper high stakes of the government, gambling reform for the digital age.

Over and above offering their main regulatory efforts, for the following three years, they will be taking a solemn pledge on matters related to utilizing data and analytics for improving gambling-related regulations. There will be the enhancement of their prioritized business activities. Added to that will be the establishing of transparent processes for certifications. The accelerated solving of all pertinent matters will be included, followed by the regulations pertaining to a proper national lottery.

The roadmap focuses on cross-cutting functions, such as a review of their people plan, a way forward for stakeholder involvement, and ascertaining the availability of viable means for proper regulations. All of this will lead to a much better gambling environment.

As per the Commission Chair, Marcus Boyle, they will now be concentrating on adhering to the government’s white paper, closely examining the current functioning of the national lottery, and making the necessary changes.

This will also involve improving the effectiveness and impact of their regulations. Thrown in will be a data inventive space encouraging the better usage of data. Benchmarks will be set on all related factors around the gambling arena, with all illegal activities being nipped in the bud.

According to the gambling news, In the viewpoint of Boyle, the need of the hour is to have an effective system in place for safeguarding the interests of gamblers from all angles.

In the words of the Commission CEO, Andrew Rhodes, their three-year roadmap will ensure the thorough cleaning up of all garbage generally attached to gambling and bring about total transparency and a robust environment.

David Bright

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