Malta Gaming Authority and UK Gambling Commission meet to talk about collective efforts

Representatives from UK Gambling Commission were on a 2-day visit to Malta. They met Malta Gaming Authority representatives to talk about how they can collaborate for responsible gambling, implementing anti-money laundering policies, and introducing sports betting integrity. Specifically speaking, Carl Brincat, the Chief Executive Officer of MGA, and Kinga Warda, the Chief of Policy & International Affairs at MGA, were present at the meeting.

Representatives from UKGC were its Chief Executive and Executive Director for Operations, Andrew Rhodes and Kay Roberts, respectively.

A major portion of the discussion centered around sharing knowledge about initiatives that can be taken by their respective responsible gaming departments. The aim is to strengthen the commitment to establishing the highest possible standards when it comes to protecting the interests of players. This is purely on top of managing fairness in the gameplay within their jurisdictions.

Both of them tabled developments in their own sectors. For example, UKGC talked about the progress that it has made on Gambling Act White Paper, while MGA talked about an experience that it gained through the sandbox environment. It was launched for the use of DLTs, short for Distributed Ledger Technology. Acceptance of cryptocurrency also remained a major highlight during their discussions.

Only limited pieces of information are available at the moment; however, it has been shared that MGA and UKGC have pondered formalizing their relationship through an MoU – Memorandum of Understanding. Any update on the same remains to be made public.

The meeting between MGA and UKGC comes days after the MGA representatives acknowledged Ghanaian Gaming Commission agreeing to benchmark itself against the Authority.

Delegations from GGC were on a visit and fulfilled the scheduled meeting with MGA to foster collaboration among them. Additionally, talks were held to share the best practices in the aspect of supervision and regulating the gaming industry. Furthermore, some of the essential things discussed in the meeting included checking the overview of licensing and the process for compliance. This was on top of AML and probity assessment.

Ghanaian representatives hailed MGA for its efforts in the direction of knowledge and expertise in gaming, adding that there is a dire need to benchmark the processes against the Authority. Kobby Annan, the Deputy Commissioner, stated that the visit demonstrated the need for engaging with stakeholders and adopting a robust mechanism for the collection of data, along with looking to implement several enforcement approaches and guidelines.

According to the latest gambling news, MGA has also informed the community that it is in no manner connected with, saying that any disclosure about gaming licenses is entirely false. Utilizing services from an operator that puts forward such pretending statements is harmful to gamers. Activities of such platforms are unregulated and hence, unsafe for everyone.

MGA is in existence for the purpose of regulating the gaming industry by ensuring that the operations are in accordance with its terms and conditions. This is to prevent crimes and money laundering, thereby keeping players safe at all costs.

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