There are perils attached to female gambling

According to a report released by IFF Research and the University of Bristol, along with the expert opinion from Gamcare, their detailed research on the perils connected with female gamblers is real and requires a closer look and understanding. They have actually been successful in being able to identify pointed reasons where the fear factor stems from. They have broadly categorized them into three separate segments, them being the psychological angle, as well as the social fabric, and the financial-related issues. 

It has been found that females, on the whole, are more susceptible to advertisements that portray women, in which case they feel an instant connection. If the women projected are celebrities in their own rights, the effect and overall influence simply increase. Then there is the ever-present factor of promotional activities that directly target women groups and their psyches. Regarding all of this, and as per the released report, there is an urgent requirement for further study on this issue to bring out the real reason behind this connection. 

It was actually the company GambleAware that was instrumental in initiating this study in order to be able to have a better understanding of the reasons for British women falling prey to the perils of gambling. According to the Chief Commissioning Officer of GambleAware, Anna Hargrave, it is the absolute need of the hour to correctly identify what makes gambling tick for women, as it has been found that more and more are falling victim to this. In her opinion, a deep study was very much required if the intention was there to take the necessary precautionary measures. However, she feels more should be done considering the grave consequences for the women themselves, as well as their entire families. 

One of the prime reasons that have come out is the sheer amount of excitement that gambling entails, along with the risk factor, which sometimes acts as a high for some people. There is also the social angle to it, being a way of having a common interest between women.

According to the latest gambling news, a fact that just cannot be negated is the money angle. For a lot of the women concerned, as per the research conducted, there is always the need to supplement the family income, and once in, it becomes difficult to escape the clutches of gambling.  

Following all of this, there are several suggestions for dealing with this threat effectively. The first requirement is for more support systems to be put in place, along with the creation of further awareness on the subject. If one goes by the report, the issues are many, and they need to be handled on an individual basis and, most of the time, with kid gloves. The golden rule is that there should never be a “one size fits all” kind of theory. 

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