NCAA launches new guidelines for gambling

The NCAA recently updated its reinstatement procedures for individuals in sports betting. The latest gambling guidelines have been adopted by the Division I Legislative Committee.

According to the NCAA, these guidelines now include permanent collegiate bans. According to the updates, NCAA will ban a player if he’s found to be:

  • Betting on their games
  • Betting on other games at their school
  • Influencing the outcomes of the games
  • Knowingly providing information to users involved in sports wagering

In case the player bets on another school competing in the sport as the player, NCAA can suspend them for half a season. Moreover, the player will be needed to finish an education program on sports betting rules.

Before the guidelines update, players only lost a college season for sports wagering. This repercussion was placed based on the Supreme Court’s ruling that molded the current legalized gambling, mobile gaming, and sportsbooks.

Given the severity of the situation, even the top sports betting sites will have to make adjustments to their policies. Alex Ricker Gilbert, the Athletic Director at Jacksonville, also put emphasis on the guidelines’ significance.

According to Alex, the new set of guidelines will modernize penalties for college players. It comes at a time when sports betting is being legalized in multiple states on online platforms. While sports betting by college players is a massive concern, finding new ways to mitigate the risk is appropriate.

The new penalties by NCAA will be levied on every gambling activity taking place after May 1, 2023. Alex’s committee is also looking for more ways to elevate the situation. The committee has decided that the completion of an educational program is mandatory for each value only if the amount is 200 dollars or less.

If the amount ranges between 200 dollars to 500 dollars, the athlete would miss 10% of the game. The punishment goes up to 20% of a season for an amount ranging between 501 dollars to 800 dollars. It is 30% off a season for any amount above 800 dollars. The punishment can be aggravated in case the amount goes over 800 dollars. 

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