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EURO 2024: How did Spain and England make it to the final?

Spain and England are confirmed to compete in the Euro 2024 finals, which will be hosted at the Olympiastadion Berlin on July 14, 2024. So, the month-long wait to find out who takes home the trophy is now over. In all fairness, Spain has the upper hand, per predictions. This leaves England as the underdog, with only around 27% of the chances to win.

Their journey in the football tournament has been full of ups and downs. Needless to say, ups have brought them to the finals, and downs have had little impact on their advancements. However, it is important to mention that the Sony Sports Ten Network will broadcast the final round of the Euro 2024 match between Spain and England.

The most recent match between the Netherlands and England was a nail-biter. Many people believe that was exactly what they were hoping for in a semi-final event. The Dutch had a 1-0 lead in the first 10 minutes of the game. The assumption was that they would maintain their dominance through possession dominance. That didn’t last long, as the English side earned a penalty in the next 11 minutes following the first goal. Harry Kane and his kick caught everyone’s attention. It saw through the keeper to find the back of the net, earning them the first goal.

However, that was not enough, as the Netherlands still had a strong hold over the game. It was a matter of a single net for them to navigate their way to the finals. In the 90th minute, Ollie Watkins walked in and delivered. Ollie’s score put them one step ahead on the tally board. Several questions were put on the table by England vs. The Netherlands semi-final predictions; most of them got answered even if it meant defying the odds against them.

Spain’s win over France is a question no one has answered. In the 9th minute, when Randal brought his portion to the scoreboard, France held a lead. Spain returned to the field with energy and delivered a double within a five-minute time frame. Their opener came in the 21st minute, and the follow-up point came in the 25th minute.

Interestingly, England has had more games tied with its opponents than Spain. England drew three games, while Spain had nothing to show in that column. Only two games came close to that: Italy and Albania. Spain was on a single goal, and both opponents had a chance to equalize the tally. Throughout the 90-minute period, Spain likely credited the defensive stretch for limiting both of them to a zero score.

The upcoming event between two teams—Spain and England—for the Euro 2024 final at the Olympiastadion Berlin on July 14, 2024, is something to look out for. Spain has a stronger hand since they have succeeded in staying away from a tie. England had a bit of a struggle, but they have made it nonetheless.

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