Rightlander and bet365 and extend their partnership for Responsible Gaming

bet365 has strengthened its commitment to responsible gaming by extending its partnership with Rightlander. It is a technology company that enables operators to remain intact through regular compliance. Meaning operators can leverage the capabilities of Rightlander in meeting the requirements pertaining to regulatory obligations and responsible gaming.

Not just the current regulations, but Rightlander also makes sure that operators of online casinos are in line with the set of compliances that have evolved with time. The partnership between bet365 and Rightlander takes the lead forward to further strengthen the commitment of bet365 to making sure that its operations align with the regulatory requirement.

Also, it makes sure that users are always protected under the compliance infrastructure. bet365 intends to lead the industry by example when it comes to abiding by regulations and adopting responsible gambling. bet365 will utilize the extended partnership with Rightlander to promote responsible gambling too. Simply put, bet365 is taking benefits from the partnership while also pitching other players in the market to do the same.

An authorized representative from bet365 has expressed excitement on behalf of the online casino operator for renewing the contract with Rightlander. They have acknowledged that the comprehensive solution by the tech company is now an integral part of their affiliate program. Complete details about how bet365 uses the technical capabilities of its partners are not yet public, but it is well-known that both will work to accomplish a secure and fair environment for players across the globe.

The representative has added that the extension of the partnership with Rightlander reinforces the commitment to responsible gambling. The bet365 online casino, needless to say, will implement the said practice on sports betting as well. The ones to receive a major portion of the benefit are the customers.

Nicole Mitton from Rightlander has said that they are delighted to extend the partnership with bet365, adding that it is a testament to the effectiveness of their technology. The Head of Customer Success has concluded the statement by saying that they are now looking forward to continuing to promote the practice of responsible gambling and adherence to the requirements of regulatory authorities.

Rightlander is not the only partner to have sought a renewal extension in the partnership contract. Others on the list are Incentive Games and Scout Gaming Group.

The purpose is a bit different; however, different ventures seeking a renewal extension reflect on how well bet365 is delivering the results. Scout Gaming Group is planning to launch Unleash A Mercenary, a collaborative game that follows the release of a free football fantasy title. Incentive Games has joined hands with bet365 to launch the 6 Horses Challenge. That is a free-to-play horse racing game that goes live in the days to come.

bet365 has kept up with the commitment to responsible gambling so far. Extending the agreement with Rightlander strongly reflects that commitment.

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