Best MLB Betting Sites 2022 – Top Online MLB Sportsbooks

Introduction to MLB Betting

Want to bet on MLB games and looking for the best betting site? We are here to help you. Our team of experts has done thorough research to find the best MLB betting sites online for players. We review each aspect and provide all information on the top-rated MLB sportsbooks, such as bet types, bonuses, banking options, customer support, betting tips, and more.

In the below table, you’ll find a list of legal sites that offer the best online odds, along with our MLB betting strategies.

BetOnline 9.5/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
BetUS 9.4/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website 9.3/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
MYBookie 9.2/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
Bovada 9.1/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
Jazz Sports 9.0/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
xBet 8.9/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
Looselines 8.8/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
Nitrobetting 8.7/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
BUSR 8.6/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website

The online market has various top MLB betting sites with a good reputation that offers bettors safe and secure payment options. Here, you can earn real money using MLB experts’ betting strategies.

Here we will give you all the possible information on the best online sportsbooks, MLB teams, type of bets, and some important tips that make your gambling on MLB safe and secure.

Trusted Online MLB Betting Sites In 2022

Below are the top 6 picks from our experts for the best MLB betting sites:

  1. Unibet – Exclusive Range of Sports Betting and Casino Games

  2. PointsBet – Best Baseball Parlay Betting Options For Players

  3. BetMGM – Most Trusted Online Mobile Betting App

  4. DraftKings – Better MLB Sportsbook Odds For Punters

  5. Caesars – Live MLB Baseball Streaming for Bettors

  6. FanDuel – Great Range of Betting Markets

Is MLB Betting Legal?

MLB games experts must understand the laws of sports betting and wagering requirements of the related region. Players need to keep laws in mind when wagering on any sports events or world series online, such as the National League, American League and many others. Only legal jurisdictions offer you access to the legalized online sports betting site and place wagers using the internet.

How We Rate Online MLB Betting Sites?

Here we will provide the best list of MLB sportsbook betting sites ranked by our experts, so your winnings become easy with every single bet, and you can earn real money from best bets.

Have a look at the below-featured points we consider for rating the best online sportsbooks:-

Security & Safety 

You need to look at security and safety features to choose a reputable site that comes under the jurisdiction of a license so that any player can earn real money from competitive odds by live MLB betting.

Users want to be sure their registered personal and financial information is not mishandled or misused by any MLB sports betting sites. The MLB sports betting sites should be regulated by legitimate gambling authorities with guidelines that come in the license jurisdiction authority and promote responsible gambling among players.


The users must be sure that an MLB sportsbook offers them full loyalty and always be honest in its business offers or dealings to provide a great betting experience to players.

The MLB online sportsbooks recommended here have good records when it comes to treating their customers regarding fair and honest live betting regulations.

Great Betting Lines and Odds

MLB or Major League Baseball customers expect to have a wide range of run lines, best bets, Cy Young Award, winning picks, and top sportsbooks odds.

Each MLB site has a variety of permitted or prohibited sports or individual games on which players can earn by placing their bets.

Great Bonuses

The online betting sites offer many competitive bonuses and promotions in the MLB season for all games that would help players build up and enhance their bankrolls.

When you start betting, the Major League Baseball sites will give you various special bonuses, first deposits, weekly reloads, rebates, welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, sign-up bonuses, and other additional avenues.

Fast Payouts

Fast payouts depend on your withdrawal method, changing from site to site. Each sportsbook has good withdrawal options that help new customers and users get their money quickly, which they earn by sports wagering their game odds. Most of the time, Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies have a quick turnaround time concerning payout speed.

Customer Support

Customer support at MLB sports betting sites is a very important feature that creates trust in players. While doing this review for the best MLB sportsbooks, we consider the sportsbooks that have customer support channels like live chat, email, phone, and FAQ for general queries.

How to Sign Up For Betting on MLB Sportsbook?

The sign-up process at betting sites is straightforward. The new players have to follow a few simple steps to get registered:-

  • Go to the sportsbook’s homepage and search for the login option.
  • Once you click the login button, the login page will appear on the screen. If you already have your user id and password, you can fill it in here, or if you are a new user, you can click on the signup button at the bottom of this dialogue box.
  • Once you click the signup button, you will have a signup dialog box. Here fill in all required information.
  • When you fill in all the required information, click on the checkbox of agree button and click on the next button.

You can enjoy your favorite game by managing your wager and baseball odds.

Bonuses Offered by MLB Sports Betting Sites

Once you go through the best baseball betting sites, you will find that it offers several bonuses and promotions to their users so that they can spread their bankroll size by earning real money.

You can generally find a welcome bonus, real money bonus, sign-up bonus, free bets, and other important bonus offers on the sites.

Welcome Bonuses

When someone signs up with online sportsbooks, it will have some generous welcome bonus to offer. The welcome bonus varies from site to site. So it is important to check before registering at any baseball betting site.

Real Money Bonuses

When reviewing it, you will find that the biggest benefit of going with an MLB sportsbook is it offers real money bonuses. To get real money in their bankroll, MLB bettors can play with sign-up bonuses, weekly reloads, deposit matches, and many other offers.

You can deposit a certain amount of money in your MLB sportsbook account to take advantage of Weekly promotions like reload or rebate.

Free Bets

When you use MLB online betting site for wagering, you can choose from player props of risk-free bets according to predictions. They also help you to boast quick payouts and early MLB betting lines.

Payment Methods at Online MLB Sports Betting Sites

Before baseball bettors start sports betting, they need to add some funds into their accounts. Most betting sites accept credit cards such as American Express, MasterCard, and Visa. You can also use e-wallets such as PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, and debit options.

Online sports betting services accept multiple different forms of cryptocurrency. If you go with Bitcoin to make any deposit, you could have a fast and easy transaction.

Most Popular Bet Types for MLB Betting

MLB game bet works with the ins and outs of baseball rules and team strategy statistics. Three basic types of bets are available on MLB betting online; you can see these options during the regular season and world series for making your baseball bets. Some sportsbooks offer betting lines, targets, and odds.

Moneyline Bets

Moneyline bets are a very common option to bet on MLB sites. In this, the bettors need to pick an outright game-winner.

For example, if the York Yankees (+120) are playing the Dodgers (-130), the Los Angeles Dodgers are the favorite, and the York Yankees are the underdog, and the winnings of each bet will pay out based on each team’s odds. The underdogs are always represented by the plus sign (+) and favorites with the minus sign (-).

Run line Bets

Players can understand Run line betting as similar to a point spread in basketball or football. Here adjustment of a line is made by the online sportsbook sports you play so that the underdog can get an advantage in the matchup. The underdog will receive +1.5 runs, and the favorite will get -1.5 runs.


Like other best sports betting sites, we have a similar process for Parlays which means all the selected teams must win the MLB bet for all baseball tickets to pay out. The whole ticket is considered lost if your selected team loses the bat.

Total (Under/Over)

Total (Under/Over) can also be considered OVER/UNDER betting on sportsbook websites. When you start your total betting, you need to decide whether the total number of runs in a game will go Over or Under the number selected by the oddsmaker.

Futures Bets

Futures come under long-term bets in the betting markets, and you will have their outcome later. For instance, if you predict the winner of the World Series, then it will be a good example of future bet sports that you make in a baseball game.

Prop Bets

Prop Bets sports are one of the best games that are all-time popular among bettors throughout the season to ensure you win by your picks or each bet, especially at the World Series and Playoffs. This is popular because it offers high-profile games and gives you a chance to win great money.

Live Betting

In recent years, live betting has become popular among bettors, also known as in-play betting. In live betting, you can wager or bet on the outcomes of an inning or at-bat.

Series Bets

In the postseason and league, series bets are among the most popular. Now the series is growing for its availability in regular seasons and each special league.

Under it, each player can find teams that win almost every game. The playoffs depend on which team will go to the next round, and the regular season depends on which team wins.

How to Bet on MLB?

There are many reasons why MLB has become one of the fastest-growing fields in the world of sports betting. So let us list out some of the important points of MLB sports betting online so that you can have the best odds in each game and win your desired profit.

  • Find Your Preferred Betting Site
  • Open an Account on Your Chosen Website
  • Set Up Your Preferred Payment Method
  • Research the Current MLB Esports Tide
  • Place the Bets

To start MLB wagering, you must visit the website and register yourself with the required details. Once you complete the registration process, you can place your first bet in no time.

How to Choose the Best MLB Betting Site?

Finding a top-rated MLB Sportsbook and betting app with which you can make real money online and offer the best odds is extremely important. Consider the below points and choose the best one for you.

Look at Better Accessibility and User-Friendly Interface

If you choose the old-fashioned way of betting, players are limited by the operation hours and betting line selection. Hence, while choosing the best online MLB betting sites, players must check the platform’s user-friendly interface and better accessibility on both mobile and desktop with 24/7 customer support.

Look at Real Money Bonuses and Promotions

Real money bonuses are one of the biggest benefits of MLB betting sportsbooks. Here bettors can go with bonuses such as weekly reloads, deposit matches, welcome bonuses, and many others. With these features, one can go with better MLB odds during games and make a good decision for futures odds.

Look at Various Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Before going through each MLB betting site, ensure they have a good variety of deposit and withdrawal methods. You must use a certain banking system.

Find MLB gambling sites that offer a certain method of depositing, for example, credit cards, but it is not the same for withdrawing funds or payouts.

Look at their Customer Support

The betting sites offer customer support and a team of trained people to make the sports gambling experience fun full and easy for bettors. These executives listen to the issues better and try to get the best solution to their problems.

Look at Customer Reviews

A good way to know whether the betting site is trustworthy is to look at its customer reviews and feedback. Sports betting experts review these sportsbooks and give genuine opinions on their pros and cons. The MLB player needs to pick the right source that reviews sportsbooks.

Tips and Strategies for MLB Betting

With each MLB betting site, one should follow some tips and strategies to get the best result through their online gambling experience.

We have noted some points below to understand these MLB betting tips and strategies:

Fade the Public

Fade the public can be understood as a betting method through which you can go against the flow of the public. That means betting on the underdog, stating that popular opinion does not give a final result. This doesn’t mean you make blind bets each time, but there are many times when the public bias for any current event goes against the prediction with the numbers made by oddsmakers.

Before betting, you should consider some factors such as performance, how the team worked, the players in the current field, condition of weather, location, and other related factors.

Bet on Plus-Money Underdogs

There is a suggestion that you should focus on big favorites and consider a plus-money underdog. Remember that your victory margin on a big favorite can be quite less when you are over-pricing it by the oddsmakers.

We are sure you’re going with a bit more risk with the underdog, but the payouts and reward plus are part of the money you need to have better growth in your bankroll.

Bet on Divisional Underdogs

There is the advice for you to keep your eyes on underdogs from certain divisions because there is a special advantage in the store for sports bettors.

The underdog of this division has a chance of pulling off some upsets because, within their division, they always play with the same team.

Underdogs, when they go with the same team weekly or month to month, help them to understand what their competitors are, find their competitors’ weaknesses, and score high to win.

Use Multiple Sportsbooks

When a sport better visits insights, you will notice that each MLB live betting site will not post the same information about betting. Should follow a technique to find out best information as professional sports better follows.

Volume Betting

The Baseball game is a sport where a bettor can win odds and increase their profit by betting volume sports.

For example, you can compare to the NFL, where a 2% ROI results in only +1.02 units being won, and the 2% ROI in the MLB results in an astounding +9.72 units won by comparison!

Avoid Teasers and Parlays

If you do research and go with teasers and parlays, it is a good way to lose your money compared to playing with sportsbooks that make generous money for you.

Here you will have less chance to avail payout on your wagers, so it is recommended that you avoid these at any cost. In place of this, you can find several other bets that will be profitable for you.

MLB Betting – Mobile Experience

The MLB sports betting apps have the same functionality intuitively as the desktop version. We always prioritize mobile-friendly MLB betting apps as it gives freedom to the bettors to bet on the go; hence many betting sites offer the best mobile app-friendly experience by giving all the features. According to the devices, you can check out the best MLB sportsbook apps for the games these betting websites offer.


Is MLB Betting Legit & Safe?

Yes, it is safe to bet, as various legal sports betting sites have the best MLB odds in the market. However, some sportsbooks are restricted to certain countries according to their laws.

What is the Best Way to Bet on MLB?

There are various popular types of baseball bets for players to bet. Many players, as of now, prefer Moneyline bets, among the most popular MLB bets.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted at Legal MLB Betting Sites?

Most MLB betting sites accept credit cards such as American Express, MasterCard, and Visa. You can also use e-wallets (PayPal, Neteller, Skrill) and debit options.

Can I Use My Mobile to Place Bets on MLB?

Yes, players can place their bets on mobile devices and wager for different MLB betting odds, Moneyline, to win their chance.

Can I Win Real Money While Betting on MLB Games?

Yes, you can win real money while betting on MLB games online. The money you win will depend on factors like – bet type, how you bet, odds, etc. Check out our guide on online betting and some MLB betting strategies

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