AffiliateXe Affiliates Review 2023 – Top Revenue Share & CPA Deals


Gambling platforms have expanded significantly during the past few years due to industry growth. AffiliateXe affiliate programs are offered to promote Casino Friday and Kanuuna. Affiliates who associate with the affiliate program of AffiliateXe have a much better chance of earning higher commissions up to 45% as the brand is known in the market with a greater reputation.

The affiliate program is owned and operated by 1UP Entertainment B.V. Sub affiliate managers are available 24/7 to help affiliates at every step, making the AffiliateXe affiliate program one of the best in the market.

The affiliate marketing campaign of the brand is ideal not just for experienced affiliates but also for those looking to start their journey in the affiliate marketing industry.

AffiliateXe Affiliates Summary

Official Website
Established Year 2020
Base Commission Starts from 25%
Commission Type Standard structure
Payment Frequency Affiliate program releases payments every month on the 15th day
Payment Methods Neteller, Bank Wire Transfer, or Skrill
Minimum Payment 200 Euro for eWallets and 200 Euro for bank wire
Withdrawal Limit No
Currencies Euro
Affiliate Software Cellxpert
Revenue Share AffiliateXe affiliates share net revenue in the range of 25% and 45% depending on their performance
Cookie Duration Session based
Negative Carryover No
Bundling Unavailable
Admin Fee AffiliateXe affiliates are subject to 30% admin fee during the final payout
HYBRID Available upon request to affiliate managers
How They Pay Neteller, Bank Wire, or Skrill

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The revenue sharing and its wide range of commissions attract many affiliates. The affiliate marketing industry is normally driven by a fixed commission structure; however, the AffiliateXe affiliate program follows a standard structure to give better commissions.

Key Details About AffiliateXe Affiliates

AffiliateXe has left no stone unturned to make its affiliate marketing campaign a success. It is where it has to be, courtesy of the plan drafted by the relevant team. Now that we have reviewed a summarized detailed table let us check out more details about the AffiliateXe affiliate program.

Commission Details

Affiliates earn a lot through the AffiliateXe program, and the commission depends on the performance of affiliates. Based on the net revenue generated by casino brands, affiliates are rewarded their payout for neatly promoting products and services for casinos.

Here is how it is decided how much commission is rewarded to AffiliateXe affiliates.

Commission Structure

Net Revenue (Euro) Commission (%)
From 0 to 1,000 25%
From 1,001 to 2,500 30%
From 2,501 to 5,000 35%
From 5,001 to 10,000 40%
From 10,000 to above 45%

Referrals driven by affiliates must generate net revenue to make them eligible to receive a commission. This happens when casinos make money, and a win-win situation is what gives AffiliateXe affiliates their commission and brands their revenue. Players always go home with the best experience to remember and share with others.

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Affiliates generally have two options in every affiliate marketing campaign. One where they promote products and services of the casino brand and another where they get more affiliates on board for affiliate marketing.

Promoting products and services gives affiliates their commission, while the other allows them to take home sub-affiliate commissions. It ranges from 5% to 10% and is an added income for brand partners. AffiliateXe affiliates have a lot of freedom to promote products and services, but the line ends there with no option to earn a sub-affiliate commission.

Sub affiliate commission could be added in the future. For now, it is a far-fetched dream that allows affiliates to focus more on sharing how awesome the associated casino brands are. Sub affiliate commission has not been ruled out and is still possible.

Payment Details

Payments to affiliates of AffiliateXe are frequent with no break, or excuse, in between. The affiliate marketing campaign for affiliates rolls out payments to them on the 15th day of the following month.

The business generated for casino brands in February becomes payable on the 15th day of March. Affiliates earn commissions between 25% and 45% based on the net revenue earned by brands. The commission is paid through the internet via Neteller, Skrill, and Bank Wire.

AffiliateXe affiliate program seeks affiliates to provide bank details when registering for affiliate marketing. Affiliates can always edit these details. The minimum payment threshold is 200 Euro for e-Wallets and 200 Euro for bank transfers, and there is no carryover for amounts less than zero. Affiliates start fresh every month except when they miss their minimum threshold.


AffiliateXe deploys Cellxpert for its affiliate marketing plan. Affiliates get access to data in the best presentable manner with charts and graphs. The data is real-time to help its affiliates know where they stand and how much they need to pull for a better commission.

All the advanced tools for promotions can be accessed through Cellxpert. Affiliate managers are trained to support partners in the software, and an affiliate manager can be contacted 24/7 through all the available channels.

Affiliates can connect with an affiliate manager directly through Cellxpert. It has an easy-to-understand interface with a seamless manner to know how far affiliates are from their minimum threshold. Affiliate manager connected through the software also help affiliates to improve their performance while promoting the casino brands.

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Restricted Countries

Players can participate from any country, depending on the prevailing regulations. The same applies to affiliates. But there are restrictions when it comes to promotions, and affiliates can only promote products and services of casino brands in the regions that support online casinos along with their operations.

License and Regulated Jurisdictions

Operations of both casino brands and this affiliate program are covered under the laws of Curacao with brand registration number 153120.


AffiliateXe promotes two reputed and new casino brands: Casino Friday and Kanuuna. Casino Friday, for example, was launched in 2020. The Canada-based brand is now a house for 1000s casino games and high payouts for AffiliateXe affiliates, licensed by Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

Target Markets

Affiliates registered with the AffiliateXe affiliate program can target markets in Canada and Europe. Businesses can also be brought from other regions based on their regulations and laws. AffiliateXe affiliates can choose their target market; however, promoting products and services in regions with a better chance of conversion is recommended.

Available Game Types

Casino Friday and Kanuuna give various options of games. Every casino game is available on both of these best online casinos, including slots, poker, baccarat, roulette, and blackjack, to name a few. Affiliates can promote these games individually or as a set to their audience.

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Tools and Banners

Affiliate manager helps affiliates with tools and banners. Tools assist AffiliateXe affiliates to keep track of their performance and conversions. Banners are provided to support the content of affiliates in a graphical manner. These can be shared over social media platforms and other available means.

Analytics and links with a unique id are other important tools offered to affiliates registered under the affiliate marketing plan of AffiliateXe.

Currency Accepted

The main transaction happens in Euro, along with other currencies.

Bring to the affiliate manager’s notice the currencies not listed in the affiliate marketing plan so that they can go through the matter and provide a quick resolution.

Types of Partnership for Affiliates

Affiliates can enter into long-term partnerships with AffiliateXe to establish a better relationship with the brand. Payouts are performance-based and depend on how much net revenue is generated by referrals.

Creating an Account in AffiliateXe Affiliate Program

Interested candidates can easily create an account with this one of the top casino affiliate program and start their high-earning journey.

  • Visit the official website of the AffiliateXe affiliate program. Click Sign Up to be redirected to the registration form. Note that affiliate managers are available only after the registration process is through.
  • Fill up the form with all the details to enter the list of affiliates for the associate casino brands.
  • Review all the terms, conditions, and other policies. Click Register and allow affiliate managers some time to validate the application form.

Once validated, candidates would become affiliates for the program. Details required to be filled in the registration form are basic, including name, username, password, phone number, and country.

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Pros and Cons of AffiliateXe Affiliates

Pros Cons
Dedicated affiliate managers are available for affiliates. Admin fee of 30% is deducted along with commission during the payment.
Affiliates start fresh every month in case the commission is below zero. Partners can only promote in select regions due to restriction of casino brands in many regions.
Payouts are faster and receive commission immediately after the confirmation. Minimum threshold of 200 Euro for e-Waller and bank transfer is higher.
Chance to earn a huge bonus on top of the commission for affiliates. Lack of sub-affiliation programs.
Affiliates earn commission of up to 45%.

AffiliateXe Affiliates Review: Conclusion

AffiliateXe affiliate program gels with all types of affiliates, whether they are PPC affiliates, SEO affiliates, or SoMe affiliates. Streamers, too, have a special place in the affiliate marketing program of AffiliateXe.

The commission bracket of 25% – 45% is attractive enough to get interested candidates on board in addition to the products and services of Casino Friday and Kanuuna. Even if the sub-affiliate commission could be a concern, that is recovered by monthly payouts released by AffiliateXe.

Payouts are faster and are received by affiliates on the 15th of the following month. Cellxpert is a reliable affiliate software deployed by the brand, showcasing how well affiliates perform in a particular month. If the minimum threshold is missed, affiliates can carry it forward and continue reaching the mark of 200 Euro.

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What Casino Brands Are Promoted by AffiliateXe Affiliates?

AffiliateXe affiliates promote two brands, namely Casino Friday and Kanuuna.

Is There a Minimum Threshold for AffiliateXe Affiliates?

Yes, AffiliateXe affiliates must reach the minimum mark of 200 Euro for e-Wallet deposits and 200 Euro for bank transfers. A lower amount is carried forward to the next month.

How Many Banking Options Are Available for AffiliateXe Affiliates?

A total of three banking options are available for AffiliateXe affiliates. These include Neteller, Bank Wire, and Skrill.

Are Affiliates Eligible for Sub-Affiliate Commission?

Sub affiliate commission is currently unavailable for affiliates at the AffiliateXe affiliate program.

Which Software Is Used by the AffiliateXe Program?

The AffiliateXe program uses Cellxpert for its affiliate marketing program.

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