CasinoLuck Affiliates Review 2023: Great Range of Deals and Offers!

The CasinoLuck Affiliates program offers attractive commissions on all hybrid deals, including CPA ones. The good reputation of the sub-affiliate commission and affiliate managers has a moral high ground; the products and services of the affiliate marketing systems are highly accentuated and amplified in the policy media platforms, thereby helping the customers attain high earnings. Let’s dive deep into the CasinoLuck Affiliates review.


Official Website
Base Commission 10%
Commission Type Mandated by the regulatory authorities of the UK
Payment Frequency Monthly & Quarterly
Payment Methods All banking methods, including Cryptocurrencies
Minimum Payment $10
Withdrawal Limit No predetermined withdrawal limits
Currencies USD, GBP, INR
Affiliate Software All software is proprietary
Revenue Share Maximum shares are given to the clients’
Cookie Duration Minimal Time
Negative Carryover Nil
Bundling Yes
Admin Fee Yes
HYBRID Hybrid methods are confined to the
CPL Access is given depending on the initial categorization
How They Pay Directly into the bank account and other financial parameters

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Key Details About CasinoLuck Affiliates

Casino Luck Affiliates is the authorized casino affiliate program responsible for many online casinos, like Casino Luck and NextCasino. These are leading multi-platform casinos offering a large range of games from the top developers of the gambling industry. Let’s take a detailed look at the important aspects of CasinoLuck Affiliates:

Commission details

The CasinoLuck affiliates make a solemn promise to the small-time investors, giving them spectacular profits through a commission. The direct slab rate is applied at 40% of the total winnings. Furthermore, the right regulatory policies protect all volatile aspects of trading. You can find the commission details on the official website of the CasinoLuck affiliates. The commission is uniformly applied across all parameters, and many areas will have a resounding effect on the total ecosystems.

Commission Structure

No. of players who qualify Revenue Share (%)
1-9 players 25
10 to 39 players 30
40 to 99 players 35

Sub Affiliate Commission

It supports the Sub Affiliate Commission program.


The software used is Income access in calculating interest and other financial parameters in the CasinoLuck affiliates is of the highest order, and there are no parameters of limitation. When the software is applied at the highest level, the right abilities will transmute the incidence of higher interest rates across the barriers of sound financial advice.

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The highest software is applied across the board, and there are no areas where the software is found lacking when it comes to magnifying the operational parameters. It is therefore advised that the android users of the online casinoluck affiliates exhibit supreme confidence when playing the multiple and exciting games of poker and blackjack. 

Restricted Countries

Countries operating from the middle east that are central to the Islamic culture are prohibited from using the CasinoLuck Affiliates services due to cultural differences pervading those societies. Customers are requested to undergo the right screening process to ensure that they agree with the law of the land before embarking on an exciting journey in online gambling.

License and Regulated Jurisdictions

The jurisdiction among the calculation of the Affiliate program depends on the geographic barriers. CasinoLuck is a brand owned by Minotauro Media ltd, a company incorporated under the laws of Ireland. The games on this website are powered and operated by Aspire Global International LTD, a Malta-based company.

Languages Available

The CasinoLuck affiliates work in the standard form of English. The Asian players can comfortably play in the English language. Apart from English, the website is also available in given languages – German, French, Norwegian, Finnish, and Swedish.


Due to the high popularity of the CasinoLuck affiliates, many multinationals participate in the selection prices. Top brands can have the peripheral flow in the aspects of winnings and their subsequent tax brackets. Brands supported are CasinoLuck, NextCasino, and wild slots.

Target Markets

Middle eastern markets are some of the best growth verticals. The astounding part of the CasinoLuck affiliates results in the creation of the right playing energies, and many other facets will call for glory in playing the poker slots. The Asian markets are inundated with the demand for more proactive slots that will result in the culmination of the masters in the gaming environment.

Available Game Types

The games that are played are the best in the online gambling space. There is no dearth of novelty as it seems that poker, blackjack, and other star-studded games are creating ripples of profits for the entire playing ecosystem.

Tools and Banners

The tools and banners are available on the Casino associates’ website. The affiliate marketing abilities of the entire team are put into sacrosanct concentration, thanks to the growth of the digital marketing sphere. Other areas can lead to the masters of the players. The only area which requires great concentration is the online sphere, where the players are advised to advertise their winnings so that more players can join the gaming ecosystem.


The currencies are the crucial determiners of the greatest success of the investors. The online casinos use 11 different currencies- including EUR, USD, and GBP, and are available in English, German, Czech, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Polish.

Types of Partnership for CasinoLuck Affiliates 

It offers partnerships as CPA commissions and revenue share, with CPA being available upon request.

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Creating an Account in CasinoLuck Affiliates

The accounts can be created without much headache, thanks to the seamless integration of the powerful entities in the entire CasinoLuck review. There are some ways according to which these investors can lead to the creation of hassle-free systems of evergrowing profits.

Below are the steps to ensure the proper functioning of the CasinoLuck affiliates:

  • Go to the website. Read the terms and conditions to know the basic rules and processes of the platform.
  • Click on the Get Account option.
  • Enter your email address to get the latest offers, including the hottest deals that will set apart your purse to astronomical levels.
  • Cash in the money thanks to the prevalence of the most functional attributes of powerful investors.
  • All banking information should be properly vetted with the hands of the most skilled accountants to ensure that the whole system adheres to the highest functioning of the financial systems.

Pros and Cons: CasinoLuck Affiliates

Pros Cons
The payments are done promptly without any delays Clearing of dues based on the annual balance sheet
Highly transparent revenue-sharing plan Negative carryovers
Multiple payment options The volatility of share markets carried over to the gambling sphere
No Negative carryovers

Conclusion: CasinoLuck Affiliates Review

One of the greatest advantages of CasinoLuck affiliates is the presence of an assured income stream through the marvelous changes in e-gambling. The presence of volatile shares is negatively inclined to the massive arenas of games in the online gaming market. The right casino affiliates should be selected to ensure the proper profit achievement. The various poker and blackjack games should be played with great alacrity to maximize profits for the players. The players should understand that they stand to win a lot of profits when the right skills are put into the gaming systems.

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What are Casino Brands Associated with the CasinoLuck program?

Excelsior and Bandana Brands are exclusively associated with the CasinoLuck affiliate. Other influencer brands will ensure the prominent mixtures of the most mundane characteristics of casino brands.

Does CasinoLuck Affiliate Have a Sub Affiliate Commission?

The sub-affiliate deal is not clear whether or not it is available. Affiliates who want more income may discuss this option with their affiliate manager.

Does Casinoluck Affiliate Have Negative Carryover?

One of the strongest advantages of having a powerful casino affiliate program is the absence of negative carryover.

Which are the Restricted Countries for Casinoluck Affiliates?

All Middle Eastern countries, such as Egypt, Iraq, and Syria are restricted from CasinoLuck affiliates. This is due to the presence of strong cultural factors that do not encourage the presence of gambling.

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