FanDuel Partners Review 2023 – Get Revenue Share Upto 35%

FanDuel pioneered a new method to play fantasy sports, pitting fans against fans in a game of sports knowledge and fantasy know-how, with winners tasting victory on any given day. It’s quite simple for gamers to play for money or enjoyment.

People or corporations that partner with FanDuel to help promote their products to the audience are known as FanDuel affiliates or FanDuel partners. FanDuel supplies affiliates with affiliate marketing banners, tracking links, and videos and generates exclusive promotions for them to advertise. Affiliates will receive a cut of the money generated by their player referrals. When a player joins FanDuel using the affiliate link sent to them, they share in the revenue when their referral participates in a paid contest.


Official Website
Established Year 2009
Base Commission $25
Commission Type Cost Per Acquisition(CPA) & Revenue Share
Payment Frequency Monthly payment
Payment Methods PayPal, check or wire transfer
Minimum Payment $5
Withdrawal Limit No Limit
Currencies USD, CAD, and Pounds
Affiliate Software Hubbub, IGT, and SG Digital
Revenue Share 35% of the total revenue when their referral participates in a paid contest.
Cookie duration The program offers a 30-day cookie duration.
Negative Carryover No
Bundling No
Admin Fee No
CPA Multi-tiered system ranging from $25 to $35
How They Pay They pay on a monthly basis.

Key Details About FanDuel Partners

The FanDuel affiliates program is one of the major methods through which a major chunk of money can be earned as a secondary source of income. Let’s dive into the details of the FanDuel Affiliate Program:-

Commission Structure

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) Revenue Share
Affiliates will receive a one-time payment for each new FanDuel user they introduce. The price ranges from $25 to $35 per player. They will be paid a percentage of the revenue generated by their referrals for the first 730 days of play by their referrals. This ratio has now been set at a staggering 35% of net revenue!
Commission New Users Commission Net Revenue
$25 1-15 35% $0 – $2000
$30 26-100 35% $2001 – $5000
$35 100+ 35% $5000+


A sub-affiliate network is a company that provides services and assistance to both brands and affiliates— frequently content creators, bloggers, influencers, website owners, and so on (“sub-affiliates”) – and assists them in obtaining a sub affiliate commission for their blog website, social channel, and so on.

Sub-affiliate networks can assist affiliates in simplifying the process of monetizing their site by serving as the affiliate of record inside a brand’s program and offering consolidated link building, messaging, reporting, and payments via a sub affiliate commission on their platform. Sub-affiliate networks are distinct from affiliate networks in that they provide services to publishers to help them monetize their websites through sub affiliate commissions.

A Sub-affiliate network, in other words, provides a second layer of programs. It distributes its revenues through sub affiliate commissions to its publishers and makes the registration procedure easier for them. GPWA is a website that works in this way and has featured FanDuel’s affiliate program in the past. At the time, the program provided a 25% – 35% tiered revenue share as a special hybrid option for GPWA of $35 CPA + 20% revenue share with lifetime commissions and no negative carryover.

Payment Details

The program enables an affiliate to earn a big-league commission.

  • They receive regular monthly payments when their earnings are consistent.
  • Due to the multi-tiered commission structure, affiliates earn more as they grow.
  • They can choose their mode of payment between PayPal, wire transfer, and check.


Software Platforms present on FanDuel:-

  • Hubdub
  • IGT
  • SG Digital

Restricted Countries 

To participate in FanDuel contests and the FanDuel Affiliates Program, you must be physically situated in an eligible state. Even if you are US, Canadian, or English resident, you are subjected to restrictions if you reside outside of the country.


In August 2019, FanDuel Group became MLB’s official partner, while FOX Bet secured a multi-year arrangement with MLB in October. Cordish Companies and FanDuel Group established a collaboration in December 2019.

License for Application

FanDuel offers affiliates a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to download and install a copy of the app on a device they exclusively control and to use such a copy of the app only for their personal use to your compliance with these terms. All rights in and to the app that are not expressly given to FanDuel under these terms are reserved by FanDuel. Affiliates will not use a jailbroken smartphone to run any version of the app.

Affiliates agree to download and install any new version of the FanDuel app that FanDuel makes available through the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store as soon as it becomes available. Some new versions may include security updates and service upgrades, whether or not they state so. As a result, failing to update the app version on a timely basis may expose them to higher security risks or service failures in some situations. The license may include updated terms in some new versions.


FanDuel accepts only USD, CAD, and Pounds.

Types of Partnerships

Partners in the FanDuel Affiliates Program include review sites and social media influencers.

How to Sign Up at FanDuel Partners?

The casino affiliate program of FanDuel is popular for its easy and quick sign-up process.

  • Go to FanDuel Partners official website.
  • Click on “Join now for free”.
  • Fill in the form which asks for your username, password, address, payment method, and other additional information pertaining to your site.
  • Affiliate managers will evaluate your application in good faith and notify you of its approval or rejection. In our sole discretion, we may accept or reject your application, including if we think that your site is unsuitable for the program. Sites that are unsuitable include but are not limited to:-
    1. Encourage or promote violence.
    2. Discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, handicap, sexual orientation, or age is encouraged.
    3. Encourage illicit acts.
    4. Infringe on another party’s rights, including intellectual property rights, such as sites that enable unlawful access to protected content.
  • By participating in the program, you undertake to refrain from engaging in any of the actions mentioned earlier and any other criminal activity. If your application is rejected, you may reapply to the program at any time. You should also be aware that if they accept your application and later deem that your site is unsuitable for the Program, they may immediately terminate this Agreement without notice or liability to you or any third party.
  • The FanDuel affiliate program will provide you with the relevant advertising to place on your site if and when you are notified that your site has been accepted into the program.

Why Choose FanDuel Affiliate Program?

  • The ability to create personalized advertisements for your website.
  • One of the best aspects of FanDuel is the ability to personalize ads at any time. You can build ads with various designs and approaches and alter them with a single click. You will be able to design an outstanding advertisement using this platform without a doubt.
  • Insightful Reporting and Tracking.
  • Speedy Customer Service.
  • Convenient Payment Schemes.

Pros and Cons of FanDuel Partners

Pros Cons
FanDuel allows you to customize the ads you post on your website. FanDuel doesn’t associate itself with websites that promote offshore gambling sites alongside ads for FanDuel.
There is no negative carryover. Not all countries are eligible for the program.

Conclusion on FanDuel Partners Review

Anyone can earn extra money while making sports more pleasurable for their friends, followers, and customers by becoming a FanDuel affiliate. Affiliates will receive banners, tracking links, videos, and all of the promotional tools that are needed to promote FanDuel’s daily fantasy sports as a FanDuel affiliate. As a FanDuel affiliate, anyone can earn $25 to $35 for each new registration and 35% of the net income earned by recommended users each month by PayPal, check, or wire transfer. They are also known for their ease of access, convenience, regular payments and for adhering to contracts.


Can I Enroll in a FanDuel Affiliate Program?

Yes, all you have to do is fill out a quick registration form to become a member for free now. You’ll get an email with your affiliate key, thus confirming that you are also one of the FanDuel Partners.

How Can You Keep Track of Your Earnings and Signups?

Once you sign up for the program, you’ll get an email with your affiliate key, which you can use to track and calculate your earnings.

How Much Money Can I Make?

Affiliate commissions are usually divided into three categories based on how much revenue each referral generates within the first 730 days. For example, if someone brings new clients that generate over $1000 per month for at least 6 months, both parties will receive bonuses. The more you advertise your product and work hard to get people on board with what you’re selling – whether it’s an email list or social media followers—the better your chances of success are, just like in any other business.

Can You Offer Incentives for User Signups?

No. FanDuel is exclusively interested in acquiring users who want to participate in their fantasy leagues. It is not permitted to incentivize signup with outside prizes, and FanDuel will not pay commission on any incentivized users. You can make an exception if you’re selling a product that helps people play FanDuel. However, you must first contact FanDuel’s team and obtain explicit approval.

What Makes FanDuel Affiliate the Friendliest Program?

It is the friendliest program for an affiliate due to its ease of use, service, and reliability.

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