Haz Casino Affiliates Review 2023 – Make Money With High Conversion Rate

Haz Casino Affiliates marketing is one of the latest in online gambling and is making the headlines in global hubs. Since it started in 2020, this amazing online gambling affiliate manager service has become the toast of the town in delivering mind-boggling profits to organizers and players. The gaming commissions of Nevada have regulated the commission of Haz Casino affiliates. With the right affiliate marketing partners for partnership, affiliates can earn high commissions.

Check out the detailed Haz Casino Affiliates review of the program by thoroughly reading our expert view below.


Official Website https://hazcasino.postaffiliatepro.com/affiliates/
Established Year 2020
Base Commission 5%
Commission Type Rev Share, CPA, Hybrid
Payment Frequency Per game winnings can be cashed
Payment Methods All digital mechanisms are allowed
Minimum Payment As per gaming rules
Withdrawal Limit Unlimited
Currencies All Global currencies of value
Affiliate Software Proprietary
Revenue Share 50%
Cookie duration Session
Negative Carryover No
Bundling No
Admin Fee As per gaming rules of the Gaming Commission of Nevada
How They Pay Euros

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Vital Details on Haz Casino Affiliates

Here are the few key aspects one must know before getting started with marketing at Haz casino affiliates program:

Commission Details

The hierarchy of the commission is highly corporate. The managers report to the chairman of the Haz Casino website series. The branching of data at Haz Casino affiliates is done so that online players have the winning odds. All corporate models are working at complete efficiency with the rise of the Haz Casino affiliate marketing services.

The champions of the games of Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, and Slots are from the winning franchises of the Haz Casino affiliate products. The great news is that everyone can win on this addictive gambling website.


At the time of writing the review, there is no sub-affiliation program available at the program. Maybe in the future, they will take it in consideration bringing up the sub-affiliate program.

Payment Details

Payments are a big attraction of the Haz Casino Affiliate Product services. All bank payments are accepted at Haz Casino. Players investing in the Haz Casino affiliates stand a big chance of multiplying their winnings. The payment systems of the program are top-notch and free from cybersecurity issues. There is no question of any lapses in security as all payment servers run top-end encryption systems with winnings being tax-deductible.


The software systems of Haz Casino run exclusively on top-notch cloud computing systems. Haz casino affiliates uses the Post Affiliate Pro software. Affiliates can manage their accounts and track their referred players and monthly earnings. Also, many other important reports and stats can be managed along with marketing tools for future campaigns.

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Restricted Countries

Many countries have not yet taken a definitive stand on online gambling. However, precautions must be taken when playing on the Haz Casino online gambling websites as they may run afoul of the laws of the land. The restricted countries from using Haz casino affiliate program are:

  • Afghanistan
  • Czech Republic
  • Curacao
  • France
  • Indonesia
  • South Korea
  • Singapore
  • USA
  • UK, and some other.

License and Regulated Jurisdictions

As noted above, individuals must take care of their respective countries regulations. All profit tools should be promptly registered within the ambit of the regulated jurisdiction. However, there are many areas where regulations can create havoc.

It is indeed an excellent opportunity for the regulated jurisdictions to set a path of winnings for the greatest players that have ever played in the online gambling sector. Also, players can take the help from the FAQ page on the site to learn more about the same.

Languages Available

Online gambling works across many languages. Some regions do not understand the Arabic language used in Haz Casino. Still, steps need to be taken to introduce a unique language to the Haz Casino website for online gambling. Even though English is considered the primary language for understanding the essential areas of development, one of the most important phases of development of the online space is the introduction of varied languages.


Hazz Casino

Haz Casino Affiliates is the official casino affiliate program for the marketing of Haz Casino. This one of the best online casino has a valid gaming license in Curacao and uses SSL encryption security measures to ensure users safety of information. It has a wide range of games powered by top software providers like Microgaming, Realtime and Net Entertainment. Bonuses offered are must high, and players can opt for them as soon as they join the platform.

Target Markets

The Haz casino affiliates program target markets are Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Egypt, Morocco & few others.

Available Game Types

There are varying game types, such as Black Jack, Roulette and Slots. All the games offer action-packed situations that ensure top-notch gameplay. There are areas where a substantial amount of gameplay needs to be developed with the unique causes of the evolving fields of games. It is an honour to use extensive gaming as part of the deal and create the proper standards for gaming to flourish.

Tools and Banners

The Royal Partners affiliates program features many promotional tools affiliates need for a successful campaign, including several bonus packages. There are many reasons why the tools and banners need to be retrofitted with the right parameters. These tools come with the affiliate’s unique tracking code/ID to monitor the program and gather all the data of interactions of players with materials of promotions.

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All currencies are accepted with the greatest enthusiasm and the right frequencies that need to be amplified. The major concern is the ability to write the best software code that will always withstand the onslaught of the corporate juggernaut.

Types of Partnerships For Affiliates

Revenue Share – RevShare is one of the most common partnership plans in any affiliate program. Affiliates here at Haz casino will receive 50% of the revenue generated by the client they refer to.

CPA – With a CPA commission plan, affiliates will receive a set rate for each new player they introduce who satisfies the plan’s criteria. For further information, they can speak with the affiliate manager.

Hybrid – The affiliate program has a fully optimized hybrid agreement combining cost per acquisition (CPA) and revenue share arrangement. Contact the manager if you are an affiliate interested in a hybrid model.

Creating an Account with Haz Casino Affiliates

Creating an account with Haz casino affiliates is easy. Players interested can sign up in just few steps. The accounts can be manually created or automated. Follow the steps below to get started with this one of the top casino affiliate program:

Step 1: Visit the porgram’s official website.

Step 2: Click on the Sign-Up button.

Step 3: Enter your personal details required, along with the additional information.

Step 4: Read and agree to the terms and conditions.

Step 5: Verify your account and login using the credentials and start marketing.

Verification of identity is important during the opening process of Haz Casino affiliates. The authorization of banking details needs to be made after consent is taken from individual investors. The right combination of verification details needs to be entered.

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Pros and Cons: Haz Casino Affiliates

Pros Cons
Haz Casino is working to come up with the maximum products for all players. Online gambling is still an emerging industry where the rules need to be formulated according to those of the gaming commissions.
The players stand to win the highest amount depending on the strategies deployed. Once the massive euphoria ebbs, the players will act as conduits for a much bigger corporate empire.
Governments are in collision with the striking similarities of the Haz Casino software. The masters of gaming are not adept at winning continually.
Higher profits can lead to an increase in the quality of life. The number of currencies is reduced.
The winning potential of the players is increased to the maximum. There are questions of currency manipulation that need to be addressed.

Conclusion: Haz Casino Affiliates Review

Haz Casino is geared to become the most significant affiliate partner of the South-Pacific region. Financial institutions are increasing their presence among the tax savings affiliates, increasing productivity and profitability among the industry’s various stakeholders. It is a partnership that will lead to the creation of winning ecosystems among the major players of the online casino gambling websites of the world.

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What Is the Minimum Gambling Threshold of Haz Casino Affiliates?

The minimum gambling threshold at the program is as low as $5 to rake in huge profits.

What Currencies Are Accepted at Haz Casino Affiliates?

The Haz Casino Affiliates accept all currencies of the modern world.

Do Haz Casino Affiliates Have Sub-Affiliate Commissions?

No, Haz Casino Affiliates doesn’t offer sub-affiliate commissions.

Does Haz Casino Affiliates Offer CPA or Hybrid Deals?

Haz Casino Affiliates offers CPA and hybrid deals as part of its corporate outreach program.

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