Rolletto Affiliates Review 2023 – Earn Up to 50% Revenue Share

Rolletto Affiliates is a relatively new affiliate marketing platform that is offering an affiliate program for Sports, Casino, Live Casino and eSports. Being a new affiliate site they have a great affiliate commission plan and they offer great advantages for the associate brands and the affiliates. In this Rolletto Affiliates review today we will talk about every aspect of the platform and why you should or should not consider this as an affiliate. Comparing both the sides will make it easy to understand their worth and advantages of enrolling to their affiliate program.


Official Website
Established Year 2020
Base Commission 25% revenue share
Commission Type Revenue share
Payment Frequency Every Month
Payment Methods Not Mentioned
Minimum Payment Not Mentioned
Withdrawal Limit Not Mentioned
Currencies Euro
Affiliate Software Rolletto
Revenue Share 25%-40%
Cookie duration Not Limited
Negative Carryover Not Mentioned
Bundling Not Mentioned
Admin Fee None
CPA None
CPL Not Mentioned
How They Pay Not Mentioned

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Key Details About Rolletto Affiliates

Commission details

Rolletto affiliates program offers a commission ranging from 25% to 40%. They offer commission on revenue share. They do not provide any CPA commission. Though they claim to offer up to 50% commission on net revenue, no further data has been found supporting the statement. They have a VIP commission plan which is not disclosed. You can contact them in detail.

Their commission plan is revenue based so you will have a clear idea on how much you are going to make every month after seeing the number of active players and the revenue generated by them. With your payment they will also share a report that will state the data behind your payment. You can expect a monthly payment from Rolletto Affiliates.

EUR 0-5000 25%
EUR 5000-10000 30%
EUR 10000-15000 35%
EUR 15000-20000 40%


Sub affiliate commission can be earned when the site allows sub affiliation. Rolletto affiliates do not offer any sub affiliate commission. Basically a sub affiliate commission is a special commission when you become an affiliate under other affiliates who are directly connected to the Rolletto affiliates program.

In case of Rolletto affiliates they do not have any such program that is why you cannot earn the sub affiliate commission. If you want to join the Rolletto affiliate program then you can directly join and earn huge commissions. You can play at the casino and along with that you can become one of the affiliates and earn a good sum of money.

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Payment details

The only data available about payments is that they pay on a monthly basis. Other than that we could not find any information regarding the payment options or methods that Rolletto Affiliates offer. We believe they offer some e-wallets and bank transfer for transitions. Every affiliate member is paid on the same day of every month. Their official website has not mentioned any specific date on which they give all the payments. There is no data on wagering the amount. Generally a CPA commission needs wagering. Since Rolletto affiliates offer revenue share commission that is why we believe the commission need not to be wagered.


Rolletto has their own software for the Rolletto affiliate program. Having a software makes it easy for the affiliates to track their progress. Though they have not mentioned much about their software in their website , software in general makes it a lot easier than ever. A software makes the platform easily accessible. Any glitch can be fixed quickly, the user interface is better and overall it is a better option.

Restricted Countries

Rolletto does not mention any country which is restricted by them so we believe the affiliate program is available for the global audience. If they have restricted any country or jurisdiction and you belong to such a country then your profile will be rejected in the first place. Which means you will not be able to create an account or join their affiliate program. Even if they have not mentioned about the restricted countries, if they restrict any country then you will know it if you proceed to register.

License and Regulated Jurisdictions

Again they have not mentioned any information about their license and regulated jurisdictions. We believe that if they don’t have proper affiliate marketing licenses then no reputed brand will work with them and that is the biggest scare of affiliate program providers. So they won’t make that mistake. As a responsible player you can always mail them and ask them about their licensing authorities and their operators. Your affiliate manager can help you with such data. But if you want some data about the license, regulators and operators you can do that without being one of their affiliates. It is your right to ask for this essential information.

Languages Available

Their website is available in English which is a pretty common language in the UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia, India and many other countries. Understanding their website information will not be a problem until you are totally unaware of the English language. In some cases you can ask your affiliate managers if they know your native language to ease out the communication between you all. Having a native speaker as your affiliate manager will be a blessing. Otherwise we suggest you join the platform only if you are comfortable with affiliate marketing in English language. They do not provide the website data in any other language as of now.


They have not mentioned their partner brands on their website directly as associate brands. But they have posted some of the testimonials from their partner brands. There we could find brands such as –

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Target Markets

Their target market seems to be the affiliates who like casino, live casino, sports, and esports. These are the categories of casino they work with and that is why we believe their target markets are related to such online casinos. They definitely want to work with big brands but their service to their affiliates is also important. Their website does not clearly mention their target markets but as per the data available on their website we believe their target markets are related to online casinos and sportsbooks.

Available Game Types

They have mentioned online casino, live casino, sports, and esports as the games that they support. Under these categories, there are many subcategories. We believe Rolletto offers all the games that are considered under these categories. The primary categories hold a huge pool of games that are entertaining for all casino lovers. Since they have mentioned all the primary categories, they must support all the subcategories under them.

Currencies Accepted

The financial numerical are mentioned in EUR, so we believe they only support EUR as a currency. You can then ask their affiliate managers about the currencies accepted there. Most of the affiliate providers allow you to convert your currency value to EUR and then take out the payments. Rolletto might do the same. Though we are unsure about this, it is better to ask the concerned team about the currencies accepted at Rolletto. That will be the safest option for you.

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Types of Partnerships for Affiliates

Rolletto offers affiliate partnership with revenue share. There are no other commission plans available at Rolletto. That is why we can consider that they offer only one type of partnership. There is a special plan for the VIP members; you can know about that from their support team. They like to partner with the affiliates on a revenue share basis. Your earning will depend on how much net revenue you could generate in a month. There are different levels of net revenue that give different revenue shares. You can check out the commission section for that.

How to Create a Rolletto Affiliates Account?

The process of registering your account is pretty easy, like other casino affiliate programs. Make sure you are 18 years and above or you are at the age of gambling legally according to your country of residence. You must have a personal bank account, phone number, and age proof. Then you are good to go with Rolletto and become an affiliate. The following process will guide you through.

  1. At first, you will put your email and password.
  2. The following tab will ask for your contact number, country of residence, identity proof, age proof, and other documents.
  3. Once you have submitted all the documents, you can wait until your account is activated.
  4. Once the account is activated, you can generate revenue and get the shares.

Pros and Cons: Rolletto Affiliates Review

Pros Cons
They accept casinos, live casinos, sports, and esports. They do not provide much information about payments, partner brands, licenses, etc.
They have testimonials from reputed brands.
Their website’s user interface is clean.
They offer commissions of up to 50%.

Conclusion: Rolletto Affiliates Review

Rolletto is a decent affiliate provider. They are new in the business, so they have plenty of room for improvement. They are already working with big brands and many evolving brands, as per their testimonials. They need to provide more information about them on their website. Their website has a clear interface that attracts many customers.

They also provide good customer service. So if you have any query you can always ask their team about it. Overall they are a good platform for affiliates. They can improve their platform even more and make the data available for first-time visitors or non-registered visitors. We recommend this site only if you get answers to all your questions regarding the platform and its offers from the concerned team.

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What Currencies are Accepted at Rolletto Affiliates Program?

The currency EUR is accepted at Rolletto.

Do Rolletto Affiliates Have Sub Affiliate Commissions?

No, they don’t offer commissions for sub affiliates.

Is There Negative Carryover in Rolletto Affiliates?

No, there is no Negative carryover in Rolletto.

Do Rolletto Affiliates Offer CPA or Hybrid Deals?

No, they don’t offer CPA or Hybrid Deals.

What Payment Methods Are Available at Rolletto Affiliates?

They have not mentioned any specific payment methods on their website.

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