Sunbet Partners Review 2023 – Revenue Share, CPA & More

Sunbet affiliate program is an affiliate marketing initiative of the team to drive more organic traffic to the website. Under the affiliate program, registered Sunbet affiliates spread the word about the sportsbook brand among their audiences to promote the brand.

The brand is backed by Sun International as a global sportsbook, ensuring Sunbet partners a great reputation and competitive payout based on their performance. Affiliates must, however, thoroughly review the terms and conditions published on the website before registering for the affiliate program.

The table mentioned below presents useful pieces of information that interested users must review before signing up as affiliates for the Sunbet partners program.


Official Website
Established Year September 2017
Base Commission 20% of the net revenue generated by Sunbet through the referral.
Commission Type Affiliate program commission is based on CPA, Cost Per Action, payable when a user executes the actions of registering, depositing, and generating net revenue.
Payment Frequency Affiliates are paid every month within 10 days from the receipt of their invoice.
Payment Methods Sunbet affiliate program commission is paid over the internet to the registered bank account.
Minimum Payment There is no minimum payment; however, Sunbet partners must refer at least five users every month.
Withdrawal Limit There is no withdrawal limit. Affiliates are paid irrespective of the net revenue they generate for the platform.
Currencies Transactions initiate in South African Rands (SAR) and the currency is then converted based on the prevailing conversion rate.
Affiliate Software MyAffiliates
Revenue Share Revenue is shared as 5% based on sub affiliate commission and 20% based on the action executed by the user.
Cookie Duration Session
Negative Carryover Sunbet affiliate program carries forward the negative value to the next calendar year and offsets it against the net revenue generated in that month.
Bundling N/A
Admin Fee N/A
CPA Customers must register and generate net revenue for the platform for affiliates to receive a commission of 20%.
How They Pay Sunbet affiliate program pays affiliates the commission through internet banking.

Key Details About Sunbet Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing initiative by the brand is a great opportunity for Sunbet affiliates to earn income by promoting the relevant products and services of Sunbet International. Here are more details about the casino affiliate program for those looking to register as Sunbet affiliates.

Commission Details

Sunbet affiliates earn handsome commission after their referrals have performed the required action. The payout stands at 20% of the net revenue generated by Sunbet International from the referral.

Another way for affiliates to earn commission through the affiliate marketing program of the sportsbook is through sub affiliates. Conversions generated through sub affiliates entitle affiliates to claim a 5% commission.

Type Commission (%)
Through Referrals 20%
Through Sub Affiliates 5%

Commission generated in both ways is accrued over a month. It can be claimed by generating an invoice, after which it takes 10 days for the platform to transfer the payout. No minimum or maximum amount is required to be registered; however, affiliates must refer at least five customers every month.

Inactive customers are removed from the list and not counted by Sunbet International. Affiliates must not register as customers on the platform through links containing their unique IDs.


Sub-affiliates are those who join the Sunbet Partners program through Sunbet affiliates. The responsibilities are the same except for the fact that affiliates earn 5% after sub-affiliates successfully earn their commission.

Anyone can enroll as a sub-affiliate under the affiliate marketing initiative by Sunbet through the link provided by a Sunbet partner. Sunbet affiliate commission is generated when their referrals result in net revenue for the brand.

Payment Details

Affiliates who register for affiliate marketing with Sunbet receive payments every month in the bank account, details for which must be provided at the time of registration. Bank details can be changed by a Sunbet partner by visiting his or her account section.

Payments are processed within 10 days from the time the invoice is issued. Any discrepancy found in the transaction can be discussed with the affiliate manager. There is neither a minimum nor maximum limit for Sunbet affiliates to receive their commission.

The same applies to the sub-affiliate commission. CPA is at the core of the Sunbet Partners program. A transaction for the commission would be processed as long as at least 5 customers have been referred and net revenue has been generated.


Information related to software deployed by Sunbet has not been made public yet; however, a community has been heard quoting the utilisation of MyAffiliates. The overall affiliate marketing program by Sunbet is based on offering tools and charts to affiliates for a quick review. Software by Sunbet enables the platform to boost its competitive odds along with 10,000+ live in-play events every month.

Restricted Countries For Players And Affiliates

While a clear list of countries where operations are restricted has never been made public, one can still easily check the same by accessing the website of Sunbet International. Various governments are deliberating on making the operations of Sunbet International and other sportsbook operators legal.

License Type

Sunbet is licensed as Sunbet PTY Ltd by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board. Sunbet is also associated with the South African Responsible Gambling Foundation to promote responsible gambling among all adults.

Casino Brands

Sunbet International offers sports products like soccer, rugby, and cricket, to mention a few, under various casino brands or properties, namely:-

  • Sun City Resort
  • Boardwalk
  • Bush Bungalows
  • Cabanas
  • Carnival City…and 15 more.


Sunbet Partners program deals in South African Rand (SAR) which is then converted into the national currency of the affiliate at the prevailing exchange rate.

How to Create an Account at Sunbet Partners

Sunbet Partners program is open for all with a mandatory condition that the person must have at least one website. Creating an account in the Sunbet Partners program is quick and easy, requiring only a few minutes.

Step 1: Interested persons must first visit the official website of Sunbet Partners.

Step 2: Click the Sign-Up button on the homepage of the website to be redirected to the registration section, wherein a form must be filled by entering personal details like name, email address, and contact number. Check the details to proceed to the next section of Account Details.

Step 3: In order to receive a commission from the affiliate marketing initiative of Sunbet International, the person must provide the correct information of an active bank account. Details about the bank account can be changed later at any time.

At the conclusive stage, enter the login details and apply. The team will review the application and get back to the applicant within three business days. An affiliate manager will be assigned if the application is approved.

How Can You Make Money with the Sunbet Partners Program?

Like every other affiliate marketing program, the Sunbet Partners program allows its affiliates to earn a commission of 20% on the net revenue generated by the platform.

Sunbet Partners program works on the CPA model where a customer must take specific action for the affiliate to earn his or her commission. The action here refers to the platform earning revenue from the referral who is identified through a link that contains the unique id related to the affiliate.

Associated individuals must drive traffic first through the use of sophisticated marketing tools and marketing material that are provided by the affiliate manager.

Pros and Cons of Sunbet Partners Program

Pros Cons
The affiliate marketing program of Sunbet comes loaded with various exciting promos. They are similar to those that are enjoyed by players registering for the first time. For instance, a new user who signs up sees the deposit being doubled by the platform. This allows them to better place wagers on a game and earn rewards. A minimum of five referrals are mandatory to remain on the list of affiliate marketing. Plus, referrals must remain active to get removed from the list of active users. Users who are reported inactive are removed from the list, and they are not counted as an addition to Sunbet International.
Affiliates under the Sunbet Partners program are assigned a dedicated affiliate manager who helps them throughout the process. Partners can also seek assistance to generate leads and convert them successfully for a commission. Affiliate managers are available over the Internet with no physical visit required. Actions of referrals cannot be controlled. Sunbet partners can do their best to positively influence the behaviour by appropriately sharing the positive sides of the platform. Once referred, it is entirely up to the customer to register and engage with the platform.
The marketing material provided by Sunbet through the affiliate manager suffices the need to understand the details of the program. The material comes in handy to know about tools that affiliates can use to track their conversion. Sunbet affiliates and sub-affiliates can track their commission and sub affiliate commission, respectively. Operations of Sunbet International are based on region. Not every government has yet recognized the brand in its legal form. This restricts not just the operations but also participation from certain parts of the world. Affiliates can still join the Sunbet Partners program; however, the chances of registering a conversion are less.
Sunbet has higher accuracy to report affiliate marketing data to its partners who can rely on knowing that there are fewer chances of information being misreported. Data is presented in the form of a table and charts. It is easier for Sunbet partners to have a glance.
Sunbet is a well-known and trusted brand. The name speaks for itself, lowering the efforts that must be invested to spread the word by affiliates. It is regulated and governed by authorities, establishing trust among customers that their data and transactions are entirely protected.

A lot depends on the type of and location where the audience target resides. A Sunbet partner can promote the brand from any part of the world. The affiliate commission would ultimately be converted from the South African Rand to the national currency.

Conclusion: Sunbet Partners Review

Apart from the interesting affiliate program, Sunbet International also offers attractive promotions like doubling the first deposit after first signing up the user. Sunbet constantly looks to introduce innovative features for a better customer experience. Recently launched features include Cash Out and Action Bets. Connect with Sunbet International on social media for regular updates.


How Long Does It Take to Complete the Sunbet Affiliates Registration Process?

The quick and hassle-free registration process for Sunbet Affiliates program takes a maximum of three working business days after applying.

Is a Website Needed to Sign Up for the Sunbet Partners Program?

Yes, those who are interested to register for the Sunbet Partners program must have at least one website available for view and analysis.

Are Deposits and Wagers by Affiliates Eligible for Commission?

Sunbet Partners commission is payable only for the net revenue generated by referrals. Deposits and wagers placed by affiliates do not qualify for commission.

Is the Placement of a Sunbet Banner on the Website Considered for Payment?

Placement of the Sunbet banner does not qualify for commission payment as it works on the CPA model, i.e., commissions are paid only after referrals execute the action of generating net revenue for Sunbet.

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