Affbritish Review 2023 – Exclusive Commissions, Tools & More!

As an exclusive platform for the users and affiliates of the WinBritish casino, Affbritish allows partners to have a dedicated website and dashboard to promote and refer to the casino. Winbritish casino might not be one of the big players, but it offers its users a carefully picked variety of online betting and gambling games. Like various online casinos, Winbritish also has a way to bring in new users through affiliates. The existing users can visit the Affbritish website to log in and proceed with their affiliate program management.

The platform has various resources to encourage and empower the affiliates through the Affbritish website to generate traffic towards the casino. One thing to be noted about the Affbritish platform is that it appears to have no withdrawal limits, while the payment date can range from a day to three weeks. Checkout this complete Affbritish review to know more about it in detail.


Official Website
Established Year 2019
Base Commission 40% recurring share, an additional £180 CPA, and more
Commission Type Recurring, one time
Payment Frequency 1-20 days
Payment Methods Paypal, Neteller, Skrill, bank wire
Minimum Payment £250
Withdrawal Limit No limit
Currencies EUR, USD & GBP
Affiliate Software Skill On Net
Revenue Share 40%
Cookie Duration Session
Negative Carryover No
Bundling No
Admin Fee No
CPA £180

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Key Details About Affbritish

Established shortly after the launch of Winbritish Casino in 2019, Affbritish is one of the newer players in the affiliate marketing industry. The Affbritish platforms allow the affiliates to perform and devise their ways of affiliate marketing and attract traffic to the casino. Each new user brought through an affiliate might get some additional perk, while the affiliate partner would continue to get a 40% revenue of the user’s bets.

Upon visiting the Affbritish affiliate marketing website, the individuals can log in through their user ID and credentials to get started. New users would have an easy time getting used to the minimalistic design of this one of the best casino affiliate programs. One thing that affiliate managers should be mindful of is that the Affbritish affiliate marketing program is aimed toward the British markets and user base.

Commission Details

The commission offered by Affbritish to its affiliates can be considered considerate and competitive, given the affiliate programs of other casinos. Primarily, the affiliates would have to rely on their referrals’ revenue and if that amounts to a good value. Furthermore, the more users one can reach out to and recruit for the platform, the better it will be for the bottom line. Affbritish offers 40% of revenue of the wagered amount by the referred user to their affiliate manager or partner.

Commission Structure 

Revenue sharing:
(for total amount of bets made by referrals)
(if applicable)
Negative Carryover:
(from prior sessions and invites)

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Keeping it simple and intuitive with the commissions, Affbritish has designed a seamless and smooth experience through the easy and enticing commission structure. The referral’s commission can also be used to make one’s bets at the master platform, i.e., Winbritish. No CPL, admin fee, or other charges are required for one to become an affiliate of the brand and start making money by bringing in new gamblers and players alike.


Sub-affiliation programs are more niche and exclusive services offered by only the best affiliate manager programs in the industry. Sub-affiliate programs allow affiliates to gain revenue even from users invited by their own referrals. For instance, if an affiliate invites in a new user who becomes an affiliate themselves, the original partner would also make money from the referrals of the new users. When writing this review, Affbritish does not have a sub-affiliate program.

All the income would go to the new user for its referrals without making any commission for the other individual. Sub-affiliate programs can often be tricky to implement due to the more complex calculations to generate sub-affiliate revenue for each user. However, it can be implemented at any time, and only time will tell if Affbritish releases a sub-affiliation program in the future.

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Payment Details

Financial transactions are an aspect of affiliate marketing that must never be overlooked to avoid unnecessary hassles. The Affbritish affiliate program allows users to withdraw payments through a handful of selected methods, which can seem to limit some individuals. There are four major ways to get payments for one’s referrals which would be the following:

  • Paypal
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Bank Wire

The payment is typically made within 1-20 days of accumulation of funds, provided the minimum withdrawal value has been met.

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The marketing and online software for all the tools and services used by Affbritish are Skill On Net. The software the Affbritish to make the platform look and function similarly to that of the casino brand, i.e., Winbritish. Both websites offer a minimalistic and simple user interface for quick learning and fast navigation.

While there is no dedicated mobile app for the affiliates to use the platform, individuals can use the web browser on their phone to log in and access the affiliate marketing platform without using a personal computer or a laptop. Regarding the games that new users can play on the platform, there is a long list of online gambling and casino games supported by some of the elite software game providers, such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Play’n Go, etc.

Restricted Countries

Due to the varying regulations and local laws of all the different nations and regions, Affbritish is not available in all countries. Individuals from restricted countries would be forced to continue their search for an affiliate marketing platform for online casinos. The list of restricted countries for Affbritish is similar to that of Winbritish. Thus, if one is present in a country where Winbritish isn’t accessible, Affbritish too would be off limits.

License and Regulated Jurisdictions

The Affbritish platform is licensed and monitored by two gambling commissions and authorities. These two regulatory bodies would be the UK Gambling Commission and Alderney Gambling Control Commission. Apart from the licensing, there are several regulatory jurisdictions to which the platform is subjected.

Languages Available

The presence of a multi-language platform is something that many users seek, especially if they do not speak English natively. However, the target demographic and the focus of the Affbritish platform solely lies in the British user base; thus, English is the only language supported by the platform. Individuals can manually translate the entire webpage to a different language using their web browser or tools like Translate by Google.

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Several brands are associated with the affiliate marketing platform and leave a positive reviews. In addition to the brands for games and software, there are other online web portals and platforms that back the Affbritish website and claim it to be a good & reliable option. Some of the associated brands are listed below:

  • Casino Chap
  • Casino Viking
  • Slots Calendar
  • BetPokies
  • Casino Mentor
  • Casino bee

Apart from the names above, many other small brands and third-party verifiers stand behind the credibility of Affbritish.

Target Markets

The Affbritish platform focuses on the untapped British markets and user base in that region. Target markets for affiliate marketing can differ greatly, and they might require the marketeers to devise distinct strategies for each region to bring in new players. The platform and user dashboard offer many tools for the partners to reach out to the target market and advertise.

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Available Game Types

Given the scale and age of this one of the top online casino sites, an impressive variety of games on the platform spans various game types. The available games range from online slots to card games, online casino games, etc. The list of games provided on any platform can be a very useful feature to advertise to new or prospective users.

Tools and Banners

Online tools such as banners, channel inserts, quick adverts, EDMs, etc., have become quite common in the industry to market any product to potential users. The affiliates who use Affbritish for marketing can expect several online tools to help them effectively reach the right audience and convert as many users as possible. Individuals can use the platform’s premade or existing banners to market or even advertise on one’s websites.


Primarily, the Affbritish platform supports EUR, USD, and GBP, among other currencies. The use of digital payment services circumvents the need for currency exchanges, and the individuals can get paid directly in the currency that they choose for the withdrawal from the Affbritish platform.

Types of Partnerships for Affiliates

Multiple partnerships are offered to affiliates; in some cases, affiliates can also get a customised partnership model that suits their needs. As per many Affbritish reviews, for instance, a business’s resources and requirements might differ from an individual’s; thus, there are ways to get a distinct deal. Affiliates can expect a revenue-sharing model, CPA, and keeping up with the industry standard. The affiliate marketing platform also offers hybrid models.

How to Create an Account at Affbritish?

Creating an affiliate account with Affbritish is straightforward. Follow the steps below and get started now:-

  • Visit the Affbritish website.
  • Click on the ‘Join Now’ button to get started.
  • Fill in personal details such as email address, phone number, etc.

If a company wants to register on the platform, the company’s individuals can fill in official details, including the company website, country of origin, etc.

  • Click on the ‘Join Now’ button at the bottom to submit
  • Verify the contact details
  • Get Started

Pros and Cons of Affbritish Review

Pros Cons
Affbritish provides a highly competitive and enticing share of the revenue (40%). The platform is restricted in various countries, and individuals from restricted countries cannot access Affbritish.
Affbritish provides tools and online services to help users market better aside from the commission. The minimum withdrawal limit can seem a bit high to some users.

Affbritish Review: Conclusion

Affbritish is one of the more underrated platforms for affiliate marketing. The platform provides a lucrative deal through the easy and rewarding commission structure and the tools one can use to generate more traffic. The lack of sub-affiliate programs is certainly a drawback, but it might not be a significant element in the long run for seasoned marketers.

The user-friendly platform and simplistic approach to everything make it a perfect place to start affiliate marketing for new users who might be familiar with all the ins and outs of the industry.

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What Is the Minimum Threshold of Affbritish?

The Affbritish platform offers a low minimum threshold, and the minimum limit for withdrawal is £250.

What Currencies are Accepted at Affbritish?

Affbritish supports multiple currencies such as EUR & USD but there is no support for cryptocurrencies.

Do Affbritish Have Sub-Affiliate Commissions?

No, Affbritish does not have sub affiliate commissions.

What is the Revenue Share at Affbritish Program?

The revenue share that is offered by the Affbritish program is 40%.

Do Affbritish Affiliates Offer CPA or Hybrid Deals?

Yes, the Affbritish affiliates program offers both CPA (of £180) and hybrid deals to its users.

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