MrBet Partners Review 2023 – Make Money on Revenue Share of Up to 45%


MrBet Partners Program is a program exclusively for those who are interested in getting listed as affiliates to promote the casino brand. The duties under the affiliate program include generating leads and driving traffic to the casino’s official website.

Affiliates can generate traffic through any marketing channel. MrBet Casino affiliate is a win-win program that gives the casino its business and affiliates their commission.

Another way for affiliates to earn money through the program is through sub-affiliate commission, a method we will review in the article. A successful conversion is counted only when users generate revenue for the casino brand.

Affiliate marketing is here to stay until brands like MrBet Partners take care of their affiliates. A detailed summary of the affiliate program is mentioned below in the table.

MrBet Partners Summary

Official Website
Established Year 2017
Base Commission 35%; however, commission for the affiliate program depends on several factors.
Commission Type Standard structure
Payment Frequency Affiliates receive a commission every month on the fourth day.
Payment Methods PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, Webmoney, and Wire. Affiliates can connect with managers to request a different payment method.
Minimum Payment $100
Withdrawal Limit There is no withdrawal limit for MrBet Partners.
Currencies More than 15 currencies are accepted with US Dollar and Euro being the major currencies.
Affiliate Software MrBet Casino Affiliate deploys in-house customized software for its marketing campaign.
Revenue Share Ranges between 30% and 45% based on how much business affiliates generate for the brand.
Cookie duration Session-based
Negative Carryover There is no negative carryover, and the balance is reset to zero in the next month for MrBet Partners.
Bundling No
Admin Fee Admin fee could be applicable when releasing the affiliates commission or sub-affiliate commission.
CPA CPA is available upon submitting a request to managers.
HYBRID HYBRID is available upon submitting a request to affiliate managers.
How They Pay The affiliate partners receive the payment on the fourth day of the following month over the internet.

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The affiliate program of MrBet has taken off within five years. Many interested candidates have participated in the MrBet Partners to earn huge commissions.

Key Details About MrBet Partners

There is still a lot to know about this online casino affiliate program. After reviewing the details as a summary, let us now check them out with more details.

Commission Details

Affiliates receive their commissions in two ways. First, where they generate business for the casino brand by driving traffic to the official website. Second, when they get more MrBet Partners to sign up for the marketing campaign of the casino brand.

In both cases, affiliate marketing commissions become payable only after the casino brand generates revenue from the referrals. The commission is based on the amount of revenue that referrals generate.

Net Revenue (Euro) Commission Percentage For Affiliates
From 0 to 5,000 30%
From 5,001 to 15,000 35%
From 15,001 to 30,000 40%
From 30,001 to above 45%

The commission for MrBet Program is payable on a revenue-sharing basis with the standard structure format as shown above. A manager remains the center point for all communication, including fulfilling the requirement of promotional material.


Sub affiliation is when affiliates get more to sign up for MrBet Casino Affiliate Program. This is another way for affiliates to generate commission. They can simply choose to promote the MrBet Program instead of the casino’s products and services to earn money in the form of a sub-affiliate commission. The standard market structure links sub-affiliate commissions between of 5% and 10%. The marketing campaign of the casino brand pays nearly the average of the range, allowing affiliates to earn 7% from the referrals generated by sub-affiliates.

It is recommended that affiliates continue promoting the brand and generate leads from their side. This is crucial to keep the profile active and the business growing in the market.

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Payment Details

Payments for the marketing campaign of the casino brand are made on time. Affiliates receive the sale and sub affiliate commissions on the fourth of the month. Methods through which payments are transferred to the bank include PayPal, Payoneer, Webmoney, Paxum, and Wire. Affiliates can be contacted 24/7 to request another payment method.

For basics, referrals must generate business for the casino brand. The final payout depends on the amount of business that was generated through an affiliate under the marketing campaign.

Affiliates must meet the minimum limit to receive their commission. If the amount has not reached the minimum level, then it is carried forward to the next month. MrBet Partners does not follow negative carryover, and a new month is started with the board reset to zero. All payments are transferred over the internet, and affiliates do not have to physically visit any office.


MrBet deploys its own in-house-built customized software for the marketing campaign. It serves real-time data to affiliates, helping them review their performance status. The software comes in handy throughout the MrBet Casino Affiliate Program membership as it helps keep track of material effectiveness.

Reports on conversions and clicks are available on demand. Managers can be contacted if there is any technical glitch in the report. For instance, someone may have clicked on the link, but that does not show in the data.

The software also enables affiliates to decide what promotional tools should be used on their respective marketing channels. It is regularly updated to ensure that bugs are fixed, and no technical fault remains to cause suffering to affiliates.

Restricted Countries

While there is no specific list of the countries restricted for the casino brand of the MrBet Casino Affiliate, it is quite clear within the community that any region that does not entertain casinos is out of bounds for affiliates.

It leads to restrictions regarding the reach, especially if an affiliate has maximum reach in the region that is restricted. A manager helps to know where products and services of the casino brand can be marketed for an effective result.

The list is updated based on the regions that have begun to regulate or deregulate casinos and their offerings. The industry is coming out as a great way for leisure activities. Governments are beginning to understand this, and there is a chance that a lot of regions could soon be available for affiliates and interested players.

License And Regulated Jurisdictions

All the marketing operations for MrBet Casino Affiliate Program are licensed and regulated in the Caribbean Island of Curacao.


MrBet Partners Program covers only one casino brand under its marketing campaign. That brand is MrBet Casino, whose website is available in seven different languages, including Russian, English, and five others.

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Available Game Types

Games that are available for marketing are slots, board & scratch games, live casino, poker, bingo, and other popular online casino games.

Tools And Banners

The in-house affiliate marketing software deployed by MrBet offers various tools and banners to affiliates to better market the brand. Links with a unique id and rich media content are only a few; others include email content, landing page, and HTML templates.


MrBet Casino Affiliate accepts more than 15 currencies; however, only two currencies are majorly promoted: the US Dollar and Euro.

Types Of Partnerships For Affiliates

Affiliates can engage in a lifetime partnership with MrBet Casino through its marketing campaign. The basic form of marketing where referrals must generate revenue for the casino brand is always available. On the other hand, HYBRID must be discussed with the managers before affiliates can consider it.

After reviewing the details, let us discuss other important points regarding the MrBet Casino Affiliate.

How to Create an Account with MrBet Partners?

Unlike others in the market, MrBet Partners requires a single form to be filled by the interested candidates to get listed as affiliates for the casino brand.

  • Interested candidates must first visit the official website of the MrBet Partners Program.
  • Click the Sign-Up button appearing at the top of the website.
  • A new web page will appear with a short form filled with important details. Mandatory fields must be filled to proceed with the MrBet Casino Affiliate enrollment.
  • Terms and conditions would then appear at the bottom of the form. Click the hyperlink to get the details about it. Review them before clicking the box or agreeing to them while filling out the form for the marketing program of the casino brand.
  • Click Create Account to submit the form.

Affiliate managers will then review the application form and validate the listing of the candidate as an affiliate for the program. Details asked by the platform include the name of the candidate, his/her business, skype id, and payment method.

Candidates will be asked to share their main source of traffic. A manager would then approve the application for the marketing campaign.

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Pros and Cons of MrBet Partners

Affiliates who have worked, or are working, for the casino brand’s marketing program understand that the program’s pros are way more than its cons. The table below further strengthens the claim.

Pros Cons
MrBet Casino is a trusted brand. Affiliates rarely struggle to promote their products and services, and neither referrals regret being on the platform. Only limited currencies are available. Players and affiliates can still request the addition of more currencies.
The 24/7 support for affiliates from managers is fast and efficient. They are capable enough to resolve all the issues without escalating them to a supervisor. There is only one brand, MrBet Casino, available under the marketing campaign of the casino brand. Having more options is always a plus as it gives partners freedom to promote the brand and generate business.
Affiliates get access to all the modern marketing tools to help them better their performance as the partners of the casino brand. Operations of MrBet Casino are restricted in some countries. Therefore, its products and services can only be marketed in a few regions.
High-quality advertisement material saves time for the partners of the MrBet Casino Affiliate as it is well-prepared to be shared on a marketing platform.
There is no limit to what products and services can be promoted by the partners. It could be poker, bingo, or a sportsbook.

Many candidates proceed to register for the MrBet Program despite the marketing program having certain cons. That is how far the pros outweigh the other side of the program. They also stand up to the reputation on every occasion.

MrBet Partners Review: Conclusion

MrBet Casino is a reliable and licensed casino brand. Affiliates indeed enjoy that privilege under the MrBet Partners Program. The 24/7 support by managers makes it convenient to reach out for assistance.

Partners receive their affiliate commission and sub-affiliate commission on time over the internet through all the major payment methods. Additional methods can always be requested by contacting an affiliate manager. Keep an eye on the constant upgrades to the affiliate software as they are crucial for the more efficient marketing of products and services.

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What Is the Revenue Share Offered to MrBet Partners?

MrBet partners bag revenue share in the range of 30% and 45% depending on the monthly revenue generated by the casino brand through referrals.

How Many and What Casino Brands Are Associated with MrBet Partners?

Only one casino brand, MrBet Casino, is associated with MrBet Partners.

How Are Payments Released by MrBet for Its Partners?

Payments are released through PayPal, Payoneer, Webmoney, Paxum, and Wire directly into the accounts of affiliates.

Which Software Is Used by MrBet Partners?

In-house customized software is utilized by the casino brand for its affiliates.

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