An Extensive BC.Game Casino Review

In the world of crypto gambling, users need more feature-rich games that keep them engrossed and profitable. BC.Game is one such crypto gambling site offering unique experience as part of its faucet strategy. In this BC.Game review, we will discover how the site makes a mark on the users, particularly from Australia.

What is BC.Game Casino?

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BC.Game Casino Review

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As per the BC.Game review, the platform is an online crypto casino that accepts cryptocurrencies. Like every online iGaming platform, it accepts players’ bets on games. The winnings are added to the users’ accounts, who can withdraw them to their crypto-friendly bank accounts.

BC.Game Casino Review – Features and Gaming Variety

This BC.Game review uncovers different aspects of the platform to understand how it pleases the customers from Australia.


It offers a number of gambling features. It is available to users in Australia via browser apps. It can be accessed on all computing devices, from smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktop computers. The casino is also available as an app in the Australian gambling industry. The casino runs in different languages, English being the primary option for languages used in Australia. The graphics keep different categories of the casino interesting. The wagering experience never gets dull. The site also markets “Please leave this site if you are under 18 years of age” to avoid any unnecessary issues.


Crypto casinos like this offer its services to the Australian market by meeting certain conditions set by the Australian government. It also runs in multiplayer mode for games such as Chat Rain and Shit Code. Bets placed on the casino are protected with discreet investments through crypto-friendly banks. Compared to other casinos, BC.Game offers better support and unique games.


Different types of online casino games are offered by BC.Game Casino. The basic game selection list includes:

  • Bit Dice
  • Star Prize Slots
  • Lucky Prize Slots
  • World Wheel
  • Baccarat
  • House Edge
  • Video Poker
  • Hash Dice
  • Oriental Beauties
  • Super Zero
  • Netbox Coin Slots
  • Lucky Spin
  • Master Medal Dice
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette

Blackjack, Roulette, Wheel of Fortune, Keno, and Coco are the most popular games on the casino site. The demand for classic games such as blackjack, wheel of fortune, and roulette is relatively high.

Enjoy Various Games

Enjoy Various Games

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The BC Game platform also offers several Crash games and video poker. The crypto casino site saves the gaming preferences on users as cookies. These cookies further help in finding the most relevant gaming varieties in every session. The web app software processes keep these cookies updated for changes in preferences.

In-depth Review of BC.Game Casino

In-depth Review of BC.Game Casino

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Spins on a slots game or a dice game are gainful. Gamblers get free spins to keep their progressive slots hot. Games such as baccarat also offer medals to next-level gamers. Winning rewards at every level of these games is common on the site. The level of excitement also increases, even for basic casino games such as Plinko and Crash. The gaming technology used in Plinko and Crash is also updated.

According to the review, BC.Game provides a healthy roll competition. In fact, games like Hashdice, Treasure, and Curacao are designed with an intuitive UI to capture Australian gamblers’ attention. Each game helps gamers rake in a fruitful prize at the end of the day. These dice games have the highest engagement rate. All games are protected with Provably Fair algorithms.

BC.Game Casino VIP Program

This service is a premium experience with an exclusive list of gambling categories. According to this review, in this program, wagerers also get tips on better payouts. The prize for VIP players is always more lucrative than others.

VIP Program

VIP Program

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This VIP club is managed on a separate blockchain to protect the investments of every VIP BC Game member. These members get a maximum bonus and can customize their wagering requirement. VIP ladder games such as Keno and Saviour Sword offer the best desktop gambling experience. The selection for a VIP player improves based on wagering and bonus amount.

BC.Game Casino Review – Bonuses and Customer Support

Getting a bonus or a promotional offer is quite common for new players on this platform. Here’s how it works.

Bonuses and Promotions

Through the “Bonus” page on the website, crypto casinos such as BC.Game offers a wide range of daily bonus deals, such as no deposit bonus, etc. The daily bonus codes and the daily task bonus get updated every six hours. The gambling operator runs open-source code to draw the lucky prize bonus. The first deposit bonus code is available to all users. The first deposit bonus matches up 100% of the deposit. The online casino provides promotion to players who are actively engaged in the games and playing high stakes with each other.

Maximum BonusMaximum Bonus

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Some crypto games also allow players to gain the ability bonus daily. The gaming reward for players may vary based on the results processed by the software. The Rain promotion offer using the Rain feature, followed by the Coco deposit bonus, is properly managed by the gambling platform.

Daily BonusDaily Bonus

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In slots, players get free spins or a bonus spin after every round. Each spin ensures that the players make some earnings or procure more promotions. The task bonuses make sure the players do not run empty.

Customer Support Team

Various support options are available on the website, such as email, chat room, etc. Chat rooms are the best customer support option. The chat room responses are quick and easy to incorporate. Live chat room window is always available at every gaming interface. Players can e-mail the support staff to get proper knowledge on promos and other details. The e-mail has a quick turnaround service, which is quite a reward for active players.

Excellent Customer SupportExcellent Customer Support

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The BC.Game customer support contacts players who have filed complaints or have been trapped in a blockchain limbo via email or any other available option. The support staff provides access to various blockchain articles that guide the players in complex gambling activities in the casino. The FAQ section is also quite helpful. The team ensures a 24/7 seamless gaming experience.

BC.Game Casino – Cryptocurrency Transactions

The crypto casino’s transactional processing system primarily accepts cryptocurrencies. Credit card transaction is the primary payment method, followed by crypto wallet transaction. Blockchain technology covers all payment methods on the site.

Accepted Cryptocurrencies

The digital currencies accepted by the casino are updated from time to time. Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin are some of the supported cryptocurrencies.

Accepted Digital CurrenciesAccepted Digital Currencies

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The site also accepts:

  • Aave
  • Stellar
  • Polkadot
  • Bitcoin SV
  • Monero
  • Tether
  • TurtleCoin
  • Tron

Now, let’s discuss the pros, cons, and rules of deposit and withdrawal methods.


There are no restrictions on the amount being deposited. The max cryptocurrency deposit limits for the platform are not defined. Deposit methods include debit card/credit card transactions and online payment gateways such as PayPal, eWay, SecurePay, and Square. Some deposit bonus offers can even double the funds being added. Besides crypto money, the deposit features accept payments in fiat currencies such as AUD (Australian dollar). Players can deposit crypto money in SATS, short for Satoshis, a 0.00000001 fraction of 1 BTC.

Deposit OptionsDeposit Options

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The terms of withdrawals are mentioned on the website. There are few cashout limitations as the withdrawal functionalities are quite flexible. The minimum withdrawal amount is 2 mBTC (millibitcoin), which is 0.001 of 1 BTC. The website updates the account balance in real-time and protects it with an encrypted password. The “My Wallet” option stores the funds and crypto rewards of each player.

BC.Game Casino Review – Pros and Cons

Based on several online reviews, here is a round-up of the pros and cons of BC.Game Casino.


  • Best players get medals
  • Completely managed on the blockchain
  • Sign-up bonus available
  • Smooth withdrawal
  • High processing speed
  • Responsive live chat
  • Availability of Provably fair games


  • No free demo available
  • Live dealer games are not available

Is BC.Game Casino Safe?

Every transaction executed on the casino is protected by various security features such as SSL encryption. Every deposit bonus can be encashed by the players. It runs provably fair games for preventing any frauds.


Verified by iTech LabsVerified by iTech Labs

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Verified by iTech Labs and the Crypto Gambling Foundation of Australia, the casino platform is safe for use. It holds its rights reserved for the Australian gambling authorities. The casino’s official website shares info on its blockchain licensing and regulatory compliance. Due to the safety of the casino, it has inked multiple contracts with the Australian gambling community. Barring a few restricted countries, the platform is completely accessible in most parts of the world, including Australia. Further, its status in restricted countries is also expected to change soon.


1. Does the casino offer bonus codes?

Yes, the casino offers bonus codes in the form of ShitCodes.

2. What is the minimum deposit required?

There is no cap on the minimum deposit.

3. What is the maximum deposit limit?

There is no cap on maximum deposit.

4. Which are the restricted countries?

Following countries are restricted:- China, France, United States, Netherlands.

Final Thoughts on BC.Game Casino

The overall environment of BC.Game Casino is designed with different factors of fairness. The reviews suggest that it holds credibility for offering fair gambling to all users. The casino also gets a medal for its robust security on the blockchain. The reviews discuss how the Australian audience can safely gamble on this gaming platform. Overall, BC.Game keeps players hooked with its unique table games and free spins.

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