A Concise Review Of Nitrogen Sports


In operation since 2012, Nitrogen Sports is an online company of sports betting, casino and poker, based in Costa Rica. The website enjoys a solid reputation and is the only Bitcoin-based sportsbook betting site in the gambling industry. This means that sports bettors and gamblers can only play with Bitcoin at NitrogenSports EU. This Nitrogen Sports review explores the multifarious features of the Bitcoin-exclusive gaming space, and probes into deeper details of the platform’s security, promotion offers, payment system, and other features. Read the review right now and then sign up with NitrogenSports EU right away to start gaming and betting to your heart’s content.

A few quick facts about Nitrogen Sports

Browse through the facts below before launching into the in-depth review:

  • The official website of Nitrogen Sports is www.nitrogensports.eu
  • The SBR rating of the website is B+
  • Nitrogen Sports is licensed by Costa Rica and it is based in San Jose, Costa Rica
  • The betting and gambling site is compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS.
  • Both deposits and withdrawals are executed in Bitcoin
  • The Bitcoin-exclusive sportsbook and casino rank sixth in the US market.

Salient features of Nitrogen Sports

1. The interface is very user-friendly and seamless

The exquisitely-designed user interface of NitrogenSports EU is not only easily navigable but also highly functional. Indeed, the filter options of the home page make the site stand out among other sportsbooks. The filters can be set by the sports event as well as the type of bet to enable the bettor to place more customized bets at the sports casino. You can also collapse or expand the features to access them quickly. One of the nicest touches is that the main menu can be collapsed almost completely leaving the betting area free of clutter.

Nitrogen Sports Review - Nitrogen Sports Website Nitrogen Sports Review – Nitrogen Sports Website

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Simply click on the desired sports event to browse through the available types of the bet relevant to the selected sports event. You can also modify the way in which the odds get displayed in the sportsbook by toggling among decimal, or American, or combination formats.

The best part is the simple and quick registration process of Nitrogen Sports. The user can create an account within a few seconds. All that he has to do is solve the easy captcha to prove that he is not a robot and his account will be created. He can play games and place bets without doing further. To maintain the security of the account, the registered user can set it up with his email address and password.

It is especially convenient to take part in in-play action at Nitrogen Sports. Simply click on the “In-play Live” button to take part in live betting games. The best part of the user-interface is its speed of getting loaded on any device and platform. The color theme makes everything more prominent and the content of every page is rich in visual appeal too.

2. The mobile version of Nitrogen Sports is highly functional

There is no app of Nitrogen Sports EU in any app store. But, the website of Nitrogen Sports is easily accessible through the mobile browser. Its mobile-friendly design is compatible with the operating systems Android, Blackberry, Windows, and iOS. You can access the sportsbook and casino through the mobile browser irrespective of the RAM size of the device. The HTML5 games and betting games run smoothly in the mobile version of Nitrogen Sports.

3. Nitrogen Sports takes sports betting to the next level

Sports betting at Nitrogen Sports is a thrilling experience. The registered user can place bets on eighteen different sports, some of which are pretty unique. The sportsbook of the sports casino only enlists those sports for which there are betting opportunities available. The website gets regularly updated with the latest sports events, leagues, and matches. The only way to place successful bets and rake in good fortunes is to stay sign in to the site every day and keep an eye on the sports betting section. Some of the most popular sports featured in the sportsbook of Nitrogen Sports include the following:

  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Handball
  • Golf
  • Baseball
  • Table tennis
  • Darts
  • Cricket
  • Basketball
  • Snooker
  • Boxing
  • Soccer
  • Rugby
  • MMA
  • Tennis
  • Motorsports
  • Hockey

The list of sports is not only extensive, but also regularly updated, and inclusive of everyone’s favorite sports.

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4. Nitrogen Sports offers betting opportunities on esports

If you are a die-hard fan of betting esports like Counter-Strike and Starcraft, then Nitrogen Sports is the one-stop destination for wagering on the most popular esports and games of today. Navigate to the sportsbook page and click on the left-hand side to select the desired tournament or game. Currently, Nitrogen Sports offers betting opportunities on the following esports games:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Dota 2
  • Starcraft, and more

5. The live betting opportunity flaunts excellent variety but it can be better

Live betting games at Nitrogen Sports can do with some improvement. The option for live betting is featured among the other betting markets which means that it is a little difficult to locate the option and take part in live betting. It would be an excellent improvement if Nitrogen Sports adds a page dedicated completely to live to bet. Nitrogen Sports features the live betting option on the basis of sports and not as an interface of its own which is somewhat inconvenient.

However, it is not difficult to browse through the live betting options of different sports. It may not be user-friendly, but the sheer variety of options is amazing indeed. Nitrogen Sports offers live betting on almost every US sports event which makes the site stand out among other sportsbooks.

6. Nitrogen Sports offers various bet types

The table below shows the bet types offered and not offered at Nitrogen Sports.

Table 1: Nitrogen Bet types

Types of bets offeredTypes of bets not on offer
Moneyline Exotic Parlay
Parlay Pleaser
Spread Reverse
Alternate Lines
Player Props


7. The online casino gaming section is not bad

The primary focus of Nitrogen Sports is on the sportsbook, and so the casino section of the site is not so developed. Nonetheless, Nitrogen Sports has quite an entertaining casino gaming section composed of different types of online casino games that include table games, dice games, three card poker, blackjack, baccarat, and slots.

Nitrogen Sports Reviews - Play Now! Nitrogen Sports Reviews – Play Now!

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You have to make a deposit of around 0. 001 BTC to take part in casino gaming and gambling. All of the games at Nitrogen Sports are provably fair. Click on the “Provably Fair” button under any casino game to check out the technical details and statistics of that game. There is a link provided for third-party verification of the games as well.

The company is working on the development of online casino games on its own without entering into partnerships with software providers. That is why the quality of gaming content at Nitrogen Sports is average. There are neither any jackpots nor any live dealer games at the casino. This is a major drawback, but it is understandable, as Nitrogen Sports is dedicated to sportsbook and esports betting.

The options are very limited as compared to other Bitcoin casinos. Explained below is a breakdown of the casino games at Nitrogen Sports:


Blackjack fanatics can select among three variants of the classic blackjack game. These are the single-deck blackjack, full eight decks blackjack, and two-deck blackjack games. Click on the game of your choice and play the games. The blackjack games are not powered by any software provider but are in-house creations, so you may not be completely familiar with the interface of the games. The rules of the game are the same and the array of controls on the screen is of great help.

Slot games

The design and honeycomb theme of the slot gaming page are visually appealing. Click on the “Play Now” button to play the only slot game that is available at the site of Nitrogen Sports. The developers are working on the introduction of new games of good quality and packed with prizes and entertainment.

As of now, there is only one slot game that is titled “Knockout”. It is one three-reel, boxing-themed game that adds to the sporty quotient of the site. One thing to note is that the game is unique as it is an in-house production. It is a Bitcoin game that comes with a handful of useful controls and quirky features. You can decide the amount of BTC to spend in every spin, set the game to auto-spin, modify the speed of the game, adjust the built-in effects, and configure the settings of the game.


The baccarat game is available in two versions. These are multi-player baccarat and single-player baccarat. The game is similar to bingo and poker. Select multi-player baccarat to play the game at a simple yet innovative baccarat table. The interface of the baccarat games gives off sports-betting vibes just like every other web page of the Nitrogen Sports.

The baccarat tables at Nitrogen Sports look unique and follow the rules of the classic baccarat game. The games come with three simple betting positions that include the Banker, the Player, and the Tie between Banker and Player. Login into any of the versions of the game and then explore the interface for a while before commencing the game.

Configure the game by setting the maximum and minimum bet in BTC, time out of betting, time out for disclosing the hand, a number of gamblers, name of the group or the room, and an alternative to go to the baccarat table. There are quite a few additional features as well like color-coded results, display of the outcomes in percentage, and more.

Dice games

The dice gaming section is the most interesting of the lot at Nitrogen Sports. Step into the future of gambling and gaming with the unconventional dice games. The dice game is quite unlike the traditional dice games that you may have come across at other casinos. The dice games at Nitrogen Sports do not involve any six-sided dice but follow the gameplay of the simple dice games. The dice are actually virtual objects that determine the results of the game on the basis of random number generation.

What makes the game so exciting is that the player can configure the odds and modify his probability of winning the game. The game comes with a variety of options that can be set by the player to customize the dice game. These options let the player adjust the bet amount, payout, win chance, and low/high results.

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Three-card poker

Click on the three-card poker game and then select between the options, multiplayer and single-player versions, to play the exciting card game, Nitrogen Sports poker. The players of Nitrogen Sports recommend the “Pro Table Mode” for the poker game. Set the game to Pro Table Mode to open each poker gaming table in a separate browser window that is highly convenient for playing without distractions.

The poker room displays the financial figures in mBTC which are one-thousandth part of one BTC. The game features several additional options just like every other casino game of Nitrogen Sports. Set the options like maximum and minimum bets in Bitcoin, the time out of betting, and more, and then check the game stats before launching into a three-card poker gaming session.

You will love the simple graphics and minimalist presentation of the poker table. The three-card poker room table accommodates up to five players to play at five different positions. Each position comes with a set of options that include Pair Plus, Ante, 6 Card Bonus, and the Play button.

There are extra features as well that are the menu button and the Get Balance button. The menu button consists of tiny sliders that let the player adjust the animation, and sound effects, turn the chat on or off, get access to the rules, and choose to exit from the table. The Get Balance button displays the current balance in Bitcoin in the user’s account.

The poker room at Nitrogen Sports does not permit the broadcast of head-up-display (HUD) during the gaming session. HUD is the mode that displays the moves and statistics of the opponents in the game. That being said, it is easy to keep note on the other players while playing poker at Nitrogen Sports.

8. The bonus offers are moderate

Nitrogen Sports does not offer flashy bonuses, unlike other online casinos. It does not offer any deposit bonuses nor does it have any Bitcoin-exclusive bonus offers. There are some basic offers like reload bonuses but the lack of welcome bonus packages is somewhat discouraging. On the brighter side, Nitrogen Sports has a reward system that is a decent replacement of deposit bonus offers. The players can visit the Nitro Store to exchange the reward points in return for extra cash in mBTC and free bets.

The Nitrogen Store is an outlet for scoring Nitro Points. The reward tiers at Nitro Store are Diamond, Platinum, Gold, and Bronze. All that the player needs to do is play more and more games every month to earn more points and rewards at a rapid rate. The player can also earn Nitro Points by playing poker every day. The Nitro Points from playing at the poker room can enable the player to unlock private and profitable free rolls on a daily and weekly basis.

Even though the Nitro Store is considerable enough, Nitrogen Sports should still consider a welcome bonus to attract new players or offer promos with rights reserved for new players. Bonuses are one of the most significant offers that draw in a large number of clients to different online sportsbooks and casino websites.

9. The promotion offers are pretty profitable

One of the reasons behind the popularity of Nitrogen Sports is the online sports betting promotion offer. Nitrogen Sports offers attractive promos for the new and existing players, some of which are more profitable than the offers of other best Bitcoin sports betting sites. The three most popular promotion offers of sports nitrogen are given below:

Nitrogen Sports Reviews - Grab the Promos! Nitrogen Sports Reviews – Grab the Promos!

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1. The NFL Survivor Pool

This promotion offer runs during the football sports nitrogen seasons and is one of the favorites of sports bettors. It is a basic survival pool from which the bettor picks a winning team on a weekly basis and takes care not to pick the same team twice. Most of the time, the survival pools have excellent payouts.

2. The Parlay Jackpot

The Parlay Jackpot runs every month and is a little more complex than the survival pool promotion offer. It works like whenever there is a parlay being played, the website adds a part of the bet to the jackpot. Every bet is divided into three pools on the basis of the bet amount on the parlay. These pools are the Heavyweight, Middleweight, and Featherweight. In short, the biggest parlay wins and secures the jackpots every month.

The bonus offers of Nitrogen Sports might not be good enough, but the promotions make up for that most profitably. The players love to take part in the promos to win rich prizes and jackpots.

3. Nitrogen NBA Underdog Challenge

The NBA Challenge is highly popular among the bettors at Nitrogen Sports. The bettors stand the opportunity of winning NBA basketball bets and additional 0.1 BTC.

Aside from taking part in the promotional challenges, the users can also visit the Nitrogen Sports Shop to buy cool merchandise like hoodies and tops, baseball caps, and more. The player can make purchases using the loyalty points, Bitcoin, or credit and debit cards.

10. Making deposits in the account is quick and easy

Nitrogen Sports accepts deposits only in Bitcoin and so it takes place most rapidly over the Bitcoin network. The website recommends the use of Bitcoin-QT client to enable quick deposits and easy withdrawals in seconds. If you use online Bitcoin wallets then it may take a little more time to make deposits as the wallets process deposits and withdrawals in batches. The deposit and withdrawal modes are tabulated below in Table 2.

Table 2: Modes of deposit and withdrawal

TransactionCurrencyTransaction feeDuration
Deposit Only Bitcoin None Instant
Withdrawal Only Bitcoin None Instant or within a day.

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The user can check the deposit status by visiting Blockchain.info. Conduct a search on the basis of the transaction ID, the Nitrogen wallet address, or the Bitcoin wallet address to track the deposit transaction. Deposits are fast and instantaneous because of the decentralized nature of Bitcoin. A couple of drawbacks in the deposit system is that Nitrogen Sports neither accepts any other currency nor does it offer any first deposit bonus to the new players.

11. Raking in the payouts is lucrative and speedy

The review finds it impressive that the website can process payouts at top speed and ensure that the winnings get credited to the account at top speed. One of the reasons why the turnaround time of the payout system is so fast and efficient is that Nitrogen Sports conducts every transaction in Bitcoin. The user has to follow the steps given below to secure his gambling and betting payout from NitrogenSports EU:

  • Issue a request for accessing the payouts
  • Wait for the approval of the request
  • The credit of the payout to the user’s account upon approval.

Most of the online sportsbooks and casino websites take around two days or even weeks and months to process the above-mentioned steps. But with Nitrogen Sports, processing these steps take place in a flash. The website processes Bitcoin transactions at lightning speed and so the withdrawal of payouts is easy and instantaneous.

The user only needs to wait for the Blockchain network to validate the transaction, and then secure the funds at top speed. If the withdrawal is of a significant amount, then the system takes a little time to process the payout.

Visit the cashier section of the website to withdraw the payout. Keep a Bitcoin wallet ready to store the withdrawn funds in the wallet. You can then convert the funds in the wallet into fiat currencies. It takes around 24 hours for the website to process the payout and credit it to your Bitcoin wallet account.

However, one downside of the whole payout system is that it does not allow any other currency except Bitcoin. Not many people know about Bitcoin, and the ones who do, are usually afraid of using Bitcoin because of the inherent nature of the cryptocurrency. The absence of other options makes it inconvenient for the user to withdraw funds from Nitrogen Sports. The addition of popular e-wallets like Neteller, PayPal, and Skrill can do away with this drawback.

12. The customer service is very good

The players can reach out to the customer service team in different ways. The customer help desk is not only accessible through the usual means but is also reachable via social media websites like Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook. The customer service representatives are very helpful and available around the clock. The players can also browse through the blog section at https://blog.nitrogensports.eu to get the latest updates and information on customer support and other services of the company.

The blogs of NitrogenSports EU focus on the latest sports news and updates. Read the blogs on football, hockey, combat, baseball, tennis, soccer, basketball, poker, casino, and Bitcoin. Take note of the latest headlines, breaking news, and statistics before placing bets on the different sports events, leagues, and matches. The blogs also feature the latest esports matches.

Apart from seeking help from the blog section and social media, the players can get in touch directly with the customer support team via email. Send emails to NitrogenSports EU at [email protected] to resolve general issues and secure assistance. The website also has a ticketing system that allows the customer to raise a ticket for getting in touch with the customer service team. The customer service team is highly responsive throughout the day, and even more so, during peak hours.

There is no doubt that the email support, blog section, and ticketing system are very helpful. However, there is no live chat and phone support, and so it might pose to be a problem to seek immediate assistance at any hour of the day.

13. The security system of Nitrogen Sports is first-rate

The system of NitrogenSports EU not only uses SSL encryption technology but also employs 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) system to maintain strict confidentiality of user data and funds. The review explores the security of the system and finds it impressive that the security policy and set-up of Nitrogen Sports are more robust than most other online casinos, sportsbooks, and Bitcoin betting sites.

The 2FA authentication is enabled on every page of the website of Nitrogen Sports. It enables the registered user to sign in to his account through a One-Time-Password which ensures secure access. The players recommend the use of the Authy App for generating the OTP. The app is better than Google Authenticator as it can be used on several devices and can backup the 2FA QR codes safely as well.

Pros and Cons

The review of Nitrogen Sports reveals the following pros and cons. The pros outshine the cons in the long run and make the website highly convenient for betting and gaming by players across the world.

Table 3: Pros and Cons

Permits complete anonymity in gambling and betting.
The interface is easily navigable and very user-friendly
The promos are hot and the prize pools are attractive. There are no bonus offers
The mobile version is easily accessible There is no app version of the website
The support service is available 24×7 via email and ticketing system There is no support available through phone and live chat
Deposits and withdrawals take place almost instantly. The site does not accept any currency except Bitcoin for transactions.
The Nitrogen betting opportunities are excellent. The live betting section is not well-developed
The online casino games are in-house productions and unique The catalog of games is very short with only a handful of games.

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From the perspective of the Nitrogen Sports review, it is clear that the website is excellent for betting on different sports, but is not good enough for casino gaming. The fact that it exclusively runs on Bitcoin makes it unique but inconvenient for sports bettors and gamblers who do not use Bitcoin. Overall, the website is remarkably prompt in services and completely trustworthy, legit, and reliable. With quick payouts, lucrative promos, and a wide variety of betting options, Nitrogen Sportsbook stands out among other online sportsbooks.

A few important FAQs

1. Is NitrogenSports legit?

The following facts establish the legitimacy of NitrogenSports EU:

  • Numerous positive reviews of NitrogenSports at TrustPilot and other reputed review forums.
  • NitrogenSports is licensed to and regulated by the Government of Costa Rica.
2. What is the maximum and minimum betting amount at NitrogenSports?

The maximum betting amount is 30,000 mBTC and the minimum betting amount is 0.0001 mBTC at NitrogenSports. The betting limits offered at Nitrogen Sports are more advantageous than those offered at other sportsbooks.

3. Is there any age limit for playing at Nitrogen Sports?

The policy of Nitrogen Sports clearly states that an individual has to be at least 18 years for being a registered player at Nitrogen Sports.

4. Is there any tax deduction at Nitrogen Sports?

Nitrogen Sports does not deduct any taxes from the player’s payouts. The player has to adhere to the tax guidelines of his countries and file a report accordingly.

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