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2020 Online Casinos Trends: What the Future Holds for Gamers

The field of online gambling is continuously witnessing a high level of turbulence with new technologies and procedures making their way out of the shelves. It is an exciting time and most importantly innovation and experimentation are becoming the order of the day. We take a look at some of the trends that are expected to remain dominant in 2020 as the gambling space continues to witness the churn and tumultuous environment going ahead.

1) Live Dealers’ Dominance: The number of live dealer games is expected to witness an exponential growth rate. This is because one can experience the excitement of playing and betting through real dealers with a constant online feed on a real-time basis. You can also have conversations with the dealers through the chat option which means the component of social interaction is also been taken care of during the process. No wonder, these live dealers are becoming popular with each passing day.

2) Improving Gaming Dynamics: In order to constantly draw in prospective gamers to their folds, casinos need to innovate and upgrade the technology as well as user experience. The initial experimentation of online gaming is now spilling on to mobile phones which expanded the ambit of innovation and experimentation. Gamers today have a lot of choices and in order to engage them on a constant basis, continuous improvement is going to be a key to the sustainability of online casinos.

3) Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Adoption: Perhaps the most important innovation that is going to dominate online casinos in 2020 is the further adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Both aspects are very useful for gamers as not only do they provide an extra layer of safety and security but also make the transactions anonymous in nature. This reduces the likelihood of being caught in any legal action that would have otherwise caused trouble to the gaming enthusiasts. The adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency is likely to catch further momentum this year.

4) Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have made their place in a number of industries including the manufacturing, supply chain, and logistics. Online casinos are also witnessing their applications and in 2020 it is further going to establish their roots in the online casino industry. The implications of these new-age technologies for the casino owners and gamers are yet to be ascertained fully but it is very much apparent that this will become the new normal in the gaming industry.

5) Themed Slot Machines: In order to improve the playability and entertaining quotient, 2020 will also witness the rise of themed gaming machines. The adoption of the theme also adds to the value of the game in a way that players get attracted to the storyline while trying to correlate it with their entertainment process. In sum, such themes and stories add to the value of the game while bringing novelty to the process.


Online casinos are in for a considerable transformation with many new trends and patterns setting the pace of their growth and business sustainability. This change is definitely going to bode well for the segment as it not only indicates that the industry is listening and ready to change according to the customers’ desires but also sends the signal to gamers that they have unlimited fun and rewards to look forward to.

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