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AGA Reveals Engagement of 73M Americans in NFL Betting This Season

According to a recent report from CNBC, there has been a significant increase in the number of American bettors who are interested in the games played by the NFL. The 2023–2024 season saw a rise of 60% from the previous year. This means that 73 million people are getting set to place bets on the National Football League, which is significantly more than the figure for the previous year, which was 46 million.

This uptick can be attributed to a variety of factors. One of the reasons for this is the proliferation of states that have legalized and regulated sports betting, which has opened up betting as a potential option for many people. With the NFL season starting, there are 37 states that have allowed betting.  In a short time, additional states are going to follow suit.

The popularity of the NFL becomes clear from the fact that gambling businesses have begun constructing booths in stadiums. Many online NFL betting sites have also joined the race, with 35.1 million people planning virtual betting activities. The physical sportsbook is expecting 13.6 million bettors. Yet, not all NFL enthusiasts are entering the betting arena. As per the AGA, 37% of the fans are expected to engage in betting. 

Bill Miller, the CEO of the AGA, believes that the growing number of people placing wagers on sporting events is evidence that legalized sports betting is becoming more appealing. In response to the current situation, sportsbooks are releasing redesigned mobile programs that emphasize fantasy and free games. The situation appears to be beneficial for them in general.

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