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BetProtocol Partners With Moonbeam Network to Make a Betting Platform

BetProtocol has partnered with Moonbeam Network, an Ethereum based smart contract platform built on Polkadot, to create an on-chain betting platform. Considering that both are leaders in their respective areas of expertise, this tie-up is expected to be a huge success.

While BetProtocol is actively involved in a partnership with the Moonbeam network to build a fully on-chain betting platform, they have a vast entity experience in online betting operations. They offer customizable one-stop technical guidance and other support for online casino or sports betting activities. Clients get all the help to start and manage a secure and licensed gaming venture.

BetProtocolv announced the via a tweet:

Moonbeam Network provides a decentralized and autonomous smart contract platform that is Ethereum-compatible and driven by the Polkadot network. It enables the easy building of interoperable applications like the present on-chain betting platform in the pipeline.

Moonbeam Network has confirmed the development in a tweet:

The advantage with Polkadot of Moonbeam Network is that once the decentralized applications are built, they integrate easily with Blockchains like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Moonbeam smart contracts are also compatible with the Ethereum developer toolset and applications can be built on remote chains through Polkadot or other bridge-based integrations.

A lot is expected of this fully on-chain sports betting platform.

Edna Boykin

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