Brazilian President Favors Legalizing Casinos, Wants States to Impose Regulations

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has been opposing the legalization of gambling; he said that he would leave it to the legislature to decide on the fate of betting in Brazil. Currently, Bolsonaro’s position on the issue has taken a softer side, and he presently supports legalizing casinos in Brazil. In any case, he needs the states to enforce regulations by themselves, by not leaving the issue to the Federal Government.

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In 2018, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was seen as an adversary of casino gambling when he was elected. Moreover, he held traditionalist views that many accepted that it would obstruct the efforts to bring casinos and integrated resorts to the nation.

Recently, the president met with Marcelo Alvaro Antonio, leader of Brazil’s travel ministry and congressional pioneers Vitor Hugo and Newton Cardoso, head of the travel committee. The result of that meeting is that Bolsonaro has changed his opinion about casinos.

Senator Nogueira, campaigning for authorizing betting in Brazil, said that regulated betting would bring at the most BRL 20bn (5.2bn dollars) in tax as revenue. After his meeting with the Economy Minister Paulo Guedes, he said

With the regulation of the activity, we could generate more than BRL20bn a year in tax revenue, in addition to more than 600 thousand direct jobs and many other indirect ones, which would be of great help during the time of crisis which our country is currently undergoing.”

Moreover, Casino gaming has total support among Brazilian politicians, at the local and federal levels, and congress has bills to consider, like Mobile, integrated resorts, online betting, and sports betting. Mayor of Rio de Janeiro Marcelo Crivella, one of Brazil’s most beautiful tourist destinations, is on the list of the policymakers pushing for increased legitimization of gaming.

The prospect to work in Brazil would probably be appealing to an expanding section of the gaming sector greatest names. Home to Latin America’s biggest economy, Brazil is known as the sixth biggest nation on the planet by population, with residents of more than 211 million.

The travel industry is a driving force of the economy there, and information shows landing are flooding. Furthermore, the nation pulled in a record 6.62 million guests a year ago, showing Brazil could be the fruitful domain for gaming organizations. About three years back, the lower house of Brazil’s congress endorsed the legislation that would allow Brazil’s 26 states to each have three physical gambling clubs.

Casinos are supported by local politicians, considering the monetary advantages, which incorporate an expected 5.2 billion dollars in yearly tax income for the Government and the possibility to make 600,000 direct employments. These are the factors considered by Bolsonaro as he struggles with the declining national economy. Market analysts have been paring GDP development focuses for Brazil, and some accept the nation is near a recession.

Moreover, while the sluggish unemployment rate is falling under Bolsonaro, there are more 12.8 million Brazilians not having a job. Bringing down that number could go far toward expediting the disputable president’s endorsement rating, which was a month ago a meager 33 percent.

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