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Caesars Entertainment Plans to Suspend Operations Temporarily Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

The rapid spread of coronavirus has rattled the United States of America, and so far, it has infected 1,348,257 and killed 10,943 people in the country. Many companies have decided to temporarily shut down in the USA to tackle the virus effectively. Now, Caesars Entertainment Corporation is the latest in the list of the companies that are planning to shut their operations temporarily.

Caesars Entertainment Corporation CEO Tony Rodio has recently shared a YouTube video where he can be heard as saying that he is unsure when Caesars’ properties shall be able to reopen. However, Tony Rodio asserted that he remains confident that Caesars Entertainment shall soon “hit the ground running.”

Tony Rodio said that he believes that it shall be a gradual ramp, but Caesars Entertainment will do well just like any other company in the industry.

Tony Rodio also revealed that the company had witnessed its best two months’ period in its entire history in January and February. But things changed in March.

From March onwards, all the US-based commercial casinos have closed operations in a bid to stop the further spread of coronavirus. The necessary shutdown of casinos based in Nevada was earlier set to last till April 16. But, now it has been extended to April 30 amid the worsening situation in the USA. There is no let-up in the coronavirus cases in the country, and it is surging at a very fast rate.

Meanwhile, Caesars Entertainment had announced in the last week that it had granted a leave of absence to at least 90 percent of its staff at its domestic-owned properties along with the corporate staff.

Caesars Entertainment is a leading American gaming hotel and casino corporation that is based in Nevada.

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