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Global Casino Community Raises Voice Against Racism & Violence

The world’s most powerful country, the United States of America, is presently burning in the anguish of its citizens who have united to condemn the ruthless killing of African-American black man, George Floyd, who died in the custody of Minneapolis police officers. In no time, the incident became an outrageous riot against the ruthless racism existing in the country, pooling support from people, organizations, and institutes from across the globe.

The shameful incident witnessed strong support from the global casino community, with the most popular names from the industry sharing their concerns publicly through social media. The spearheads of leading casino firms shared their views on the incident and the processions taking around in the United States of America.

In a Twitter post, Tony Rodio, the honorable CEO of Caesars Entertainment Corporation, which shines as one of the world’s most diversified and innovative casino-entertainment firms, laid his heartfelt condolence to the racism victim. He stated that the citizens of the country should stand united to defeat the inhuman activities prevailing in the country. Tony added that he is saddened to see the protests turning into violent and destructive processions.

Another supporting tweet came from a renowned gaming operator, Penn National Gaming, Inc. The team affirmed to stand together with the peaceful warriors and protestors who are thriving hard to make their voices heard against hate, racism, violence, and intolerance of all sorts breathing in the country.

The intended killing of George Floyd by the white police officers has raised a serious question on the safety of non-white people in the USA. As the incident came into light, it gained global support from multinational institutions standing with the peaceful protestors.

Through Twitter handles, firms like Microsoft, Netflix, Disney, Spotify, etc., affirmed strongly that they stand with the black people as their lives matter to them.

They have urged people not to choose silence but rather take peaceful steps against such inhuman instances so that they are not repeated again.

The world is standing in solidarity with the blacks, and people are coming out in large numbers to end racism of all forms.

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