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FIFA World Cup 2022: Mexico and Poland draw their opening FIFA event

Group C seems to be experiencing the greatest amount of heat. Mexico and Poland played to a 1-1 tie in their opening FIFA World Cup 2022 match, each earning one point. Despite a chance created in the second half when Poland took a penalty shot, neither team scored.

In the second half, Robert Lewandowski took a penalty kick against Guillermo Ochoa. The save qualified the team for the FIFA tournament. Mexico tried the most number of shots on goal, 11, while Poland only attempted six.

It is believed that prayer saved Mexico from losing the game.

Father Jose Guadalupe Godinez spoke with the Mexican newspaper Milenio to describe the miracles that the Jesus Statue may do. The statue, known as the Child of Miracle, was originally donated by parishioners seeking a way to display their faith. Child of Miracle wears a Mexican jersey and is accompanied by a soccer ball and a Mexican flag.

I believe this brings unity, said Father Jose Guadalupe Godinez, adding that it helps the team move forward in every match.

Mexico’s possession percentage versus Poland was 61%, and the team’s next opponent will be Argentina. Mexico intends to win the upcoming game. The team is inspired by Saudi Arabia’s recent victory over Argentina, in which they scored twice as many points as Argentina.

Messi scored a single after the first 10 minutes; however, Argentina was tested throughout the event following that goal. The Saudis looked to be struggling until halftime, following which the team scored two straight goals within the first 10 minutes.

Saudi Arabia is at the top of the table, while Argentina is in the bottom half, making it important for the Messi-led side to win every other game.

Mexico believes it can overcome an ailing Argentina. Messi has, however, urged everyone to unite and bounce back like a stronger team. A 36-match winning streak came to an end without equaling the 37-streak record of Italy. Nonetheless, Argentina looks to move forward to reach the final in the same way it did in 1990.

Prayers will again be needed for Mexico, as Argentina is sure to roar like an injured lion on Sunday.

Prior to that, Group C’s third encounter will be between Poland and Saudi Arabia. It will also be significant because a Saudi Arabia victory will move the team one step closer to the Round of 16. Argentina’s desperation has not been as evident in public as it was during the event versus Saudi Arabia. Their plan was to maintain possession and prevent Argentina from scoring.

Mexico rides high with the belief of every fan that their prayers are in the works. One upset has been delivered in Group C, and Argentina will look to not let that happen again this Sunday against Mexico.

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