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NFL Insider reports DeSean Jackson’s comeback with the Ravens

DeSean Jackson last played in 2021 with the Las Vegas Raiders. He earlier announced that he was done with football; however, DeSean Jackson is now eyeing to make a comeback in football provided the right NFL team signs him up. Three football teams have been shortlisted. These are the Green Bay Packers, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the Baltimore Ravens. Out of the three teams listed above, the Baltimore Ravens are coming closer to signing DeSean Jackson as the team.

The Ravens have been struggling in wide receiver depth. With Rashod Bateman missing due to a groin injury, DeSean Jackson’s comeback can provide much-needed support. If done so, DeSean Jackson will look to establish a good tune with Lamar Jackson. DeSean Jackson comes packed with the experience 14 years of in the sport. He announced his plans to make a comeback during the I AM ATHLETE podcast live tour as per the latest sports news. DeSean Jackson shared that he was not retired and was very much interested in making a comeback to the sport. He said he was not sure if playing in 2022 was on the table. According to reports, the game is on, and DeSean Jackson is looking to get selected by the right club. The Ravens were nowhere in his announcements, but the team turned out to be his top priority.

The Baltimore Ravens struggled against the New York Giants in a recent event. A loss with a margin of 4 points turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. Performance could have been better, especially in the WR depth, and the management is aware of it. There was no score in the first quarter, but the Ravens took the lead in the second quarter before meeting their match with the Giants. A difference of 3 was still on the board in favor of the Ravens. Both teams went hand in hand in the third quarter.

The Giants took a giant jump in the last quarter by responding to 7 scored by the Ravens. They could put 14 points on the board to take away the game in their favor. Daniel Jones scored 2 touchdowns and 19/27 for 173 yards. Lamar Jackson stood atop with 1 touchdown, 1 interception, and 17/32 for 210 yards. Some of the best NFL betting sites went for a spin during the tough competition. Uncertainty prevailed till the last quarter before the Giants managed to take home the victory.

Adding DeSean Jackson could turn the tides for the Ravens. Their next game is with the Cleveland Browns, a team with a heavy defeat of 15-38 against the New England Patriots. The Browns will look to redeem their previous loss, and will the Ravens. There is time for DeSean Jackson to be added to the side and add his flavors to the events.

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