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NFL Pre-Season: Rams register a loss with no score against Broncos

Pre-season games of the NFL don’t count; however, when fans look back at the history of the game, then it will be their favorite Los Angeles Rams sitting uncomfortably on a chair with one of the widest margins. The total score stood at 41-0 in favor of the Denver Broncos. Visitors to Empower Field of Mile High had not expected to see an effortless loss.

The previous wide-margin loss was registered in 2008 when Washington got outplayed by the Panthers. This brought up the tally to 47-3. This was the second such defeat for them, having lost earlier to the Patriots in 2006 by 41-0. Nearly two decades later, history has re-created itself except for a team that was never expected to lose like this day before the regular NFL season.

The Broncos dominated the Rams right from the beginning. Making this evident is the fact that total yards rallied up to 494 for the winners and 159 for the opponents. The first downs are rather more disappointing. The Rams stare at 11 in the segment while the Broncos leveled at 33.

It is difficult to comprehend what precisely went wrong for a team that does not have the habit of going scoreless throughout the run. The only justification is that the Rams barely felt the need to go all in before the regular season. Nonetheless, they have ended up crafting history on the negative side, which could actually have been avoided had the team at least cared to give a certain portion of their efforts here.

The Broncos built up a base of 17 points in the first quarter. This was followed by 10 points and 14 points in the final quarter. Only the third quarter is a section where neither team scored.

Stetson intercepted at 2 points for the Rams, and that was the final word from them. No touchdown, obviously, and no more interceptions. The Broncos could not have cared less about the mindset of the competitor. They stuck to their nature, with Jarrett Stidham and Ben DiNucci each bringing up a single touchdown. Others followed, including Tony, Tyler, and Albert.

The Rams have now lost 3 NFL Pre-Season games in a row. The series started against the Chargers, where NFL betting sites were split about whom they should favor. It was the Chargers who finally emerged victorious. The final tally was 34-17 in their favor.

This was followed by the Raiders leading the win by 34-17, another 17-point margin going against the Rams.

They are next scheduled to play against the Seahawks on September 11, 2023. That will be the regular game in the NFL. Meaning it will be a valid count in the record of the tournament. Pre-season may have come with the feel of a holiday, but the Rams must lose that privilege and take things up a notch.

Fans are eager to see what the Rams do next to win an event in the NFL regular season. As for the Broncos, they have an event scheduled on the same day against the Raiders.

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