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NFL updates its policy on betting

The NFL, the National Football League, has revised its policies on betting. The revised guidelines state that players face harsher punishments for wagering on NFL games, including their own team. To start with, a player who places a wager on their own team will now face two years of suspension. A player who places a wager on any NFL game will be suspended for at least one year.

A revision to betting policies by the NFL comes at a time when many controversies and suspensions of players have occurred in the past. Roger Goodell has published a media statement saying that the NFL constantly reviews its betting policies and updates them as per the prevailing conditions. Meaning, that its policies are responsive to the circumstances to address the commitment to protecting the integration of the game.

Goodell has further said that the revised policies being issued today provide more clarity and focus, along with the consequences that players will face if they are found placing a bet.

Reportedly, dozens of players and several league personnel have been suspended following a Supreme Court ruling in 2018. The ruling was on PASPA, an acronym for the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. All of them were found to be violating the betting guidelines of the NFL.

It is being said that the policy revision could serve some players well. This includes Calvin Ridley, who is facing long-term penalties for betting. He was found guilty of placing a bet on the NFL at a time when he was a member of the Atlanta Falcons.

Another suspension relief that players will now get is placing a bet on another sport while they are at the NFL facility or when they are traveling for the game. The first offense will attract a penalty of two games. This will be followed by six games and one year for a second offense and a third offense, respectively.

Assuming this is implemented, Jameson Williams and Stanley Berryhill will stand a chance to make a comeback much before they are anticipated initially to do so.

According to the betting news, The NFL has received praise from the government as well. Rep. Dina Titus has said that she is glad for the distinction that the NFL has created between the behavior threatening the game’s integrity and the legality of placing a wager on the game. Titus has also said reviewing policies periodically, especially in consultation with players, is imperative. This will help the NFL know if their policies are clearly understood and if they are updated when the need arises.

Titus has also addressed that dealing heavily with game fixing and betting on one’s own league rather than other games is essential.

Having said that, the NFL is at an exciting turn, with the Seahawks beating the Giants by 24-3. The Giants remained at a zero score throughout the run except for the second quarter, when they scored the only 3-er of the game.

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