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October records: From zero to hero at Bitcoin casino

In the world of online gambling, it’s often said that luck favors the brave, and at Fairspin, we see stories of awesome jackpots all the time. Our players transformed their lives with incredible wins, and October was no exception. Let’s take a closer look at these records, showcasing how impressive multipliers were this month.

October Success Stories – a Spectacle of Jackpots

TOP-1: The Choice of Lady Luck is Daredevil

Wanted Dear or a Wild strategy

The Fairspin platform witnessed a thrilling story of the “Wanted Dear or a Wild” strategy when one audacious player placed a $100 bet, and the decision paid off remarkably. As the game unfolded, a multiplier of 221.6x materialized, catapulting the initial bet into a staggering $22,160 win. This case is a result of the player’s calculated risk, proving that daring moves and luck can lead to life-changing rewards.

TOP-2: The Olympian Triumph Alive

Olympian Triumph Alive

Imagine the excitement of placing a casual $5 bet in the Gates of Olympus, never suspecting that it might be your ticket to an extraordinary $20,000 win. As the reels spun into action, the symbols aligned in a dazzling sight, revealing an astonishing multiplier of 4,000x. In a split second, the player’s initial bet had transformed into a jaw-dropping win.

TOP-3: Jackpot in Exchange for Pocket Change

Big Bass Hold & Spinner Megaways

The belief that only substantial bets lead to monumental wins was put to rest when a player placed a modest $0.60 wager in Big Bass Hold & Spinner Megaways. In an unexpected turn of events, a multiplier of 20,000x graced the screen, delivering a $12,000 windfall. This win is a testament to the astonishing potential hidden behind the smallest bets, proving that fortune favors the bold, no matter the stake.

These vibrant stories reveal that every spin at Fairspin promises extraordinary moments. Behind each win is a player who dared to believe, a moment of surprise and luck that inspires. Join our community – take a chance to become the next top dog at Fairspin and discover how to multiply your income.

Explore More Thrills for Wallet Fills: A Win-Win Staking Realm

While the thrill of winning big at Fairspin is undeniable, there is another exciting avenue to increase earnings – our staking programs. Users lock their tokens, gaining a portion of the casino’s profits through Liquidity Staking and Hold To Earn options:

  • Liquidity Staking: In this program, users stake their tokens to enhance TFS Token liquidity on PancakeSwap and receive rewards depending on Fairspin’s GGR, staked token quantity, and staking duration.

“Participants who stake for more extended periods stand to earn more. Staking TFS Tokens in the pool for over a month, with the multiplier at its highest, can bring maximum rewards,” Ethan, TFS Community Manager.

  • Hold To Earn: This program empowers users to lock their TFS Tokens for one of three holding periods to earn additional TFS Tokens. The compensation is based on the holding duration, casino revenue, and the number of simultaneous TFS Token holders.

Moreover, players can earn TFS Tokens via the Play to Earn program by actively placing bets on the platform, as per a recent review of Fairspin casino. While enjoying a wide range of casino games, they monetize their gameplay, contributing to the staking pool.

Overall, staking at Fairspin is not just about earning more – it’s a proven strategy for a stronger financial future through a secure and reliable platform.

Your Ticket to ​Prosperous Future

The October winning records prove jackpots and incredible multipliers are within reach at Fairspin. Beyond the gaming thrill, the platform provides lucrative staking programs to generate additional income.

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