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Police Nabbed 26 Chinese Nationals for Online Gambling

On October 23, 2019, Kuala Lumpur police arrested 26 Chinese nationals, including four women, for the charge of online gambling in Taman Hill View, Ampang. The police observed their illegal activities through TikTok and WeChat.

The criminal investigation department officer of Selangor and chief assistant commissioner, Mohamad Abd Hamid, said that the investigation was started at 11.30 AM, and they caught suspects aged between 21 to 43, including four women aged between 16 and 42. They also picked 28 mobile phones, three laptops as well as nine desktops. They believed that the suspects were doing online gambling activities with Chinese clients. They were dealing in the Chinese official currency, i.e., Yuan.

During the investigation, he also said that the suspects were residing here because of their jobs. They had been earning RM 5,000 per month, and two months ago, they rented a bungalow together and made it a gambling spot for them. He continued that the suspects were kept on moving so that no one would detect their illegal activities. The investigation department collected a lot of amounts from their place.  

According to Mohamad, the group of suspected Chinese nationals was able to make at least RM 48 million in a day by betting. The full profit is not yet determined. Now, all the suspects will be taken to the Serdang District Police Headquarters, and they will be investigated in detail with section 4 (1) (c), which is a Common Gaming Houses Act 1953. 

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