Polyient’s Cargo Platform for NFTs is Now Live

For all those who were eagerly waiting for the Cargo platform to go live, the wait has finally come to an end. Polyient portfolio has now announced that its Cargo platform – the very first platform dedicated to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) – has gone live. It is important to note that Cargo presents the concept of NFTs in a scalable form that is capable of providing a wide variety of options in the digital collectibles space.

Finer Details

You can create digital collectibles on the platform which is supported by underpinnings of Ethereum. You can manage these collectibles on Cargo and even sell them to earn money from your creativity. In order to further support users, the platform provides the option of creating digital collectibles in batch and that too in a single transaction. You also get the option of showcasing your work using the showcase feature of the Cargo.

Safety and security happen to be key concerns for digital content. Cargo platform is quite familiar with this aspect and this is a reason it provides the option of locking the digital content to users. Only the owner can unlock the content which reassures that no one can imitate or steal his/her creative work. You also have the option to monetize by selling your digital content to followers who see value in your creative work.


If you have a creative mind and born to venture into the digital asset space then the Cargo platform is something that you must explore. Along with showing your creativity, the platform provides you an opportunity to make money and career in the field of non-fungible tokens. You also get an opportunity to win an attractive gift voucher by sharing the proof of your registration with the Cargo platform on the twitter handle of Polyient Games.

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