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Real Madrid beats Almeria in LaLiga with a second-half comeback

Real Madrid was on the verge of being trounced by Almeria in LaLiga. Almeria has now gone winless in their first 21 games. Despite being at the bottom of the standings, a victory over Real Madrid would have temporarily elevated them to the top of the standings as a formidable opponent. After halftime, Ancelotti decided to have faith in his squad and allowed them to proceed onto the pitch.

That brought the initial trigger of a net in the first 15 minutes. Jude scored a goal after navigating his way around the defensive stretch of the opponent. Almeria still needed to defend one goal to equalize. Their two nets were identified with full-throttle aggression in the first half. Largie took the strike in the first minute and was successful. Edgar followed two minutes later, just before halftime. He, too, managed to get a score on the board.

Real Madrid had more possession of the ball than Almeria. Hence, there was obvious confusion about how nets were managed. Also, Almeria took only 10 shots, with two of them being on target.

Vinicius Jr balanced the tally in the 67th minute. That point marked an imperative turn of events, considering it a matter of a single goal. Almeria deployed its best defensive stretch, kept Maximiano to his maximum capacity, and Garitano had his prayers silently going on for a win.

The football game went into extra time (ET) with 9 additional minutes on top of the usual run time. Dani secured a goal just moments before the final whistle. However, VAR controversy erupted, leaving fans speculating about how Real Madrid would have coped with a potential defeat or even a tie. Football enthusiasts and bettors alike were keenly following the events, with many checking football sports betting sites to assess the odds and potential outcomes. The unpredictability of the game, combined with the VAR drama, added an extra layer of excitement for those who had placed bets on the match.

Real Madrid are now second on the table with 51 points. Girona is still at the top of the table, with 52 points and one extra game played. Almeria is tasked with winning the next game for their pride. They have lost 15 games and tied six. GD is well in the negative for the six points accumulated till now.

Gonzalo Melero from Almeria claims that the decision robbed them, which has caused controversy. Gonzalo has also said that this is not the first time that it has happened this year, adding that it was unbelievable and that what happened was beyond limits.

Carvajal, a defender hailing from Real Madrid, expressed his disagreement by stating that if the team watches this game of football calmly, they will realize that they were correctly referred to.

Almeria has not made a counter-remark to that. One can assume that they have decided to live with the result and are now aiming for a win in the next event, which is against Alaves. Real Madrid look to continue their winning streak by next defeating Las Palmas, eight on the table in LaLiga.

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