Unikrn Review 2024 – Safe for Esports Betting? Get Honest Reviews!

Unikrn is the one-stop destination for betting on the widest variety of esports events. It leads the industry of esports betting and offers other forms of entertainment too like casino gaming, sports betting, and more. It has a host of unique features ranging from Unikrn Loot to its own virtual currency, and more. This Unikrn review examines its aspects, analyzes its betting opportunities, tests out the bonuses, and rates its different features.

Unikrn Casino Summary

Website https://unikrn.com/
License Luxbet
Founded 2019
Banking Credit and debit cards and bank transfer
Min Deposit $10
Min Withdrawal There is no facility for withdrawal in real money
Waiting Period for Cash Out 2-3 days via debit and credit cards
Mobile Support Smart-phones and mobile devices
Customer Support Live chat, Phone (001 224 339) and email ([email protected])
Game Types Hearthstone, FIFA, Rocket League, Street Fighter V, Fortnite, Player Unknown Battlegrounds, Heroes of the Storm, and more
Accepted Cryptocurrency Supports lots of cryptocurrencies
Restricted Countries Multiple country restrictions
Headquarter Washington
Welcome Bonus and Offers 300% up to 450 pounds

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Unikrn Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
An extensive collection of esports for betting. Only a few countries can take part in betting with real money.
The bonuses and promos are lucrative The payment methods are not convenient
The site is optimized for the mobile browser, and there is an app version as well. There is hardly any choice of gambling activities.
The additional services are packed with profits and entertainment.

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Different Features of Unikrn Casino

1. The interface is user-friendly and easily navigable

The betting site of Unikrn casino is smoothly navigable and the red, black, and white color scheme of the interface is so beautiful that it seems like a treat for the eyes. There is no clutter on the home page and every feature is presented in a well-organized manner. Punters can access the video games quickly by simply scrolling down the list of Unikrn esports. The home page of Unikrn offers real-time betting opportunities by live-streaming the matches.

Unikrn Review - List of GamesUnikrn Review – List of All Games

Players can click on Casino to play the most exciting and graphic casino games. The upper right corner of the home page features the signup and login button. Click on the Signup button and register by entering your email, password, date of birth, and state. Log in with your email address and password and start gaming, online gambling, and betting at Unikrn.

Rating: 9/10

2. The mobile version of Unikrn is quite seamless

The website of Unikrn is highly compatible with different operating systems, and can, therefore, run smoothly on smart-phones and mobile devices. The best part is that the player can download Unikrn from any app store. The website is also easily accessible through the mobile device as well.

Rating: 8.5/10

3. The esports betting markets of Unikrn will blow your mind

Unikrn offers the widest range of esports betting markets to the users. Grab the opportunity to place rich bets on the most popular esports leagues and matches at Unikrn. Make the best of the clean and responsive interface by scrolling up and down the list of esports betting options available. The trending esports include the following:

  • CS GO
  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends
  • Starcraft 2
  • Call of Duty
  • Heroes of The Storm
  • Overwatch, and many more

Visit the website every day to stay updated on the latest competitions and take part in the tournaments to win grand prizes. CS Go is the most competitive game of the lot and therefore highly lucrative for betting and gambling sites.

Place bets on the leagues that have the highest viewership numbers at Unikrn such as ESEA MDL Australia and EU, ECS Europe, ESEA MDL North America, ESL Pro League NA and EU, and more.

The Unikrn legit review probed deeper into the category section of esports betting to analyze the live matches and upcoming leagues. Every league features a short description, performance history, size of prize pools, format of the tournament, participants, and other relevant information. The esportsbook features the following esports and many more.

League of Legends

Almost every esports betting website hosts the League of Legends. What sets Unikrn apart is that the esportsbook of Unikrn offers to bet on All-Stars and LCS matches as well as the World Championship whenever the tournaments and competitions are active. This section allows betting options on map objectives, handicap markets, and correct scores.


Overwatch is one of the most popular choices at Unikrn even though it does not feature a long catalog of leagues for betting. However, Unikrn hosts betting on the Overwatch World Cup which is a pretty profitable opportunity.

Dota 2

Dota 2 at the Unikrn esports book includes a wide range of leagues and tournaments of the ongoing competitions. Unikrn provides fabulous betting offers on Dream League, World Showdown of Esports, King’s Cup South-East Asia, and more. The bettors also have the opportunity to place bets on international Dota 2 matches and rake in huge wins.

Rainbow 6 Siege

The rising popularity of Rainbow 6 Siege among gamers has made the sports one of the most popular choices among bettors as well. The operators of Unikrn ran one due diligence investigation to analyze the betting potential of the game and then introduced it to the esportsbook. Punters can now place bets on the matches of Rainbow Six Pro League, Challenger League Europe, Challenger League North America, and other such events.


Make the best of the adrenaline-charged competitions of Starcraft and place bets on the different matches. Visit the official website of Unikrn to place bets on the matches of Starcraft: Brood War and Starcraft 2. Wager in the different leagues of Starcraft that include IEM, Starcraft II League, WESG, and more to rake in fabulous wins.

Other esports games

The Unikrn site not only features the most popular esports betting but also takes care to include everyone’s favorite games on the list. And so the esportsbook is the most extensive catalog that you will ever come across online. Bet on favorite Unikrn games like Hearthstone, FIFA, Rocket League, Street Fighter V, Fortnite, Player Unknown Battlegrounds, Heroes of the Storm, and more.

Rating: 9/10

4. The Unikrn UMode is unique and exciting

UMode is one of the most innovative challenges hosted by Unikrn. Click on UMode at the home page to take part in the most original betting game ever. Under UMode, the player can place a bet upon himself to win in a game against an automated and computer-controlled contestant. The player has to bet on his probability of achieving a specific goal in the game. If he can attain the goal, then he can win the bet on the odds offered by Unikrn. The whole experience is packed with excitement and is unique indeed.

Unikrn Reviews - Check Out UModeUnikrn Reviews – UMode

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Ratings: 9/10

5. The betting types and odds are very favorable for the players

There are several types of bets available at Unikrn. Even though the bet types always vary between games, yet they still follow almost the same patterns. The player can access the Winners bets directly from the lists of upcoming and live matches, and then place the bets quickly with only a couple of clicks. The player can also bet in the Outright winners of tournaments to secure almost guaranteed wins.

The Unikrn review probes further into the independent esports matches to explore all the different bet types, some of which are given below:

  • One of the popular bet types is the multi-map matchup wherein the player places bets on the outcome of a specific map along with placing bets on the final result of the match.
  • Another popular bet type is the one Over/Under bet that enables the bettors to forecast the overall results of different matches with more accuracy. For example, the bettor can use this bet type to predict the number of towers that might fall in the League of Legends game.
  • Game-specific bet types are also available along with handicap markets bet type. For example, the CS GO permits betting on the winners of pistol rounds, and in League of Legends, the players can bes on the objectives.

When it comes to the betting odds, Unikrn supports both fractional and decimal odds. Visit the Account section to toggle between the odds and conduct betting at your preference. The American format of odds is missing and hopefully will be added soon.

Rating: 8/10

6. The extra services of Unikrn are excellent

Unikrn primarily focuses on esports betting. However, it provides a host of additional services as well for more entertainment of the registered users. The list of different services available at Unikrn are mentioned below:

1. Casino

Make a deposit in cryptocurrency or money and then click on the Casino button at the home page for a good dose of gaming and online gambling. The catalog of classic casino games includes customized, esports-themed slots that are fun and unique. Unikrn also features a live casino that hosts exciting live casino games.

Unikrn Review - Premium Casino ServicesUnikrn Review – Premium Casino Services

2. Loot

Play the betting and gambling games and win big at Unikrn. Earn a bunch of tokens from the regular gaming sessions and then use the tokens to participate in the daily draws of unikrn Loot. The rewards of the draws vary between gaming skins, software, lifestyle products, peripherals, hardware, and cryptocurrency prices.

Unikrn Reviews - Unikrn LootUnikrn Reviews – Unikrn Loot

3. Connekt

If you are enthusiastic about esports gaming as well as online gambling then Unikrn Connekt is the best for you. Link your esports gaming account with your Unikrn account. Start playing games as soon as the connection is established to win more bonuses and rewards.

4. MoneyMatch

Participate in playing video games against players across the world, and win real money at Unikrn.

Rating: 9/10

7. The payment methods are not quite convenient

The Unikrn payment methods are of two different types:

  • The players from the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia can place bets using real money. The deposit of real money can be made by credit and debit cards and bank transfer. The payouts for these countries are processed within 2-3 days via debit and credit cards, without any additional charges.
  • The players of other countries need to use the virtual currency Unikoin for betting at Unikrn. There is no facility for withdrawal in real money if you are playing with Unikoins.
  • One can also conduct transactions in cryptocurrency by using a crypto wallet.

Rating: 6/10

8. The promos are quite lucrative

The promotion offers at Unikrn website are generous and categorized into two types for non-cash and cash players. The Unikrn review delves deeper into the promotional offers as is elucidated below:

1. Non-cash player promos

Non-cash promos consist of rich jackpot prizes. The player has to earn Silver or Gold Unikoins to compete for the jackpots. Follow the steps below to secure the promotion offer:

  • Install the Unikrn vault app
  • Complete the Unikoin tutorial
  • Take part in daily competitions, betting, and social media quests
  • Play any one of the four esports games: LoL, CS:GO, Dota 2, Rocket League.
  • Accumulate all the tickets and then participate in the prize competitions to be the lucky winner of jackpots.

The ways to earn the Gold and Silver Unikoins are tabulated below:

How to earn the Unikoins?

Unikoin Account Games to be played to earn the Unikoins
Silver Steam Account Rocket League
Gold Steam Account Dota 2, League of Legends, and CS:GO

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2. Cash player promos

Real money players are offered with 50 pounds as a deposit match promo offer. The players from the United Kingdom benefit most profitably by signing up with Unikrn to grab the whopping bonus in real money. However, the player has to place single bets of 5 pounds each on events that have 1.50 odds to take advantage of the promos. The player has to play through the games at least once to secure the money in his account.

Rating: 8/10

9. The security of the website is topnotch

The website of Unikrn is licensed to the Isle of Man. The site adheres to the licensing regulations which clearly states that it is the responsibility of Unikrn to maintain strict confidentiality of user data and funds. The Isle of Man license ensures that punters can gamble and place bets with real money without stressing out about unauthorized access. The site also employs 128-bit SSL technology to encrypt every transaction, prevent hacking, and safeguard the user records.

Rating: 8.5/10

10. The welcome bonus offers are quite unconventional and generous too

Unlike other best Bitcoin online casinos and betting sites, Unikrn does not offer the usual deposit bonuses to the new and existing players. The reward structure of Unikrn consists of in-game prizes, Unikoins, jackpots, and a variety of esports related gifts. The different welcome bonus offers available at Unikrn are elucidated below:

  • Unikrn is a multinational company, and so the free bets vary between countries. European players get around 200% deposit bonus boost of up to 150 pounds after making the initial deposit. This offer is not valid for the United Kingdom players.
  • Players of most of the countries get 300% up to 450 pounds after making the first deposit and entering the specific Unikrn promotional codes.
  • The Unikrn Connekt Program showers the participants with various gifts and goodies
  • The players of the US receive special Unikrn bonus and promo offers under UMode, all rights reserved.
  • Lots of generous promos and prize jackpots are also offered to the players.
  • One of the newest offers in-store is the bonus offer for the US players. The players of the US need to enter the Unikrn promo code PLAYUSA to get $10 for free at UMode. They can also deposit $20, get the 3x deposit bonus of $60. The maximum deposit is $60 and the minimum is $10. This offer is only for the US players.
  • The players from countries other than the US get a 300% deposit bonus of up to 450 Euros. The minimum deposit for this offer is 150 Euros for which the player receives 600 Euros.
  • Open a cryptocurrency wallet at Unikrn for crypto bonus boot of 4x.
  • Make a deposit of 500 UKG to receive the bonus of 2000 UKG.

 11. The customer support is highly responsive and reliable

The customer service is different for different types of customers. The customers who use virtual coins at Unikrn can reach out to the customer representatives through phone and email. The email address is [email protected].

The customers who are in money-allowable locales can access customer support via live chat. The easiest way of resolution of general queries is to read the FAQ section at the official betting site of Unikrn. The FAQ section provides detailed information about everything relevant to Unikrn.

Rating: 9/10

Conclusion: Unikrn review

It is clear from the Unikrn review that the site is dedicated to esports betting, and so signing up at Unikrn to play slots is not a good idea. But if you are passionate about esports gaming and betting then Unikrn the ideal website for you. With attractive bonuses, competitive betting odds, a large number of esports betting markets, and an enormous catalog of esports, Unikrn stands out among its competitor betting sites.


1. Is Unikrn legit?

Unikrn is a completely legitimate enterprise. The legitimacy of Unikrn is established by the following facts:

  • Unikrn platform is licensed to the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission. It is a stringent organization that is regarded as a hallmark for fairness, responsibility, honesty, and security.
  • The site meets the industry standard in terms of security by employing the most advanced forms of technology to safeguard the user.
  • The privacy policy of Unikrn is highly secure as well.

2. How to make the best of the bonuses?

Follow the ways below to take the fullest advantage of the bonuses:

  • Read the terms of the Unikrn offers
  • Deposit the minimum amount and not more.
  • Wager on the esports that you know best
  • Sign up with Unikrn Connekt

3. Is there any mobile version of Unikrn?

No, But the website of Unikrn is highly compatible with different operating systems, and can, therefore, run smoothly on smart-phones and mobile devices. The website is also easily accessible through the mobile browser as well.

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