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Stage-3 Reopening Plan to Take Place in Ontario

The ongoing global pandemic situation is offering significant survival and financial challenges to every individual around the globe. Presently there are no promising medical aids to this Coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, social distancing is the only option to manage the outbreak and secure the population’s well-being. Most countries are now planning to open up the business sectors to revive the declining financial status of the land. The lock-down scenario all over the globe has offered a severe blow to the economy. Governments are trying to revive the basic units with minimum staff across every industry. The Government of Ontario is also planning to reopen some of the significant occupational houses. 

Reopening with Restrictions

The Government of Ontario has currently announced the third stage reopening process in the comparatively safer zones of the land. In this stage, opening up of the Casinos and the Gaming centers are also permissible. The Great Canadian Gaming Corporation is in charge of the new laws and service ideas in these centers. These places can only allow a maximum of 50 customers with face coverings and an onsite 2 meters gap between every individual. The casinos can’t open their table games, as that will bring close human contact. Reopening of the economy with a proper balance of health is the current priority of the Ontario Government and managing bodies.

The concept of “Work from Home” became the new trend for most of the business houses. However, this is not possible in every profession, and the infrastructure still demands manual attention to many commercial houses. Medical testing, proper hygiene, workplace modifications, telecommuting, managing the workforce, etc. are the new challenges. Moreover, taking care of the customer’s needs and safety is the prime concern in public relations units.

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