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AFC congratulates Qatar & supports Infantino’s re-election

Preparations for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2023 are in the final stages, with some supervision and final touches. The eyes are now set on gearing up for what comes next – AFC Asian Cup 2023. Qatar has been given the hosting rights for the tournament based on how it has handled the preparations for the World Cup and the high-quality infrastructure that it has developed. Gianni Infantino, the President of FIFA, was in attendance at the AFC Executive Committee in Kuala Lumpur when the announcement was made.

Qatar previously hosted the event in 1988 and 2011. However, this will be the third time Qatar welcomes teams participating in AFC Asian Cup 2023. Shaikh Salman, the President of AFC & the Vice President of FIFA, congratulated Qatar for securing the hosting rights. Shaikh Salman also appreciated Qatar for its capability to host major international sporting events with close attention to detail. Shaikh Salman has expressed confidence in Qatar for staging a spectacle befitting the prestige and stature of Asia’s crown jewel.

As per the sports news, Gianni Infantino has received support from the federation for his re-election for the post of FIFA President. He was previously offered support during the AFC Congress in May. Infantino responded to this gesture by assuring that he would continue working with AFC to make football a global sport with higher international standards. He has further expressed his gratitude to AFC and Shaikh Salman for their unwavering support by saying that it was a recognition of the work done by FIFA in men’s and women’s football in Asia. Shaikh Salman took this opportunity to thank Infantino and FIFA for rapidly developing Asian football through their support and unity.

The next edition of the AFC Asian Cup is scheduled for 2027. Two countries have been shortlisted to host the venue. These two countries are India and Saudi Arabia.

The AFC has tweeted the final set of 24 teams participating in the tournament. Teams include Australia, India, IR Iran, Japan, and Qatar, among 19 others. Hani Ballan, the Chief Executive Officer of Qatar Star League, believes that 2023 will be their best year. Hani Ballan said they were delighted to host the AFC Asian Cup and are looking to repeat the memorable achievements of its previous edition as a host. The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is set to begin on November 20, 2022, with Qatar and Ecuador going against each other in the tournament’s first match. Odds on FIFA sports betting sites favor Qatar as it plays in its backyard.

The first match will set the tone for the remainder of the tournament, which ends on December 18, 2022. 32 teams split into 8 groups will start from group matches followed by qualifying rounds, semi-finals, and finals.

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