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Alex Ovechkin Injured as Capitals Lose to Maple Leafs

Washington Capitals’ outlook in the playoffs looks grim, as they face a late loss with Ovechkin still injured. Things started going downhill for the Capitals since Alex Ovechkin faced an injury during the 4-3 shootout loss against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Having Alex ruled out of the game affected the team severely, which showed in the game, as the Capitals blew the 2-goal lead. The loss hindered their plans of moving up the points table. With playoffs a week away, Alex’s medical situation is the most critical pain point for the team.

Even Peter Laviolette, Capitals’ tight-lipped coach, broke the silence. Peter stated that the trainer had not released any concrete information, and the team is eagerly waiting for an evaluation.

During the match against the Leafs, Alex tripped over Erik Kallgren, Leafs’ goalkeeper. The player made intense contact with the boards and remained down for several seconds, causing utter silence in the arena. 

Kallgren also said that Alex might have skated and tripped over the goalkeeper’s stick. Alex was frustrated; however, the goalkeeper did not intend to trip the player. Kallgren added that there was no intention of causing harm, so hopefully Alex recovers quickly.

Before receiving medical care, Alex stood up and skated without the stick. The player was also furious at the officials for not calling a penalty. 

Alex usually shakes off trivial injuries and rests on the bench. However, this time the player did not return, highlighting the severity of the injury.

T.J. Oshie, Washington’s Winger, stated that the player has never seen anyone tougher than Alex. Everyone is hoping for his recovery, and given Alex’s insane endurance, the player will surely return soon. Even with such remarks, there is no guarantee that Alex will make a quick recovery, which causes a dire threat to the Capitals’ survival on the brink of playoffs.

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