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Analyzing Women’s NCAA Tournament’s Sweet 16 round

The women’s edition of the NCAA Tournament has inched closer to its conclusive stage. A total of sixteen teams have made it to the “Sweet 16” round of the tournament. If the first and second rounds are anything to go by, then it is purely that a few teams have emerged on the stronger side despite the odds being against them.

South Carolina, for instance, is priced at -280, with the majority of that price coming from the 76-45 victory over the South Florida Bulls, who have a record of 27-8. During all four quarters of the event, the South Carolina Gamecocks had the upper hand and kept the Bulls from going any further.

Connecticut has +750 odds of making it to the Elite Eight club starting March 26, 2023. The Huskies and Buckeyes will lock horns on the same day. The Connecticut Huskies are riding high after defeating the Baylor Lady Bears 77-58. Azzi Fudd and Aaliyah Edwards could well again be responsible for contributing the maximum points to the team.

LSU enters with +1200 odds to win the championship unless the Utah Utes take a very strong stand on the court to defeat their competitor. Michigan was left behind when the Tigers claimed the lead in the very first quarter by a margin of five points. It was 12 baskets versus 7 in Q1, and what followed was a competition that the Wolverines could only match in Q3.

Iowa is up +1200. The Buffaloes will do their best to take on the Hawkeyes in their meeting on March 25. However, they may want to take some lessons from the Bulldogs on how to stop Clark and Monika from putting points on the scoreboard. Being the leading scorers against the Bulldogs, both came out strong for Iowa to ensure a spot in the Sweet 16.

Virginia Tech carries positive 3,000 odds to make it to the finals. Their previous matchup with SD State saw the Hokies fall behind twice and still make it to the winning side. A record of 30-4 has come in handy for the final odds as well. It is up to the volunteers to take on the giants and stop them from going through the finish line first.

Maryland enjoys +4,000 odds on basketball betting sites. Notre Dame has the responsibility of securing this important victory in order to advance to the Final Eight. 

Arizona struggled to find their way to the basket, falling to the Terrapins 64-77 after only two quarters. The final score was beneficial to Maryland, which is now in the Sweet 16. 

UCLA comes to the list with +15,000 odds in their favor. Credit goes to their competition with the South Carolina Gamecocks, scheduled for March 25, 2023. The Bruins defeated the Sooners by 82-73, but South Carolina has a better chance in the tournament.

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