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Atari & Decentral Games to Leverage Online Gaming Popularity

To reinvigorate the company’s fortunes, Atari SA is planning to come up with an online casino very soon in the future. The Chief Executive Officer of the company, Frederic Chesnais, is actively overseeing the project, and it is part of his strategy to restructure the operation of the firm with a focus on future growth and profitability.

This new casino will be opened in partnership with the Decentral Games, and the whole concept will be based on the Ethereum blockchain. According to top gaming news, the games collection will include the likes of Atari-themed games, and to enhance the appeal among prospective users, Atari will also offer non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on its platform. These NFTs can be utilized to earn digital currency on the platform, and according to the company’s estimate, it is expected to get bets to the tune of $150 million in this calendar year. For the year 2022, this estimate is pegged at $400 million.

This collaboration is touted to be a game-changer in the industry. For the very first time, Atari games will be available on the blockchain platform. The open-ledger technology is well known for its safe and secure transaction capabilities. With NFTs also coming across as a feasible medium of transaction, gamers are expected to become less skeptical of the idea of digital gaming. A limited supply of NFTs also makes these tokens a valuable source of investment for the future.

By joining hands with the Decentral Games, Atari games has got the Digital Currency Group’s backing, which has the distinction of being the largest trade Bitcoin fund in the market. This is sure to bode well for the partnership as well as for the adoption potential of online casinos among the target market.

Edna Boykin

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