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BetVision by Genius Sports goes live

Genius Sports has announced the launch of BetVision. It was first adopted by Fanatics Sportsbook and Caesars Sportsbook. A partnership with the NFL will likely boost BetVision in the US market.

The sports wagering experience comes loaded with a lot of functions like real-time augmentation, statistical insights, and integrated bet slips. Customers will be able to place wagers during the live streams. The aim here is to enhance the experience of fans of the NFL.

In-game betting alerts, on-screen offers, and low-latency video streams will primarily drive engagement. The announcement further mentions that it is the first time that BetVision will enable customers of sportsbooks to place wagers while a live video player is on in a sportsbook application. Customers can go to their mobile or tablet devices to access BetVision.

Graphic overlay, visualization, and streaming partners are available across North America. More features and functions will be added to the platform during the current NFL season. Genius Sports is an ideal candidate for launching BetVision, as it is the official partner of the NFL for the distribution of play-by-play and real-time statistics. This is in addition to the official sports betting data of the NFL and Next Gen Stats data.

Brent Lawton from the NFL has said that the partnership with BetVision allows them to create a different, or unique, way for fans to engage with the content related to the NFL. The Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Investments has also said that they are pleased to work with BetVision as it continues to offer a cutting-edge sports betting experience.

According to the betting news, The Chief Executive Officer of Genius Sports, Mark Locke, has appreciated BetVision by saying that it brings all its capabilities across video streaming, data tracking, sports wagering, and live data with the objective of creating a game-changing product.

Launching BetVision was rather the need of the hour, for it is based on the rising demands of bettors and sports fans can now bet on NFL games with this new sportsbook. This is in addition to a personalized experience with insights and customizations. BetVision offers precisely that, said Mark Locke while concluding their statement by saying that it is a new way to drive engagement and accelerate the growth of in-game betting.

The development comes days after Genius Sports struck a partnership with Snap to power Snapchat Lenses on the 5G network of Verizon, backed by official data from the NFL.

It was explicitly designed for Snapchat users, providing them access to live NFL scores and game replays. Verizon powers The Lens, which is exclusive to Verizon customers. This partnership resulted in increased engagement for Snapchat, while Verizon was able to offer an exclusive feel to its consumers. In contrast, the NFL reached out to younger fans in their style. More details about the performance of BetVision are awaited.

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