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Bots, Inc. Makes Strategic Investment in XR Casino

XR Casino is excited about Bots Inc. being their company’s first strategic investor, and they can’t wait to debut their games on Bots’ Las Vegas-themed Metaverse.

Bots, a multinational technological corporation specializing in Blockchain-based solutions, recently revealed intentions to establish its Metaverse centered on Las Vegas, VEGAS.MV.

XR Casino is one of the pioneering technology companies to specialize in XR or Extended Reality, a cross-technology casino gaming. It seeks to give clients a new gambling experience by integrating AR, MR, and VR technology. It plans to debut its social casino games and NFT store in Q2 2022, after completing the MVP versions of its initial games in AR, MR, and VR.

CEO Simon Rubin further says that anyone with an AR-enabled smartphone, AR/MR glasses, or VR headset may enjoy the immersive casino gaming experiences of the Metaverse.

With their strategic investment in XR Casino, they will bring together AR, MR, and VR gamers for their forthcoming Vegas via Metaverse, no matter what technology or equipment they use.

They are thrilled to have Bots as their first strategic business investor, stated XR Casino Founder and CEO Dan Martinez.

On target to debut its social casino games and NFT store in Q2, 2022, XR Casino has finished the MVP versions of its inaugural games in AR, MR, and VR.

Meet XR Casino Inc.

Casino gaming, crypto betting, gambling solutions, and XR game creation for the iGaming and sports betting sectors are XR Casino’s core competencies. They use AI, Blockchain, AR, VR, and mixed reality to create unmatched gameplay experiences and value-added services. Click here to get a complete list of online casinos where you can get a thrilling gaming experience.

Regarding BOTS, Inc.

The company has a portfolio of crypto-assets and crypto-betting businesses such as Bitcoin ATMs, BeadSwap, a decentralized crypto exchange, associated U.S. patents, and Cyber Security Group LLC, an Information Security Risk management System certified company. The company also provides crypto mining consultancy, optimization, and insurance for equipment required for crypto mining.

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