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Brian McDermott Makes Sincere Approach to Stop Corona Spread

Brian G McDermott, a senior English rugby league coach who is also the head coach of the Toronto based professional rugby club named the Toronto Wolfpack, has made an announcement to keep four players isolated after they were tested positive for Covid-19. This is undoubtedly a very sincere approach to stop the spread of the lethal virus that is creating quite an uproar in the entire world.

According to the statement released on behalf of coach McDermott, the club has taken this decision in lieu of the UK government’s notice to keep the Coronavirus affected persons in isolation to prevent further spread of the disease. All the practice sessions of the club are postponed and all the players are advised to keep themselves safe from the aftermath of this deadly virus, which is taking a toll on lives across the world.

Toronto Wolfpack competes in the top-tier Super League games in England; therefore, it cannot afford to take any kinds of risks as far as the healthy wellbeing of the players is concerned. To prevent being a possible vector of the Coronavirus, the club is canceling all the practice sessions and interactions with the public as of now, and until the Corona, fear gets over. However, the club has assured us to provide updates on a regular basis to the club’s governors and will wait for any kind of directives from them to resume the practices.

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